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Janet Murguia

President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza.

Last modified Dec 8, 2008
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NCLR, SEIU, LULAC, NALEO flex their racial power and threaten Congress in new amnesty push - 12/12/12

When is ethnic nationalism and a completely race-based attitude to everything OK? When is the raw pursuit of racial power OK? When is it OK to make borderline threats against Members of Congress? When Hispanics do it, of course.

From "Latino Groups Warn Congress to Fix Immigration, or Else" by Julia Preston of the New York Times ( peekURL.com/zxs7JY2 ):

NCLR's Murguia: blacks, Latinos should "attack those common enemies" - 04/12/12

The video below is audio of Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza saying the following (via Radio Equalizer, [1]):

I think for us it's about understanding that we have common interests and we have to be able to understand that our demographics today, a lot of people want to pit who’s the largest minority vs. who's taking over as the largest demographic and all that.

NCLR congratulates SEIU on 90th anniversary (Janet Murguia, Eliseo Medina) - 04/29/11

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza has written a letter to the Service Employees International Union congratulating them on their 90th anniversary. In it she gives a shout-out to their International Secretary Treasurer Eliseo Medina and commends them for their work on comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. (Note: see all those links for background information).

She also references how the SEIU "recognized early on that their membership was changing and growing more diverse". In other words, the SEIU realized that all those illegal aliens could be organized to form a power base, no matter their impact on the American workers with whom they were in competition. The SEIU is indirectly profiting from illegal activity: they gladly take union dues from those who are working in contravention to our laws. Oddly enough, that didn't make it into Murguia's note (seiu.org/2011/04/nclrs-murguia-on-seiu-90th.php):

On behalf of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) familia, I would like to congratulate SEIU on its 90th Anniversary. NCLR values its long partnership with SEIU. Together, we have worked to fix our broken immigration system, improve working conditions and the quality of life for all of America's workers, and empower the many in our nation whose voices have all too often been ignored.

SEIU has been a pioneer in the labor movement when it comes to the Latino community. Their visionary leadership recognized early on that their membership was changing and growing more diverse. What they did with that recognition should serve as a model for not only the labor movement but for other institutions in American society.

SEIU invested significant resources in reaching out and serving this growing constituency. They made Latinos a key part of the union's decision-making leadership such as our good friend colleague, SEIU's International Secretary Treasurer, Eliseo Medina. And they made the critically important decision to focus their efforts beyond just their membership to helping the entire Latino community advance.

When the Latino community has needed SEIU, they have been there. For nearly a decade, SEIU has been at the center of the effort to enact comprehensive immigration reform. When Latino organizations called for a boycott of Arizona in the wake of the notorious racial profiling law, SB 1070, SEIU joined the fight. And SEIU joined with NCLR and others last November in releasing a poll on the Latino vote to ensure that neither party neglects or writes off the Latino community.

As the recent 2010 Census numbers clearly demonstrate, SEIU was ahead of its time in realizing the importance of the Latino community to America's future. But as our continued challenges also clearly demonstrate, there will continue to be a need for our organizations to work together to address the critical needs of all our communities, protect all of America's workers, and strive for justice for all those who call our country home.

NCLR letter for DREAM Act misleads (Richardson, Villaraigosa, Linda Chavez, Lionel Sosa) - 12/16/10

The National Council of La Raza has sent an open letter [1] to senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell urging them to pass the anti-American DREAM Act. That bill would let the illegal aliens covered by it take college resources from Americans: it would deprive some Americans of college educations. And, the NCLR's letter is misleading and signed by a small grab bag of very questionable people.

It starts:

As Latino leaders in government, business, entertainment, and sports, we urge members of Congress to support the "Development, Relief, and Education of Alien Minors (DREAM) Act." This modest and sensible piece of legislation would allow young people who were brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age to pursue higher education or serve in the military.

1. The DREAM Act ("DA") is a power grab by various forces: the Democratic leadership, religious leaders, the far-left, and so on. The NCLR letter makes clear that to a great extent it's a race-based power grab. Those signing on don't care about American citizens not being able to attend college; obtaining race-based power is a much higher priority.

2. The DA is hardly a "modest and sensible piece of legislation". It could cover one to two million illegal aliens, and those covered could eventually sponsor other family members. That would take many years, but it would happen. It would also encourage even more illegal immigration with others seeking to take part in a "DREAM Act 2". Passing one amnesty would give even more power to those who'd push for yet more amnesties in the future. So, it's hardly "modest".

3. There's no requirement that those covered would have had to have been brought here by their parents; some older children cross on their own. They have to have arrived here before they were sixteen, which is hardly "a very young age".

Then, the NCLR misleads about who'd be covered:

These students are success stories in their communities, serving as student body presidents, star athletes, and performers, graduating often with honors from schools in their hometowns.

Certainly, some are as described. However, the educational requirements in the bills are minimal; there are no requirements that those covered must have graduated with honors or anything similar.

They also reference a recent UCLA study (#9 here) and a CBO study; see those links for more information.

In addition to a few minor celebrities, those signing on include (see each link for more on them):

* Janet Murguia of the NCLR
* Antonio Villaraigosa (former leader of a racial separatist group)
* Linda Chavez (sits or sat on boards of two large companies that employ large numbers of low-wage workers)
* Carlos Gutierrez (George W Bush Commerce Secretary who promoted amnesty while in office; see his name's link for much more)
* Lionel Sosa (wanted to and may have taken money from the Mexican government to promote amnesty inside the U.S.)
* Henry Cisneros (see the other letter he signed on to at the link)
* Maria Contreras-Sweet (affiliated with Promerica Bank)
* America Ferrera
* Monica Lozano
* Federico Pena
* Bill Richardson
* Solomon D. Trujillo (U.S.-born business executive who led an Australian company but who left that country in disgrace)

[1] huffingtonpost.com/

Janet Murguia of NCLR cheers Lou Dobbs departure, warns of more to come - 11/22/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza takes to the pages of Alternet to offer "Dobbs' Resignation Was Long Overdue" (alternet.org/story/144089/dobbs'_resignation_was_long_overdue). Somewhat surprisingly, it doesn't seem to contain any outright lies, just smears and misleading statements. For instance, she tries to blame an increase in hate crimes on Dobbs and others:

The rhetoric that Lou and other extreme commentators used surrounding the debate took a harsh turn, so much so that a member of my staff called it a "wave of hate" and said that "this no longer sounds like it's about policy - it sounds like it's about us." ...This is not just an exercise in etiquette. The Latino community knows all too well the effect of extreme and polarizing rhetoric. Over the past five years, the vitriolic debate surrounding immigration has created a toxic climate for our communities. During that time, we have seen a double-digit increase in the number of hate crimes against Latinos and substantial growth in the number of hate groups targeting Latinos.

The number of "hate groups" is based on the opinion of the Southern Poverty Law Center, not exactly a credible source.

Then, she implies that the NCLR and other illegal immigration-supporting groups are going to go after other hosts:

Yet Dobbs is not alone in purveying extreme rhetoric on the subject of immigration. There are dozens of others on cable television news and radio who draw our ire. Given the free speech issues that we regularly defend, we have attempted to approach this issue with restraint. We have appealed to the journalistic integrity of the cable networks and requested balance. We have worked with advertisers who have a right to ensure that their brands are not associated with such polarizing debate. And we have used the airwaves to identify patterns of distortion and established a website (www.WeCanStopTheHate.org) to call out the worst offenders so that the public can add its voice to the debate.

The actions of the NCLR show clearly that they have no interest in a real debate about these issues.

LULAC, Mark Potok of SPLC, NCLR, America's Voice, MMFA cheer & smear over Dobbs leaving - 11/12/09

There's a round-up of reaction from far-left groups to Lou Dobbs' announcement that he's leaving CNN here.

Shot fired at Lou Dobbs' house; what you can do about it - 10/29/09

On his Monday radio show, Lou Dobbs announced that a few weeks ago someone shot at his house while his wife was just 15 feet away. And, that followed a series of threatening phone calls; the state police are currently investigating. Audio of his broadcast is attached, and a partial transcript (via this) is at [1].

Janet Murguia of NCLR called out over Latino/Hispanic label not including indigenous people - 10/23/09

The attached video shows Janet Murguia - head of the National Council of La Raza - being called out by an indigenous activist over her contention that the "Latino" and "Hispanic" labels don't include the indigenous. It's partially a hilarious example of a Race Warrior being hoist on her own petard.

"Health Equity for All": racial power groups push healthcare reform ("new majority") - 10/05/09

A group of far-left organizations have created "Health Equity for All" (healthequityforall.org) to push for "universal health care reform". And, they're doing it from an explicitly race-based standpoint and being quite explicit about their attempts to gain race-based power.

Janet Murguia spins "La Raza" and their promotion of extremist groups - 08/06/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza takes to the pages of the Huffington Post to offer "There They Go Again: Tom Tancredo, Mark Krikorian and the Politics of Hate and Fear" (huffingtonpost.com/janet-murguia/there-they-go-again-tom-t_b_251584.html). See the earlier National Council of La Raza promotes radical groups for the backstory. She says:

Krikorian of CIS joined in yesterday trying to give Tancredo's rant some credence by harping on the term "La Raza," as in "The National Council of La Raza." Both Tancredo and CIS claim this term translates pejoratively into "The Race" instead of "the people" or "the community" as we use it (not unlike the way the Navajo use the term "the Dine"). Instead of quoting the man who coined the term, former Mexico Secretary of Education José Vasconcelos, who spoke of "La Raza Cósmica" as an ethnicity that welcomes diversity, CIS quotes others who claim a more sinister agenda is afoot.

Would, say, a Swede ever be eligible to be considered "Raza", "Dine", or part of the "Raza Cosmica"? Somehow I don't think so. In Mexican-American communities it's abundantly clear who's "raza" and who isn't, and it's a racial or at least ethnic signifier: someone is either "raza" or not depending on... ta da... their racial characteristics. And, while I'm sure sometimes exceptions are made, in order to join the Navajo tribe you would have to prove that you have Navajo blood.

In brief, Murguia's "community" is a gated one, depending on someone's race (or a mixture of races). Her "diversity" doesn't include those who don't have the "right" races/ethnicities in their backgrounds.

She also briefly mentions one of the core parts of Tancredo's article: the fact that the NCLR is promoting extremist groups. See the backstory link above for the details. Oddly enough, she just says that's been answered in their "The Truth about NCLR" article available from nclr.org without explaining why her group is promoting someone who joined the Brown Berets while in the sixth grade and why her group is promoting MEChA chapters including one that wants to "liberate" "Aztlan".

NCLR: universal healthcare should include illegal aliens; Janet Murguia's transparent plea - 06/22/09

Via this, the National Council of La Raza has issued a new, completely transparent plea to include illegal aliens in universal healthcare (nclr.org/content/news/detail/57979). They're "strongly urg[ing] President Obama and Congress to make every effort to ensure that health care reform reaches all communities", and they don't want there to be any citizenship or related eligibility testing. They also make this statement:

No single community stands to gain as much from this important debate as Latinos. In the U.S., one out of every three uninsured persons and roughly 40% of all uninsured children are Latino. NCLR stands for health care reform that makes coverage affordable and accessible for everyone - all families and all children.

The NCLR keeps making statements against their own interest; just last month they discussed how poorly Latinos are performing in school. That and the above would seem to be strong arguments against massive immigration from Latin America, yet what the NCLR wants would incentivize such immigration.

Janet Murguia of NCLR gets Mexican government's highest award for foreigners; Sarukhan promotes Latino voting, participation - 06/08/09

Back on May 5, the Mexican government gave their highest award for foreigners - the "Ohtli Award" - to Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza. That award is basically given to putative Americans who help the government of Mexico push their agenda inside the U.S.; a list of past winners is here. Per Google's accurate translation, those awards:

recognize the contribution of the winners to the empowerment of Mexican communities and Mexican-American in United States (que reconocen la contribución de los galardonados al empoderamiento de las comunidades mexicana y mexicano-americana en Estados Unidos)

The "Mexican community" in the U.S. includes a very large percentage of those here illegally, and as can be seen from the NCLR link above Murguia tries to help them in every way possible.

And, echoing comments they've made before, Mexico wants their citizens inside our country to also help push their agenda. Not only that, but they sound like our own homegrown political hacks (original at [1]):

"Nine percent of those who went to the polls on that day were identified as" Latinos "and this sector of the electorate was a decisive factor in the country in key states where the contest was closed, said Sarukhan.

The Ambassador encouraged the communities of Mexico and Mexican-Americans to increase their participation in public life of the country and strengthen their education and level of civic organization, to further enrich the vitality political, economic, cultural and social development of the United States.

Does Janet Murguia of NCLR oppose apprehending criminal illegal aliens? (calls those raids "un-American") - 06/04/09

That's the impression I'm getting from this:

"For far too long, we have allowed a can’t-do minority to block progress and manipulate this issue to tear our country apart, but the urgency for reform is clear: economically, practically, and morally,” said NCLR president Janet Murguia. "Policies that call for SWAT-like teams to pluck people out of their beds in the middle of the night, lead to racial profiling, separate families, exploit workers, and ignore due process are shamefully un-American."

I read the last bit as independent statements: she's opposed to each of those individually. For instance, "SWAT-like teams" and "exploit[ing] workers" have nothing in common, strongly implying that she's opposed to the SWAT part independent of the rest.

So, that means she's opposed to things like this, this, and this or apprehending the people on this list: ice.gov/pi/investigations/wanted/fugitives.htm. Either that, or she's living in a fantasy world where people like that can be arrested without "SWAT-like teams". Is there any form of immigration law enforcement that Murguia and the National Council of La Raza would not try to monkeywrench?

"Reform Immigration For America": business, labor, CAP, NCLR, CHIRLA begin new push; summit, townhall meeting; John Quigley - 06/01/09

A new group called "Reform Immigration For America" recently launched in order to push for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. They're a coalition of business, labor, and far-left/racial power groups; see their slick site here: reformimmigrationforamerica.org.

NCLR conducting "National Call-In for Immigration Reform" April 27 to May 1 - 04/23/09

The National Council of La Raza is conducting "Reflection and Action: A National Call-In for Immigration Reform" (nclr.org/content/news/detail/56918):

From house call-in parties to community center and church gatherings, the goal is for participants to come together between April 27 and May 1 to reflect on immigration reform and call their members of Congress to continue the push for immigration reform. The video America’s Immigration Legacy offers reflection to advocates participating in call-ins... ..."We are part of the steady drumbeat of support for workable immigration reform, and we can no longer let a bully minority stand in the way of solutions," said Janet Murguia, NCLR President and CEO...

They can only get a majority of support using extremely biased polls; the great majority of Ameericans would oppose "reform" if they were informed of everything that it involved, including giving the NCLR even more power.

The "bully" comment is part of their passive-aggressive smear campaign against their opponents; the video mentioned (link) is from a coalition (We Can Stop The Hate) that's part of that campaign. And, as discussed at the last link, some members of that coalition have indirect links to the Mexican government. The video features Wade Henderson of the Leadership Council on Civil Rights; more on that later.

UPDATE: As suspected, Henderson engages in the immigration tradition fallacy and disreputably compares the Civil Rights Movement to giving illegal alien Hispanics rights to which they aren't entitled.

NCLR's Murguia now conducting "fireside chats" - 04/02/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza is now uploading "fireside chats" to Youtube.

You can watch the March 31 installment here. Could someone please do so and see if she said anything "interesting"? If so, please leave the relevant quotes in comments.

NCLR "expresses profound disappointment" over Saenz DOJ de-appointment - 03/18/09

Oh no! The National Council of La Raza (overview at the link) offers "NCLR EXPRESSES PROFOUND DISAPPOINTMENT WITH SAENZ DECISION" (nclr.org/content/news/detail/56284) about the recent de-appointment of former MALDEF attorney Thomas Saenz.

The general rule is that anything that causes disappointment for the NCLR should cause joy for those Americans who support our laws. Unfortunately, that might not be true in this case: the person selected instead is also linked to a questionable group.

Nevertheless, let's enjoy the "disappointment" of Janet Murguia:

"We are concerned that [Saenz'] name may have been pulled from consideration over his 'position on immigration' and the signal that it sends to young lawyers weighing careers in upholding the nation's civil rights laws. Mr. Saenz has successfully litigated cases based on the merits of immigration law and has done so with integrity and professionalism. Where he stands on an issue is not as significant as his understanding of the law and his ability to argue the facts... I am confident that at his confirmation hearing Mr. Saenz would have been able to address any questions related to his litigation work on immigration based on the facts of the cases he argued and the law. Unfortunately he will not be given that opportunity... This action may lead some to question whether the White House is ready to fulfill its promise on immigration reform. Along with the nomination of Tom Perez as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, the Latino community will be looking for further reassurance that this is not the case. Nonetheless, the administration missed an opportunity to bring the debate back to the merits of the law, rather than succumb to the shrill voices of fear."

Judge Mary Murguia in Joe Arpaio case is twin sister of NCLR's Janet - 02/28/09

One of the major things to be worried about it is those who support open or loose borders "infiltrating" our institutions.

"Legal Immigrant Children's Health Improvement Act" (Lincoln Diaz-Balart, NCLR, SCHIP) - 01/19/09

Rep. Lincoln Diaz Balart has introduced "Legal Immigrant Children's Health Improvement Act of 2009" ("LICHIA", HR319, H.R.319, link) which would add coverage for immigrant children and pregnant women to the SCHIP bill. Legal immigrants aren't able to obtain those benefits for five years.

Cardinal Mahony, Janet Murguia, Unite Here, Frank Sharry, Ali Noorani pretend immigration "reform" would be good for the economy - 01/08/09

It was a meeting of the far-left illegal immigration-supporting All Stars earlier today as Cardinal Roger Mahony, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza, Frank Sharry of America's Voice, John Wilhelm of the Unite Here union, and Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum joined on a conference call. From their press release (link), here's the "why":
The preeminent moral voice supporting just and comprehensive immigration reform joins the President of one of America's leading pro-immigrant unions, the head of the largest Latino civil rights organization, and national pro-reform leaders to discuss the prospects for comprehensive immigration reform as the 44th President and 111th Congress take office.
Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times listened in, and offers this:
"I don’t think it's possible to fix the American economy without comprehensive immigration reform," John Wilhelm, president of Unite Here, said during a media call.

Wilhelm said legislation would improve the economy by placing workers and employers on an even playing field, eliminating exploitation and increasing wages and tax compliance.
This is the second time I've noticed that line, and I'm calling it a trend. The previous comments apply in this case. Apparently whoever writes the lines for these people thought it up in response to complaints that "reform" wasn't possible during a recession, and it would be great to know who thought it up originally.

Cardinal Mahoney opposed the sustenance of an underclass; he's partially responsible for that due to his support for illegal activity. If he really wanted to avoid that, he'd work to discourage illegal immigration and demand that Mexico fixes their own country rather than sending their people north.

It would be fairly easy to show just how corrupt and illogical the "preeminent moral voice" is if anyone would try to ask him tough questions about this issue. Discrediting Mahoney or others who use a religious justification to support illegal activity would take a great deal of wind out of the sails of the "reform" movement.

UPDATE: From this other recounting of the call:
[Sharry said:] "We are confident and very optimistic that there's likely to be a big window of opportunity between September 2009 and March 2010 [in order to pass 'reform']"...

[Mahony said:] "I think that would be a good time simply because there are no federal elections going on, and beyond that, it is really important for us to get this really done at a time when we do not have huge immigration rhetoric going on around the nation"...

While an economic crisis is not the best time to present a substantial immigration reform package, Sharry said, "legalizing workers will increase wages, increase the tax compliance of the workers and the employers who hire them and it would restore the rule of law."

Mexican immigrant wins Purpose Prize: $100,000 for illegal alien scholarships - 12/06/08

Rich folks love their gardeners, and now Catalino Tapia of the Bay Area Gardeners Foundation is $100,000 richer since he's one of the winners of this years "Purpose Prize" (purposeprize.org), an award from Civic Ventures which is a group funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Templeton Fund. And, what's he going to spend it on? Helping Hispanic kids pay for college and related expense, irrespective of whether they're here legally or not. And, to make the race-based support for illegal activity that much sweeter, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza serves on the panel of judges. And, even better, NPR offers a heartwarming report on it here:

Catalino Tapia crossed the border from Mexico into the United States 40 years ago with a sixth-grade education and only $6 in his pocket. He became a legal resident.. The Gardeners Foundation also does not ask if a student is documented. Four out of its nine scholarship recipients are undocumented. The foundation nearly doubled the number of scholarships this year...

I hate to throw cold water on NPR's support for illegal activity, but I'd imagine that there were more than nine applicants for their scholarships, and I'd imagine that some of those who were rejected were U.S. citizens. If so, then those illegal aliens may have cost U.S. citizens their chance at college. On the bright side, some of those U.S. citizens might realize there are limits to a race-based support for illegal activity.

In addition to Murguia, judges were Sherry Lansing (chair), Conchy Bretos, Bob Buford, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Fred Davie, Mitchell Fromstein, David Gergen, Jennie Chin Hansen, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Suzanne Braun Levine, Peter Osnos, James Phills, John Pepper, Sindey Poitier, Rey Ramsey, Cokie Roberts, General Eric Shinseki, Alan Solomont, Jeff Taylor, [[Thomas J. Tierney]], and Harris Wofford.

State Farm not a good neighbor to Republicans (Hispanic voting drive with NCLR, NALEO) - 06/26/08

The questionable organizations National Council of La Raza (among other things, funds extremists and gave an award to a vile racist) and National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (has a relatively minor link to the Mexican government) are behind a citizenship and voting drive for Hispanics called "Ya Es Hora" ("It's About Time", naleo.org/veyvota.html). And, State Farm Insurance has announced that they'll be the lead sponsor.

It's great that State Farm is encouraging people to get out and vote. However, it's unfortunate that they're making it ethnicity-specific rather than working to get everyone regardless of race or ethnicity to vote. And, considering that a good majority of those who will be driven out to vote will be voting Democratic, those Republicans who hold StateFarm policies should consider contacting the company to complain or should consider switching to a different company. And, that goes for everyone, considering the groups involved in the effort:
In addition to the cash infusion [$1 million], 4,000 State Farm agents who serve the Hispanic community across the country will provide U.S. citizenship applications and voter-registration materials to clients. More than eight million green-card holders, or legal permanent residents, currently are eligible to become U.S. citizens, and the majority are immigrants from Latin America.
Some might suggest that State Farm just give the money they'll spend on this to the Democratic Party to cut out the middleman.

Other companies involved include the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, and Univision; the latter network's vile, illegal immigration-supporting anchor Maria Elena Salinas was on hand for an event last year [1]. A current or previous sponsor was ConAgra Foods [2]. Others involved include ImpreMedia, the Service Employees International Union SEIU and the We Are America Alliance [3]. Members of the WAAA are linked to the Mexican government. Others involved include Entravision Communications and Mi Familia Vota Educational Fund [4].

This NCLR press release makes it clear they only care about one thing: race-based power [3]:
Strategically, the campaign seeks to expand the Latino electorate in key battleground states, solidify the strength of the Latino vote in traditional Latino states, and help lay the foundation for a Latino electorate in nontraditional states where the Latino population has significantly increased in recent years. The strategy will establish Latinos as an important national electorate.

"The dramatic success of this year's naturalization efforts demonstrates our community's desire to help shape the future of our country at the ballot box," said Janet Murguia, NCLR President and CEO. "This unprecedented effort will give Latinos the key to victory in 2008," added Murguia. "The campaign will also build the capacities of local communities to engage in the electoral process for years to come," concluded Murguia.
And, they even reference the 2006 illegal immigration marches, where foreign citizens marched through our streets demanding that we change our laws to suit them [5]:
The campaign was launched as the Latino community's action-oriented response to the mobilizations of 2006 and represents the largest and most comprehensive effort to incorporate Latinos as full participants in the American political process.
[1] nclr.org/content/news/detail/47243/
[2] hispanicprwire.com/news.php?l=in&id=9072&cha=8
[3] hispanictips.com/2007/07/10/
[4] nclr.org/section/yaeshora/veyvota
[5] nclr.org/section/yaeshora/ciudadania

Media Matters for America on immigration "myths" ("Fear and Loathing in Prime Time") - 05/21/08

Media Matters for America offers a "report" called "Fear and Loathing in Prime Time/Immigration Myths and Cable News" (mediamattersaction.org/reports/fearandloathing/online_version). It attempts to address some of the "myths" supposedly promulgated by Lou Dobbs, [[Bill O'Reilly]], and Glenn Beck.

Sorry, National Council of La Raza: NAACP will hold 2010 convention in Kansas City - 03/24/08

The National Council of La Raza recently decided not to hold their convention in Kansas City, Missouri because the mayor of that city refused to remove someone who was a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps from their parks board. As could be expected, the Kansas City Star was on the wrong side, and Janet Murguia of the NCLR tried to mislead over this issue.

Janet Murguia/National Council of La Raza: throw the First Amendment away to protect illegal immigration? - 02/01/08

The previously discussed article from Ariel Alexovich of the New York Times about the new "We Can Stop The Hate" effort from the National Council of La Raza contains the following:
[Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza] argued that hate speech should not be tolerated, even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights:
Everyone knows t

Ariel Alexovich/New York Times lies about Tom Tancredo, misleads about NCLR - 02/01/08

Ariel Alexovich of the New York Times discusses the new "We Can Stop The Hate" effort from the National Council of La Raza in A Call to End Hate Speech (link).

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza has started a new effort called We Can Stop The Hate (wecanstopthehate.org) which is attempting to silence those who support our immigration laws by highlighting what they call examples of "hate". Three of their cohorts in the effort have at least indirect links to the Mexican government. Note that that government has explicitly stated that they're going to be using U.S.

Janet Murguia/NCLR: keynote speaker at Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast (+AP spin) - 01/20/08

Janet Murguia, president of the extremist-funding group National Council of La Raza, will be the keynote speaker at Monday's Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast in Birmingham, Alabama.

Part of the story involves some spin from the Associated Press.

Janet Murguia/NCLR misleads to support illegal immigration (Kansas City, Minuteman issue) - 11/04/07

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") is an extremist-funding group that in turn is funded by large corporations [1] that profit from illegal activity. Senator Chris Dodd even wants to give them millions of dollars.

They recently pulled their 2009 convention out of Kansas City, MO because a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps was appointed to that city's Parks Board. Local Hispanic leaders even went as far as trying to deliver a letter to that board member's house in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate her.

Now, their president, Janet Murguia, offers "La Raza left because it objects to extremism". She objects to the "extremism" of the MCDC and pretends it isn't about policy. Since her group continually supports illegal immigration, and the MCDC opposes it, that's highly questionable.

Here's the only thing she has to say about everything that's been involved in this issue, including the letter:

While I can't address every issue raised since the controversy erupted, the views and passion expressed - on both sides of the issue - deserve a response.

Obviously, someone else would address a possible act of intimidation, but I guess that's more than we should expect from her.

Then, she brings up a quote from MCDC leader Chris Simcox; I don't know the context, but it appears to have been originally reported by Gustavo Arellano, someone who has a clear agenda and, even if he got the quote accurate, doesn't provide any context [2].

Then, she discusses an original member of the Minuteman Project who was sending messages to a Nazi group... "privately". It should be obvious to anyone that none of the Minutemen groups want such connections, and I'm not going to even bother to verify that after her extra-curricular activities were discovered she was tossed from the group.

Then, she delves into the ADL's "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream." The problems with part of that report are discussed at the link, and she helps point out yet another problem:

The founder of the Dustin Inman Society, D.A. King, said in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that immigrants are "not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Bolding added. And, in fact, that's similar to what's in the ADL's report [3]:

Speaking at a Newton County (Georgia) Republican Party meeting in April 2007, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, King reportedly told attendees that undocumented immigrants are "not here to mow your lawn – they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Now, here's the kicker (which everyone knew was coming). The Southeast Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, Bill Nigut, says [4]:

In a speech to a handful of Georgia Republicans in Covington earlier this year, King cleverly intertwined our legitimate fears of the threat from Islamic terrorists with a rant against undocumented Mexicans. At one point, according to a report in the Rockdale Citizen newspaper, he displayed a mock-up of a Mexican photo ID card, filled in with the name supplied by King: "Al Qaida Gonzalez." ...When he told the gathering that "They're not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you and me," King says he was speaking of the Islamic threat. But since Muslim yard services tend to be few and far between, his intentional mixing of images seems clear: He is out to create fear about all illegal immigrants, be they Islamic terrorists or Mexican gardeners.

So, now we see that King wasn't refering to "immigrants" (Murguia's word) or "undocumented immigrants" (the ADL's report's words), but to Islamist infiltrators. In other words, Murguia and the ADL report are highly misleading, and that was obviously intentional. (Further, the only "reporting" from the AJC that I could find is in a blog post, but I didn't check their archives.) At the last link, King says he was refering to this government report (PDF). (The Rockdale Citizen doesn't appear to have online archives: rockdalecitizen.com)

Obviously, both Janet Murguia and the ADL aren't just sloppy, what they say can't be trusted.

[1] discoverthenetworks.org/groupProfile.asp?grpid=153
[2] ocweekly.com/news/news/see-tombstone-nab-a-mexican/21117/
[3] adl.org/civil_rights/anti_immigrant/da_king.asp
[4] mdjonline.com/content/index/showcontentitem/area/1/section/17/item/97577.html


The ADL's definition of "hate" and "anti-immigrant" can't be trusted. (ALIPAC, others) - 10/31/07

The Anti-Defamation League - which apparently at one time did some good, but which is now a far-left Gramscian enforcer and defender of illegal activity - has released a new report entitled "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream" [1]:

A closer look at the public record reveals that many ostensibly mainstream anti-illegal immigration organizations – including those who testified before Congress or frequently appeared on news programs – promote virulent anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Some groups have fostered links with extremist groups.

They list several groups, but as will be shown, their definition of "hate" just can't be trusted. For example, consider this claim:

[Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee/ALIPAC president William Gheen] [2] also inflames anti-immigrant sentiment by falsely asserting that foreigners bring disease into the nation. During a June 2007 radio interview, he said, "We've got bedbugs back in all, almost all of our 58 [sic] states. We've got TB on the rise, we've got hepatitis, we've got HIV, we've got diseases like Chagas disease, which is a horrifying disease, but also, much like TB, is very, very difficult to treat at all, and it's coming in because of the, the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and, and the end result is Americans are suffering, Americans are dying."

The ADL's claim that foreigners don't bring diseases into the U.S. is obviously false. And, let's turn to this May 23, 1989 article:

The rising wave of immigration from Central and South America increases the likelihood that Chagas' disease may become more common in the United States, experts said, unless blood banks routinely reject donors born in Central or South America or test their blood.

The source? Why none other than the scare mongerers at the New York Times (link). Finding other sources discussing those various diseases and immigration is left as an exercise. And, of course, immigrants at Ellis Island were checked for diseases, and there are laws on the books regulating immigrants and visitors who have various types of diseases.

Now, it's about to get ironic. Returning to the ADL:

At an August 2007 rally in North Carolina, Gheen stated, "Illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you’re under the threat of death."

Then, let's look at this January 20, 2007 article:

Prudhomme was murdered because he identified himself as black (he was in fact mixed-race) in a neighborhood occupied by one of the many Latino street gangs in Los Angeles County. Incredibly, even though these gangs are fundamentally criminal enterprises interested mainly in money, gang experts inside and outside the government say that they are now engaged in a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" -- racial terror that is directed solely at African Americans.

The source? Brentin Mock, from the Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Center [3] [4].

(The SPLC is, of course, another group that likes to throw the "hate" charge around; perhaps the ADL could call the SPLC a hate group, and the SPLC could respond by calling the ADL a hate group, and then the could both lock arms in battle and fall into the abyss.)

Even the Los Angeles Times has noted something similar (link):

Authorities said the gang specifically tried to eliminate rival African American gangs in South L.A. and the Florence-Firestone area in an effort to "cleanse" the neighborhood. In doing so, they mistakenly harassed and attacked innocent African American residents, according to the indictment.

As has the Guardian (link):

It is a city of violence as a new race war escalates between new Hispanic gangs and older black groups, each trying to ethnically cleanse the other.

If you see any reporters quoting the ADL on this issue, please send them this link.

11/06/07 UPDATE: Janet Murguia helps us discover yet another misleading statement from the ADL; see that link.

And, from the Los Angeles Times' "Latin American scourge turning up in U.S. immigrants/In L.A., nation's first clinic opens to treat deadly insect-borne Chagas disease" (link):

A Los Angeles County hospital has opened the first clinic in the country devoted to studying and treating Chagas disease, a deadly parasitic illness that has long been the leading cause of heart failure in Latin America and is now being seen in immigrant communities in the United States... ...By the end of October, 253 people in 30 states had tested positive for the antibody, according to data compiled by the American Association of Blood Banks. The prevalence nationwide is estimated to be about 1 in 30,000 donors, and about 1 in 7,000 in Los Angeles, said Dr. Susan Stramer, executive scientific officer for the American Red Cross... ...Most donors who tested positive since screening began this year emigrated from high-risk areas, sometimes years ago, or were the children of such immigrants, said the Red Cross' Stramer in an e-mail. But in nine cases still under investigation, Stramer said, infection may have been transmitted by insects in the United States...

[1] adl.org/PresRele/CvlRt_32/5154_32.htm
[2] I'm not a member because I'm not a joiner. I also don't think their occasional highlighting of illegal aliens and crime is the right way to fight the issue. However, I don't think they deserve the treatment the ADL gives them.
[3] alternet.org/story/46855/
[4] splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=722 (same article as [2])

Ruth Morris, Elizabeth Baier/Sun-Sentinel also concerned re amnesty hurting GOP with Latinos - 07/01/07

What a coincidence it is as Ruth Morris and Elizabeth Baier of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel offer "Hispanic voters could make GOP pay for defeat of immigration legislation".

White House listening to pork producers, La Raza, Mexico-linked NALEO, NRA... just not you - 06/21/07

The White House offers a PDF entitled "What They're Saying: Border Security And Immigration Reform Agreement" and subtitled 'Business And Agriculture Groups Say "It Is Critical That The Process Moves Forward"' (PDF) [1]. It's just a collection of quotes from press releases from those few groups that support the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty, and it contains no accompaning text other than the titles.

As simply a collection of quotes, it's not that shocking. However, it's interesting that these are the special interest groups that the White House chooses to use to bolster their bill, rather than acknowledging the other 99.99% of Americans. And, at least two of the groups are certainly interesting. Let's lead with those two:

* National Association Of Latino Elected And Appointed Officials (has a link to the Mexican government)
* National Council Of La Raza President And CEO Janet Murguia (funds extremists)
* The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce
* National Restaurant Association
* Business Roundtable
* National Association Of Manufacturers
* National Federation Of Independent Business
* Essential Worker Immigration Coalition
* American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman
* Associated Builders And Contractors Chairman David Meyer
* National Milk Producers Federation President And CEO Jerry Kozak
* National Pork Producers Council President Jill Appell
* American Subcontractors Association President Stephen Rohrbach
* Agriculture Coalition For Immigration Reform
* American Health Care Association President And CEO Bruce Yarwood
* Poultry Federation President Marvin Childers
* Georgia Farm Bureau
* Tyson Foods, Inc.
* Western Growers President And CEO Tom Nassif
* Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano
* California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
* National League Of Cities President And Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson
* Boston Mayor Thomas Menino
* MANA President And CEO Alma Morales Riojas
* U.S. Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Board Of Directors Chairman David Lizarraga
* Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
* Esperanza USA President Rev. Luis Cortes

[1] The PDF is described here: freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1854324/posts. It was posted to RedState by Robert Bluey, so it's probably for real. However, I've cached it locally to avoid linking to that site.

Janet Murguia (NCLR) promotes "guest" workers - 02/10/07

Janet Murguia - president and cheif executive of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), a group that funds extremists - offers "A Change of Heart on Guest Workers". As you might expect, she's wrong.

First, those "guests" aren't really guests, as she acknowledges. They "would have the opportunity to earn a path to permanent status -- and ultimately citizenship".

Mexican citizens helping Kennedy, McCain, Flake, Berman set immigration policy - 01/16/07

In September of last year, the "Independent Task Force on Immigration and America's Future" - "convened by the Migration Policy Institute in partnership with Manhattan Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars" - released their report called "Immigration and America's Future: A New Chapter".

Two members of the "task force" are former elected officials (Spencer Abraham and Lee Hamilton), but four of them are currently supposedly working for us: Howard Berman, Jeff Flake, Edward Kennedy, and John McCain.

Another member is Fernando Garcia, executive director of the El Paso-based Border Network for Human Rights. He's also a Mexican citizen with a green card. The article "D.C. hears El Pasoan's ideas about reforms" by Louie Gilot has a profile of him and his work, which includes organizing pro-illegal immigration marches in El Paso. Most of his organization's funding comes from a $375,000 grant from the Ford Foundation.

Two other Mexican officials were involved in this report: Geronimo Gutierrez and Carlos de Icaza, their ambassador to the U.S.

The MPI is a private organization, and it's not completely questionable that former elected officials might want to seek out foreign input. However, when current elected officials do it, and they have views more to the open borders side of things than not, it seems quite unseemly. One wonders exactly how many minutes McCain, Kennedy, Flake, and Berman have spent seeking out the opinion of pro-borders Americans versus the time they've spent hobnobbing with open-borders Mexicans.

Even the MPI seems to have realized this whole scheme is borderline, offering this footnote on their page:

Because of their legislative roles, currently serving members of Congress were not asked to endorse the Task Force recommendations.

A full list of those involved in the "task force" reads like the cast of a horror movie with the U.S. as the unlucky teen campers. It includes Doris Meissner, Thomas J. Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tamar Jacoby, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza, and Frank Sharry of the National Immigration Forum among many others.

Independent Task Force on Immigration - 01/15/07

A group convened by the Migration Policy Institute in partnership with Manhattan Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars which published "Immigration and America's Future:A New Chapter" ( link) in [[September, 2006]]. Supports a "new, secure Social Security card" (possibly a national ID card) and "path to legal status for unauthorized immigrants" (a massive amnesty for illegal aliens).

As of creation time, this is the list of those involved:

Immigration Rally's Low Turnout Disappoints Advocates - 10/07/06

subtitle: "Fear of Blacklash, Mixed Messages, Timing Are Cited"

Washington Post/Darryl Fears and [[N.C. Aizenman]]/[[September 8, 2006]]/ link

Suzanne Gamboa/AP on immigration ads - 08/30/06

Suzanne Gamboa of the Associated Press offers "Immigration ads a problem for campaigns":

Capturing the immigration debate in political ads this campaign season - without upsetting Hispanics - is proving tricky for the parties and candidates.

Is the National Council of La Raza a mainstream group? - 06/02/06

The National Council of La Raza is considered a mainstream group despite their name literally - and in effect - meaning National Council of The Race. Their spokesmen have been featured on national TV shows and at any one time you can find dozens of news articles offering their viewpoint.

And, they're also a financial contributor to a Chicano separatist LAUSD charter school in Los Angeles.

Wellington Webb: all power to the People of Color! - 08/21/05

Wellington Webb is the former mayor of Denver. He also started that city's illegal alien sanctuary policy that was in the news recently.