Western Governors Association wants "guest" worker program

From this:
The Western Governors Association on Tuesday called on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform including a temporary guest worker program.

The group that represents 18 western states passed the policy resolution unanimously while meeting at the National Governors Association annual conference...
UPDATE: As you might expect, it's even worse than the blurb suggests. Utah's "Republican" governor Jon Huntsman is working with Arizona's Janet Napolitano on the "guest" worker scheme and immigration "reform" in general, and they have demands.

For instance, they want to avoid creating incentives to emigrate here illegally by... making legal immigration easier. Until such time as we allow a billion or so people to move here, that's not going to work.

They don't want "amnesty", but, then again, all of those who want amnesty claim they don't want what they want. Instead, they want to fine illegal aliens before giving them amnesty. Orwell would be proud.

And, it appears to have been a setup:
Immigration was among the topics President Bush touched on during a Monday morning meeting with governors - possibly in anticipation of today's policy proposal, Huntsman said.
I don't know about Napolitano, but I have no qualms about calling Utah's governor un-American:

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., Mexico, and illegal immigration
Utah's problem with "American" politicians


Napolitano seems a bigger than average hypocrite on this: first she did everything she could to prevent passage of Prop 200, and since she's made vague noises acknowledging illegal immigration just may be a problem.

Janet Napolitano comes from the law firm of Lewis & Roca LLP, Phoenix, Arizona. As a former employee, I know they represent the DNC and all of the moderate chicano orgs in town and abroad, and their lawyers are in the highest levels of the party establishment and Arizona government. Lewis and Roca's recent merger with Jontz Dawe LLP of Alberquerque explains the party connection. The recent appointment of L&R DemoRat lawyer Scott Bales to the bench should come as no surprise to those in the know. Janet Napolitano is a party hack, and her conspiracy to allow Arizona to be colonized by Mexico is shameful, treasonous and worthy of a lynching, not a re-election.

Conversely, the republican governor from Utah is merely a "Utahrd" (pronounced like "retard"), and is probably related to Karl Rove through the infamous Mormon inbreeding so prevalent among those types of Utahrd GOPers.