Janet Murguia (NCLR) promotes "guest" workers

Janet Murguia - president and cheif executive of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), a group that funds extremists - offers "A Change of Heart on Guest Workers". As you might expect, she's wrong.

First, those "guests" aren't really guests, as she acknowledges. They "would have the opportunity to earn a path to permanent status -- and ultimately citizenship". So, our "guests" would actually be on the path to citizenship from Day 1.

And, the provisions of the program would be enforced as stringently as the enforcement provisions of the 1986 amnesty were: hardly at all. The same forces that try to block enforcement now will have even more power and will be better able to block future enforcement of the "guest" worker program provisions.

And, she also assumes that there will be a future "flow of migrants" that will have to be managed. The only way we would have such a flow is if our politicians continue to be corrupt and continue to allow illegal immigration to occur. If our politicians were not corrupt, they could greatly reduce that flow. She's assuming that politicians will continue to be corrupt, but she's also assuming that they'll follow the laws in the future. In other words, she's delusional.

Question: The NCLR currently supports illegal immigration. After "reform" they'll have much more race-based political power. Does anyone believe that they wouldn't use that power to continue supporting illegal immigration and to advocate for future amnesties?