Does Janet Murguia of NCLR oppose apprehending criminal illegal aliens? (calls those raids "un-American")

That's the impression I'm getting from this:

"For far too long, we have allowed a can’t-do minority to block progress and manipulate this issue to tear our country apart, but the urgency for reform is clear: economically, practically, and morally,” said NCLR president Janet Murguia. "Policies that call for SWAT-like teams to pluck people out of their beds in the middle of the night, lead to racial profiling, separate families, exploit workers, and ignore due process are shamefully un-American."

I read the last bit as independent statements: she's opposed to each of those individually. For instance, "SWAT-like teams" and "exploit[ing] workers" have nothing in common, strongly implying that she's opposed to the SWAT part independent of the rest.

So, that means she's opposed to things like this, this, and this or apprehending the people on this list: Either that, or she's living in a fantasy world where people like that can be arrested without "SWAT-like teams". Is there any form of immigration law enforcement that Murguia and the National Council of La Raza would not try to monkeywrench?


_our country_ What fucking weirdo. Talking about "our country" in the same breath as she supports basically handing it over to a horde of illegals. Does that make sense? I mean, if it really is "our country", and we allow every illegal to have (eventually) citzenship -- she's lobbying for nothing less -- then if you get enough of them over time...whose country is it then? It's anyone's, it's everyone's. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Unless if she means by "our"...Hispanics? Since most illegals are Hispanic. No, that couldn't be.

'Is there any form of immigration law enforcement that Murguia and the National Council of La Raza would not try to monkeywrench?' I follow this issue very closely and am still waiting for a single example. Same for MALDEF. Why would they? And Mark Potok just called them 'a thoroughly mainstream human rights organization' to the guffaws of anyone who pays attention and hasn't drunk his Kool Aid.

Murguia just popped up on the latest episode of this PBS show. Take a guest what her position was? Population Growth & Feminism: A historical look at the connection between the women's movement and a movement to suppress U.S. population growth. Why would anyone even listen to groups who are so biased on immigration and population? Yet they are the ones who get immigration bills written to their approval. Based upon their track records, we can be assured that any CIR bill will designed to fool but built to fail. CIR push polling includes things like 'pay back taxes' which isn't even in the legislation and is absurd on its face. But they throw it into their poll anyway just because it polls well. Lonewacko nails them on 'require to learn English'. Can you imagine the reaction of the anti-immigration law groups if the government actually tried to deport anyone based upon a flunked English test? 'Learn English' is as bad faith as it gets and everyone pushing CIR knows it's a huge joke but one they want you, the suckers, to fall for.

La Raza means the race do you need to know more? janet murguia is just doing her thing for her people. the reason why the la raza pigs are fighting for its so called people is the future of the mexican oligarchs inside this nation and the new lands to be taken from you.