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Janet Napolitano still coming around

Slowly and haltingly, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano is slightly somewhat partially to a certain extent opposing massive illegal immigration into her state. The latest: "Governor orders state contractors to ensure hirings are legal".
The governor recently ordered state contractors to guarantee their employees aren't illegal immigrants and to let state agencies inspect employment eligibility records for those workers to see whether the rule is being followed...

While the governor's order laid out requirements for state contractors, [spokeswoman Jeanine L'Ecuyer] said Napolitano has taken no position on whether the state should follow the federal government in establishing punishments for employers who hire illegal workers...

Employer sanction proposals have failed at the Legislature over the last two years after they faced opposition from the business lobby...

...Republican state Sen. Dean Martin of Phoenix said the Democratic governor is trying to make her immigration record look stronger. "This is her weak area," Martin said.

Even though she signed a law creating the state crime of migrant smuggling, Napolitano vetoed a few immigration proposals earlier this year, saying they wouldn't lessen Arizona's immigration problems. Napolitano also has declared a state of emergency in the state's four border counties, freeing up money to help authorities confront illegal crossings...
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Thu, 11/03/2005 - 03:26
Fred Dawes

That Bitch is just one more tool of the mexican oligarhies and did take a oath to help mexico and the Red ideal or nazis of mexico come here for evil reasons. death to the enmeies of the bill of rights! ( how long before my door gets kicked in? for the ideals of mexican justice? but remember i still have my m-14 little brown brothers )