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"Judge gives OK for Napolitano to sign Prop. 200 into law" - 12/08/04

... judge has given the OK for Gov. Janet Napolitano to officially proclaim approval of Proposition 200. Judge David Bury, in an order released Wednesday, said Napolitano is free to declare that voters approved sections of the initiative which require proof of citizenship to register to vote and mandate that those seeking to cast a ballot must first present identification. That, in turn, permits the...

AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano gets asked a tough question - 09/26/04

As previously posted, 26 Arizona DMV workers were caught in a driver's license scam The report Scam spotlights smuggler savvy discusses those arrests, and ends with this bit that would be funny if it wasn't so scary: ...The arrests Thursday mark only the latest in a history of problems at the agency and questions about the ease of getting a state driver's license - problems that Gov.

26 Arizona DMV workers caught in driver's license scam - 09/24/04

From this: Federal and state agents Thursday charged 26 state workers with illegally issuing driver's licenses to human traffickers, undocumented immigrants and drug dealers, calling the actions a threat to national security. Immediately, Gov.

AZ Republicans rally for Protect Arizona Now - 09/16/04

... congressional contingent, Gov. Janet Napolitano and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce are among those opposed to PAN. They contend that border security and immigration are not state issues. Critics also worry that if PAN passes it will stall federal guest worker and immigration reforms next year... Former attorney general Grant Woods, lobbyist Steve Roman and state chamber officials are leading...

Left and Right, working together against everyone else - 09/01/04

The Protect Arizona Now initiative has survived its first legal challenge (by the SEIU), and will probably appear on Nov. 2's ballot.

"Kerry: Immigration reform would make 'Protect Arizona Now' unnecessary" - 08/09/04

Should John Kerry be elected, I have no doubt that vocational schools will spring up to retrain Kremlinologists to be Kerryologists. As near as I can figure out, Kerry is promising that his somewhat secret immigration reform plan (a.k.a. a general amnesty for millions of illegal aliens) will solve all present and future immigration-related problems.

"Arizona border: Unwatched and unguarded" - 04/08/03

... of the culprits? Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security.