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Trump's Gettysburg Address: stock GOP plans plus unrealistic immigration plans - 10/22/16

Earlier today, Donald Trump spoke in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and described what he'd do in his first 100 days as president. Obviously, he's not going to be president so it doesn't matter, but what he said shows just how flawed a candidate he is and how great a disservice his supporters have done to the U.S. by enabling him rather than demanding better.

Trump's Alt Right trolls viciously attack those too incompetent to stop Trump - 10/21/16

Donald Trump has a fair number of supporters from the "Alt Right": white nationalists who don't hide what they support. They tend to be nasty people who can't make valid arguments but instead rely on iconography, memes, and so on.

RealClearPolitics falls for hoax video (Trump Car Destroyed; Tim Hains; Joey Salads) - 10/19/16

On October 17, Tim Hains of RealClearPolitics posted "YouTuber Test: Car With Trump Stickers Looted, Destroyed By Black Youth" [1] featuring a video purporting to show five black youths smashing the windows of a car that had been supposedly parked in a black neighborhood. The video later turned out to be a complete hoax, featuring actors smashing the windows.

Incompetent Kellyanne Conway relies on ObamaCare collapsing to save Donald Trump - 10/17/16

How incompetent is Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager? To answer that question, all you have to do is look at the current state of the election. Despite all his many personal failings, Trump should be ahead by 10 or 20 points. All he had to do was use Hillary Clinton's extraordinary vulnerabilities on immigration - such as her support for the anti-American DREAM Act - against her. Instead, Trump has decided to engage in meaningless personality issues.

Donald Trump needs to concentrate on immigration, not personal issues - 10/10/16

After the release of the Entertainment Tonight tape, Donald Trump has decided to go full-on Breitbart News, concentrating on Hillary Clinton's and Bill Clinton's personal issues and various scandals/"scandals" rather than things that are actually importan

Mike Pence lied about Donald Trump's "Mexicans" comment - 10/04/16

At tonight's VP debate, Donald Trump's VP Mike Pence lied about Trump's "Mexican" comments that kicked off his campaign. Trump kicked off his campaign by saying among other things "and some, I assume, are good people". That implies that the rest aren't. Since "some" is the opposite of "most", Trump was saying that most Mexican illegal aliens aren't "good people".

Incompetent Donald Trump data points: Miss Universe 1996 and Monica Lewinsky - 09/30/16

Here are yet two more examples of Donald Trump's gross incompetence:

Loose borders libertarian Trump advisor Stephen Moore is trying to weaken him on free trade - 09/07/16

Last month, Donald Trump released lists of the members of his Economic Advisory Council. (He did it in two rounds, and therein lies yet another tale about Trump's incompetence.)

Incompetent Donald Trump data point: binders full of female advisors - 09/07/16

Here's yet another in the long line of examples of Donald Trump's incompetence in the political arena.

Incompetent Donald Trump data point: USA Freedom Kids are suing him - 09/07/16

Remember the "USA Freedom Kids", the trio of little girls who gave a cute-but-creepy serenade to Donald Trump before one of his Florida rallies? In yet another example of just how incompetent Trump is in the political arena, they're now suing him [1]: Jeff Popick, the group's manager and the father of one of the girls, told CNN the Trump campaign did not give him and the girls their due.

Trump spox Katrina Pierson: "immigration is not showing to be a top priority"; Trump still for mass legalization - 09/06/16

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was recently interviewed on CNN by Alisyn Camerota and said among other things that "immigration is not showing to be a top priority for Americans in this election cycle".

Donald Trump's big immigration speech - 08/31/16

Donald Trump plans on giving a big immigration speech today, and this text will be replaced with a discussion of all the ways his plans would fail when a transcript is available.

What Donald Trump should say in his immigration speech - 08/29/16

On Wednesday August 31, 2016, Donald Trump promises to give a speech that finally solidifies out his ever-shifting immigration position. Here's the speech he should give. I'll compare this to the actual speech once it's available:

"Presidential" Donald Trump: 49 seconds offloading Play Doh to Louisiana flood victims - 08/19/16

The video below shows Donald Trump pretending to act presidential by offloading a shipment of PlayDoh for Louisiana flood victims (link):

Breitbart News chief will now run Donald Trump's campaign - 08/17/16

Donald Trump has shaken up his campaign again, naming the head of Breitbart News to run his campaign [1]:

Donald Trump gets closer to a smart immigration screening plan - 08/15/16

Earlier today, Donald Trump gave a speech about radical Islamic terrorism in which he proposed yet another version of his Muslims ban. A PDF of the speech is [1] and the text of the immigration-related portions is at [2].

Drudge & Trump fans are too incompetent & nuts to hold the media accountable - 08/12/16

The attached image is from today's Drudge Report (Matt Drudge), showing a Donald Trump supporter giving the finger to Noah Gray of CNN. On the video at [1], the protester says "Go home! You are a traitor! I am an American Patriot!"

Trump lets down Mike Bloomberg, Bill de Blasio opponents - 07/29/16

As discussed in detail on the Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio pages, both the current and former mayor of New York City are strong supporters of massive and illegal immigration. Both push bad policies using deception, and both are extremely vulnerable to smart arguments.

Donald Trump chooses pro-amnesty Mike Pence as VP - 07/14/16

Donald Trump has selected governor Mike Pence of Indiana as his vice presidential running mate.

Donald Trump flubs question about anti-American DREAM Act - 07/04/16

Back on February 15, 2016, Donald Trump had yet another opportunity to do something that would help the U.S. As he tends to do when given two options, Trump chose instead the dumber option that didn't do anything to help the U.S.

Donald Trump's poor decision making ability: he now uses smart approach he called "stupid" - 07/02/16

Donald Trump has illustrated that he's great at getting free publicity and making money. However, when it comes to making political decisions, Trump has shown he's incompetent. He's been forced into a smart course of action that he initially called "stupid", but not before his bad decisions have not only hurt his campaign, but have not helped the U.S. as he could have done.

Donald Trump's anti-terrorism speech: a new, just as dumb ban and more - 06/13/16

[UPDATES BELOW] Donald Trump has released a rambling anti-terrorism speech [1]. A few points so far based on these parts: We have an incompetent administration, and if I am not elected President, that will not change over the next four years -- but it must change, and it must change now...

Five smart ways Donald Trump could undercut Elizabeth Warren - 06/11/16

As previously discussed, Elizabeth Warren's shrill, content-free attacks on Donald Trump mostly just help him. Since helping himself is all Trump cares about, don't expect him to do any more than he does already. However, if Trump ever decides to put the USA first, here are five smart ways he could undercut Warren to her base and others.

Attention Trump leaners: shrill, pro-illegal immigration elitist Liz Warren really doesn't like Donald Trump - 06/10/16

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has launched into a series of personal attacks against Donald Trump, doing it in a way that will only help him. It might solidify the Democratic Party base against Trump a little bit, but it's not like they needed more reasons to vote against him.

Donald Trump's first Congressional endorsement: pro-amnesty Renee Ellmers - 06/04/16

Donald Trump has issued his first Congressional endorsement: to Renee Ellmers of North Carolina. The Trump robocall endorsing her - from Ellmer's Youtube channel - is below. Ellmers is a supporter of what Trump supporters would call "amnesty". From a 2014 Ellmers OpEd [1]:

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson vs things called "La Raza" - 06/01/16

For at least five years, the National Council of La Raza page at this site has included this at the end of the summary:

Donald Trump's Ebola plan helped Obama continue his agenda - 05/24/16

At the height of the Ebola crisis in 2014, the elites were very keen on not putting significant travel restrictions in place. Instead, the most that happened was that inbound travelers who might have been infected were given cursory examinations at U.S. airports. Obama and other leaders implemented that policy, but it was clear that the whole establishment didn't want significant travel restrictions.

Donald Trump to terrorists: terrorism works - 05/22/16

Donald Trump has said a lot of crazy things and proposed crazy policies that show he isn't qualified to be president. This tweet [1] is yet another example: The American people are sick and tired of not being able to lead normal lives and to constantly be on the lookout for terror and terrorists! First, as with many of the other things Trump says, that's not accurate: few Americans are cowering in fear as he describes.

How Donald Trump's remittances plan would fail too - 05/04/16

Every Donald Trump plan to reduce massive and illegal immigration would fail miserably. See that link for the details on how his Muslims ban won't work and his mass deportation plan won't work. (The Trump Wall will also fail for the same reasons).

Charlie Sykes' very weak Donald Trump interview (Wisconsin) - 03/28/16

One of the reasons why Donald Trump is currently doing so well is because his opposition is incompetent. Trump is a highly flawed candidate and if his opposition were competent Trump would be back on reality TV.

Donald Trump is too weak to undercut BLM, MoveOn, and the anti-speech far-left - 03/14/16

The latest way Donald Trump is letting down the U.S. is his very weak response to the protests that disrupt his events. If Trump were a stronger candidate, he could use those protests to undercut noxious far-left groups and by so doing he'd reduce the future disruptions at his events. The disruptive protests might cause more people to vote for Trump, and clearly that's more important to him than greatly helping the U.S. by undercutting noxious groups.

How to protest Donald Trump effectively - 03/10/16

Dear potential Donald Trump protester: I understand you want to protest Donald Trump and shout your disagreements with him to the world. However, the methods past protesters have used against him aren't very effective. No matter how many protesters he gets at his rallies, he keeps getting more and more popular. Why repeat the same failed methods, expecting a different result?

Donald Trump and skilled immigration (H-1B visas, green cards) - 03/04/16

On skilled immigration, Donald Trump - at least at this moment in time - appears to support two somewhat separate positions, both of which are problematic:

Donald Trump would deport all illegal aliens, then let most come right back - 02/26/16

At the February 25, 2016 debate, Donald Trump clarified that he supports what's called "touchback". Under touchback, illegal aliens leave the U.S. and then are allowed to come right back, legally. It's like waving a magic wand: someone could be here illegally one day, and then some period later they'd be transformed into a legal resident.

Charles C. W. Cooke wants a "Manhattan Project" to stop Donald Trump - 02/25/16

Charles CW Cooke of National Review says he wants a "Manhattan Project" to stop Donald Trump [1]. The original Manhattan Project involved very smart, dedicated people who put their pride and other personal interests aside to achieve their goal.

A reply from a Donald Trump supporter - 02/18/16

Donald Trump supporters are special people, as a reply to one of my comments illustrates. In comments at [1], I wrote in reply to someone else's comment: How exactly would Trump "protect Christianity in this country in a way that hasn't been done in decades" when as President (!) he'd have very little power? The Dems would try to obstruct everything he does and it's not like the GOP and most Republicans in Congress are going to risk their careers lining up behind him.

"Donald Trump isn't a Real Conservative" - 01/09/16

One of the talking points used against Donald Trump is that he isn't a "Real Conservative"; examples at [1]. That talking point might be counter-productive and it exposes yet again that being a "real conservative" isn't actually all that popular.

Donald Trump could stop Obama's immigration agenda right now. Why won't he? - 12/16/15

As previously discussed, by proposing unrealistic plans, Donald Trump is helping Obama continue his immigration agenda. See that link for the details. It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, Donald Trump could help stop Obama's immigration agenda right now if he wanted. So, why doesn't he?

Donald Trump's plan to keep Muslims out of U.S. is dangerously unrealistic - 12/08/15

Donald Trump recently proposed keeping all Muslims out of the U.S., at least temporarily [1]: (New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, -- Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on... There are various problems with that plan but I'll only discuss the aspects relating to how realistic his plan is and what that says about him and his supporters.

Could Donald Trump deport 12 million illegal aliens? - 11/11/15

The short answer is no, Donald Trump won't be able to deport 12 million illegal aliens. That, of course, assumes Trump is nominated and elected, and both of those aren't very likely. It is very likely that Trump knows he wouldn't be able to deport millions of illegal aliens, he's simply playing to his base.