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Janet Murguia

President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza.

Last modified Dec 8, 2008
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NCLR, SEIU, LULAC, NALEO flex their racial power and threaten Congress in new amnesty push - 12/12/12

... Council of La Raza (see also Janet Murguia) * Service Employees International Union (see also Eliseo Medina) * League of United Latin American Citizens * National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) * Hispanic Federation * Voto Latino * Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) * Mi Familia Vota See the first four above for extensive coverage of their past,...

NCLR's Murguia: blacks, Latinos should "attack those common enemies" - 04/12/12

The video below is audio of Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza saying the following (via Radio Equalizer, [1]): I think for us it's about understanding that we have common interests and we have to be able to understand that our demographics today, a lot of people want to pit who’s the largest minority vs. who's taking over as the largest demographic and all that. We need to...

NCLR congratulates SEIU on 90th anniversary (Janet Murguia, Eliseo Medina) - 04/29/11

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza has written a letter to the Service Employees International Union congratulating them on their 90th anniversary. In it she gives a shout-out to their International Secretary Treasurer Eliseo Medina and commends them for their work on comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. (Note: see all those links for background information). She also...

NCLR letter for DREAM Act misleads (Richardson, Villaraigosa, Linda Chavez, Lionel Sosa) - 12/16/10

... each link for more on them): * Janet Murguia of the NCLR * Antonio Villaraigosa (former leader of a racial separatist group) * Linda Chavez (sits or sat on boards of two large companies that employ large numbers of low-wage workers) * Carlos Gutierrez (George W Bush Commerce Secretary who promoted amnesty while in office; see his name's link for much more) * Lionel Sosa (wanted to and may have...

Janet Murguia of NCLR cheers Lou Dobbs departure, warns of more to come - 11/22/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza takes to the pages of Alternet to offer "Dobbs' Resignation Was Long Overdue" (alternet.org/story/144089/dobbs'_resignation_was_long_overdue). Somewhat surprisingly, it doesn't seem to contain any outright lies, just smears and misleading statements. For instance, she tries to blame an increase in hate crimes on Dobbs and others: The rhetoric that...

LULAC, Mark Potok of SPLC, NCLR, America's Voice, MMFA cheer & smear over Dobbs leaving - 11/12/09

There's a round-up of reaction from far-left groups to Lou Dobbs' announcement that he's leaving CNN here. The biases of the article's author (Victor Manuel Ramos of the Orlando Sentinel) are discussed in this separate post. The quotes below were offered at a press conference organized by Media Matters for America:

Shot fired at Lou Dobbs' house; what you can do about it - 10/29/09

... [Jones] said. 11/02/09 UPDATE: Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza has released a passive-aggressive statement that smears Dobbs (nclr.org/content/news/detail/60357): "Our thoughts are with Lou and his family... Our community knows all too well the impact that extreme rhetoric and a hostile climate can have on an issue like this. Every year since the immigration debate started, hate...

Janet Murguia of NCLR called out over Latino/Hispanic label not including indigenous people - 10/23/09

The attached video shows Janet Murguia - head of the National Council of La Raza - being called out by an indigenous activist over her contention that the "Latino" and "Hispanic" labels don't include the indigenous. It's partially a hilarious example of a Race Warrior being hoist on her own petard. It's also partially an example of how the power of such groups as the NCLR could be reduced, by...

"Health Equity for All": racial power groups push healthcare reform ("new majority") - 10/05/09

A group of far-left organizations have created "Health Equity for All" (healthequityforall.org) to push for "universal health care reform". And, they're doing it from an explicitly race-based standpoint and being quite explicit about their attempts to gain race-based power.

Janet Murguia spins "La Raza" and their promotion of extremist groups - 08/06/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza takes to the pages of the Huffington Post to offer "There They Go Again: Tom Tancredo, Mark Krikorian and the Politics of Hate and Fear" (huffingtonpost.com/janet-murguia/there-they-go-again-tom-t_b_251584.html). See the earlier National Council of La Raza promotes radical groups for the backstory. She says: Krikorian of CIS joined in yesterday...

NCLR: universal healthcare should include illegal aliens; Janet Murguia's transparent plea - 06/22/09

Via this, the National Council of La Raza has issued a new, completely transparent plea to include illegal aliens in universal healthcare (nclr.org/content/news/detail/57979). They're "strongly urg[ing] President Obama and Congress to make every effort to ensure that health care reform reaches all communities", and they don't want there to be any citizenship or related eligibility testing. They...

Janet Murguia of NCLR gets Mexican government's highest award for foreigners; Sarukhan promotes Latino voting, participation - 06/08/09

... foreigners - the "Ohtli Award" - to Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza. That award is basically given to putative Americans who help the government of Mexico push their agenda inside the U.S.; a list of past winners is here. Per Google's accurate translation, those awards: recognize the contribution of the winners to the empowerment of Mexican communities and Mexican-American in...

Does Janet Murguia of NCLR oppose apprehending criminal illegal aliens? (calls those raids "un-American") - 06/04/09

... morally,” said NCLR president Janet Murguia. "Policies that call for SWAT-like teams to pluck people out of their beds in the middle of the night, lead to racial profiling, separate families, exploit workers, and ignore due process are shamefully un-American." I read the last bit as independent statements: she's opposed to each of those individually. For instance, "SWAT-like teams" and "exploit[...

"Reform Immigration For America": business, labor, CAP, NCLR, CHIRLA begin new push; summit, townhall meeting; John Quigley - 06/01/09

A new group called "Reform Immigration For America" recently launched in order to push for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. They're a coalition of business, labor, and far-left/racial power groups; see their slick site here: reformimmigrationforamerica.org. A surprising variety of amnesty hacks this side of raving extremist (or thereabouts) is involved with their organization; see [...

NCLR conducting "National Call-In for Immigration Reform" April 27 to May 1 - 04/23/09

... in the way of solutions," said Janet Murguia, NCLR President and CEO... They can only get a majority of support using extremely biased polls; the great majority of Ameericans would oppose "reform" if they were informed of everything that it involved, including giving the NCLR even more power. The "bully" comment is part of their passive-aggressive smear campaign against their opponents; the...

NCLR's Murguia now conducting "fireside chats" - 04/02/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza is now uploading "fireside chats" to Youtube. You can watch the March 31 installment here. Could someone please do so and see if she said anything "interesting"? If so, please leave the relevant quotes in comments.

NCLR "expresses profound disappointment" over Saenz DOJ de-appointment - 03/18/09

... enjoy the "disappointment" of Janet Murguia: "We are concerned that [Saenz'] name may have been pulled from consideration over his 'position on immigration' and the signal that it sends to young lawyers weighing careers in upholding the nation's civil rights laws. Mr. Saenz has successfully litigated cases based on the merits of immigration law and has done so with integrity and professionalism...

Judge Mary Murguia in Joe Arpaio case is twin sister of NCLR's Janet - 03/01/09

... twin sister is none other than Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza. The NCLR is a far-left group that - while not explicitly radical nor explicitly supportive of "reconquista" - strongly supports illegal immigration and funds extremist groups. The latest news is that Arpaio's attorneys have filed a motion to have her removed from the case (link). If she isn't, it might...

"Legal Immigrant Children's Health Improvement Act" (Lincoln Diaz-Balart, NCLR, SCHIP) - 01/19/09

... held in Washington DC featuring Janet Murguia from the National Council of La Raza, MALDEF, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, and apparently some lawmakers (link). Their comments - and my comments - follow.

Cardinal Mahony, Janet Murguia, Unite Here, Frank Sharry, Ali Noorani pretend immigration "reform" would be good for the economy - 01/08/09

... today as Cardinal Roger Mahony, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza, Frank Sharry of America's Voice, John Wilhelm of the Unite Here union, and Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum joined on a conference call. From their press release (link), here's the "why": The preeminent moral voice supporting just and comprehensive immigration reform joins the President of one of...

Mexican immigrant wins Purpose Prize: $100,000 for illegal alien scholarships - 12/06/08

... illegal activity that much sweeter, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza serves on the panel of judges. And, even better, NPR offers a heartwarming report on it here: Catalino Tapia crossed the border from Mexico into the United States 40 years ago with a sixth-grade education and only $6 in his pocket. He became a legal resident.. The Gardeners Foundation also does not ask if a...

State Farm not a good neighbor to Republicans (Hispanic voting drive with NCLR, NALEO) - 06/26/08

... country at the ballot box," said Janet Murguia, NCLR President and CEO. "This unprecedented effort will give Latinos the key to victory in 2008," added Murguia. "The campaign will also build the capacities of local communities to engage in the electoral process for years to come," concluded Murguia. And, they even reference the 2006 illegal immigration marches, where foreign citizens marched...

Media Matters for America on immigration "myths" ("Fear and Loathing in Prime Time") - 05/21/08

... (D-IL); Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA); Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza; and Frank Sharry of America's Voice. The first issue with their report is that it switches between discussing illegal immigration and all forms or the legal variety of immigration, a common trick. The second is that their discussion of the NAFTA Superhighway - something they label simply an "urban myth" -...

Sorry, National Council of La Raza: NAACP will hold 2010 convention in Kansas City - 03/24/08

... Star was on the wrong side, and Janet Murguia of the NCLR tried to mislead over this issue.

Janet Murguia/National Council of La Raza: throw the First Amendment away to protect illegal immigration? - 02/01/08

... Raza contains the following: [Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza] argued that hate speech should not be tolerated, even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights: Everyone knows t

Ariel Alexovich/New York Times lies about Tom Tancredo, misleads about NCLR - 02/01/08

Ariel Alexovich of the New York Times discusses the new "We Can Stop The Hate" effort from the National Council of La Raza in A Call to End Hate Speech (link).

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

... Tancredo, misleads about NCLR and Janet Murguia/National Council of La Raza: throw the First Amendment away to protect illegal immigration? UPDATE 2: The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) supports the campaign (link). UPDATE 3: See National Council of La Raza gave award to racist professor ("eliminate the gringo", Jose Angel Gutierrez) UPDATE 4: The American Jewish Committee has...

Janet Murguia/NCLR: keynote speaker at Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast (+AP spin) - 01/20/08

Janet Murguia, president of the extremist-funding group National Council of La Raza, will be the keynote speaker at Monday's Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast in Birmingham, Alabama. Part of the story involves some spin from the Associated Press.

Janet Murguia/NCLR misleads to support illegal immigration (Kansas City, Minuteman issue) - 11/04/07

... intimidate her. Now, their president, Janet Murguia, offers "La Raza left because it objects to extremism". She objects to the "extremism" of the MCDC and pretends it isn't about policy. Since her group continually supports illegal immigration, and the MCDC opposes it, that's highly questionable. Here's the only thing she has to say about everything that's been involved in this issue, including...

The ADL's definition of "hate" and "anti-immigrant" can't be trusted. (ALIPAC, others) - 10/31/07

... them this link. 11/06/07 UPDATE: Janet Murguia helps us discover yet another misleading statement from the ADL; see that link. And, from the Los Angeles Times' "Latin American scourge turning up in U.S. immigrants/In L.A., nation's first clinic opens to treat deadly insect-borne Chagas disease" (link): A Los Angeles County hospital has opened the first clinic in the country devoted to studying...

Ruth Morris, Elizabeth Baier/Sun-Sentinel also concerned re amnesty hurting GOP with Latinos - 07/01/07

What a coincidence it is as Ruth Morris and Elizabeth Baier of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel offer "Hispanic voters could make GOP pay for defeat of immigration legislation".

White House listening to pork producers, La Raza, Mexico-linked NALEO, NRA... just not you - 06/21/07

... Of La Raza President And CEO Janet Murguia (funds extremists) * The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce * National Restaurant Association * Business Roundtable * National Association Of Manufacturers * National Federation Of Independent Business * Essential Worker Immigration Coalition * American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman * Associated Builders And Contractors Chairman David Meyer *...

Janet Murguia (NCLR) promotes "guest" workers - 02/10/07

Janet Murguia - president and cheif executive of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), a group that funds extremists - offers "A Change of Heart on Guest Workers". As you might expect, she's wrong. First, those "guests" aren't really guests, as she acknowledges. They "would have the opportunity to earn a path to permanent status -- and ultimately citizenship".

Mexican citizens helping Kennedy, McCain, Flake, Berman set immigration policy - 01/16/07

... Chamber of Commerce, Tamar Jacoby, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza, and Frank Sharry of the National Immigration Forum among many others.

Suzanne Gamboa/AP on immigration ads - 08/30/06

... Mexico). And, she offers the thoughts of Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza, ("National Council of The Race") a group that's considered mainstream but is not: "Both parties are crossing the line... The issue of what to do about immigration is fair game for this election, demonizing an entire community is not." Then, she discusses how Houston City Councilwoman Carol...

Is the National Council of La Raza a mainstream group? - 06/02/06

The National Council of La Raza is considered a mainstream group despite their name literally - and in effect - meaning National Council of The Race. Their spokesmen have been featured on national TV shows and at any one time you can find dozens of news articles offering their viewpoint. And, they're also a financial contributor to a Chicano separatist LAUSD charter school in Los Angeles.

Wellington Webb: all power to the People of Color! - 08/21/05

Wellington Webb is the former mayor of Denver. He also started that city's illegal alien sanctuary policy that was in the news recently.