NCLR: universal healthcare should include illegal aliens; Janet Murguia's transparent plea

Via this, the National Council of La Raza has issued a new, completely transparent plea to include illegal aliens in universal healthcare ( They're "strongly urg[ing] President Obama and Congress to make every effort to ensure that health care reform reaches all communities", and they don't want there to be any citizenship or related eligibility testing. They also make this statement:

No single community stands to gain as much from this important debate as Latinos. In the U.S., one out of every three uninsured persons and roughly 40% of all uninsured children are Latino. NCLR stands for health care reform that makes coverage affordable and accessible for everyone - all families and all children.

The NCLR keeps making statements against their own interest; just last month they discussed how poorly Latinos are performing in school. That and the above would seem to be strong arguments against massive immigration from Latin America, yet what the NCLR wants would incentivize such immigration.

But, don't worry, the NCLR - speaking on behalf of all Hispanics - says they'll try to chip in:

We all use doctors and hospitals for care, so it’s right that everyone in the U.S. should contribute to a new health system. Latinos accept their responsibility, and if they have the opportunity, they will pay their fair share for the health coverage they need,” said NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguia.

The last seems to be related to one of the recent Democratic Party talking points in favor of comprehensive immigration reform: that those amnestied will become taxpayers. What they fail to note is that most Hispanics are low-wage earners and they won't be paying their "fair share". But - speaking on behalf of all Hispanics - Murguia assures us they'll try.

As for what they don't want:

NCLR cautions, however, that the positive impact of several reform proposals on the table may be undermined by additional measures that would severely restrict access to health coverage by mandating new, expensive verification and documentation procedures. “This debate should be about health care for all, and setting the nation on a pathway to future health and well-being. Adding layers of immigrant verification and bureaucratic red tape to a new health care system would guarantee that millions of citizen children are effectively barred from accessing preventive care and would raise the cost of health care,” Murguía noted.

“For this reason, we are extremely concerned that some view health reform as a way to scapegoat immigrants,” Murguía continued. “We agree that the immigration system needs to be fixed, but address that problem separately through immigration reform. The best way to reduce costs in our health care system is to ensure that people do not have to follow a long paper trail to get to the doctor and that everyone shares the costs of a new system. Making health care easier to use and accessible for all workers and children is simple common sense.”

The costs associated with giving UHC to illegal aliens most likely dwarfs the costs of that "red tape", but expect to only hear about the latter. And, the first paragraph is apparently an argument against mixed-status families; the numbers of such families have increased and will increase in the future thanks to those who support illegal immigration, such as the NCLR.

And, of course, the first part of the second paragraph is playing the race card, Howard Dean-style. The rest of the paragraph is like a lie a child would tell.


Janet Murguia's favorite word is 'community'. It's crazy how much she repeats that term of identity politics art.

Any UHI or Government Option proposal will be dead on arrival if it includes illegal aliens or does not have a fool proof eligibility verification reguirement. Furthermore for either proposal to work fiscally there most likely will be a requirement that all currently working yet uninsured will have to pay something into UHI. That includes the working poor. Also young people, who right out of HS and college owe their toe hold in the job market to the fact that they cost little in the way of health care and are willing to do without in order to catch a break. Core Obama voting groups, the working class and young people, will all of the sudden not be happy about covering illegals who avoid paying taxes or work for cash while taking their jobs. Any non-coastal marginally competitive house district Democratic will be putting their career on the line if they are unable reconcile the growing conflicts between unsustainable open borders insanity and maintaining a viable welfare state. Another show stopper issue is that any UHI proposal will have to include some sort of minimum deductible to ensure individuals do not abuse the system that no matter how progressive will require the use of a social security number matched against one's tax return. That is why the NCLR is scared. With any truly realistic UHI or Government Option legislation the first thing any voter with half a brain will ask is if the employer must verify the social security number for enrollment in UHI why doesn't the FEDERAL government run an e-verify employment check as well. I am a liberal Democrat and a realist. I seriously doubt the Hispanic Caucus will allow any practical meaningful UHI or Government Option legislation to be proposed that has a remote chance of passing. That is why I have been against the corrupt nit-wit "Cheap Vote" open borders strategy of the Wash DC DNC leadership.

La Raza is a leftist racial supremacy and advocacy organization, it has nothing to do with US citizenship or nationality, the fact they advocate expensive benefits for foreign invaders is evidence of their racism, to "them" skincolor is everything. "La Raza" has a diabetes rate 200-600% higher than the "La Raza Blanco" depending on which "raza" subset the member is from, diabetes consumes 70% of all healthcare costs. I can see why "the race" wants Socialized medicine-they can dump their high health costs on the "otra Razas"-at least as long as there is "otra razas" with better health. If we had 40 million African illegal aliens and no "blanco raza" to raid for healthcare tax revenue "la Raza" wouldn't be too keen on universal socialized medicine for anybody present, in fact "La Raza" would likely restrict aliens from entry and employment as they do in most nations controlled by "La Raza".

Yeah Janet, just line em up at the border and we'll hand them a "free" card for everything ! Morons.

It's all over when the money disappears one billion third world people will take vengeance on this people who must be stupid the evil hoax being played on Americans is going to end in one way the big D. Mary is right read what Mary is telling you.

smitty is right but down this evil road we will see not 40 million but 500 million from all over this world and all will be looking for the handed outs from africa and all areas of this world the end game is total subjugation of freedom and justice and duty to each other and that is the Red way to hell.