Janet Napolitano meets with Vicente Fox, discusses immigration

Earlier this week, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano met with Vicente Fox to discuss immigration matters. Two Mexican newspaper reports are linked from here, and neither go into much detail on what was discussed, and, while the conversation was supposedly friendly but "firm", it's not difficult to imagine that the two leaders saw eye to eye on lots of things. There's certainly nothing wrong with a governor meeting with a former president of another country, but the question is whether Napolitano was representing the interests of the majority of Arizonans or simply the interests of those who profit from massive immigration such as businesses and the Democratic Party.

Fox also mentioned again a joint venture between his "Fox Center" and the Rand Corporation.

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She is a hack lawyer and former partner at Lewis and Roca LLP. This "meeting" is nothing short of treason.

a "friendly", but "firm" encounter This begs the question: who was pressing and who was not yielding? I think they want us to think she was pressing him/Mexico but that scenario is extremely hard to imagine. I can imagine him asking for greater facilitation for his people to live in Arizona though. When it comes to Mexican immigration, the attitude from our politicians is more 'What can we do for you?' than 'What are you doing for your people?' Certainly not 'What can we do for the citizens of Arizona/American people?' Now business is a different matter. I'm sure she's very concerned with what they want (hint: two words, they start with a C and an L). Unfortunately, it's not necessarily what you, the supposed constituent, want.

The Enemy that need to have something removed if you know what i mean?

She is the most disgusting excuse for a 'public servant' in the country....next to Bill Richardson, "AHnold'Schwarzneggar , Jorge Bush ...I could go on and on....are there any good ones left...save for Jeff Sessions ???