Questions for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) about Trump

The National Border Patrol Council ("NBPC") - a union representing Border Patrol agents - has endorsed Donald Trump.

The NBPC says that Trump is the only candidate that would fully enforce our immigration laws.

I say Trump is a charlatan who's deceived tens of millions with bogus, unrealistic plans. Those plans would never work. Because of Trump's demonstrated incompetence, his fundamental ignorance and weakness on the issue, and his habit of doing whatever the last person he spoke with wants, he'd end up doing basically the same thing that Hillary Clinton would do. Yes, Hillary might legalize more illegal aliens faster, but both would try to legalize millions of illegal aliens.

Who's right? To help find out, here are some questions for the NBPC:

1. Is Trump Wall a realistic plan? Obviously, it would be very strongly opposed by the entire establishment and their helpers. All Democratic Party leaders would strongly oppose it, many or most GOP leaders would strongly oppose it, business groups like US Chamber, religious groups, and so on would all strongly oppose it. So too would litigious groups like the American Civil Liberties Union. None of those groups are powerless and Trump couldn't strike deals with most of them. Wouldn't the ACLU do to Trump Wall what they've done in other cases: tie it up in court? Please explain how Trump Wall could succeed when most of Congress strongly opposed it and it was subject to lawsuit after lawsuit. Is there some magical way it would succeed?

2. What do you think Trump's "deportations force" involves? Isn't it basically what Barack Obama is doing now, tarted up so Trump supporters can understand it?

3. Was Trump's Muslims ban a realistic plan that helped the USA? Please list all those national politicians that signed on to it.

4. If Trump had just called for more stringent screening of refugees from the start, would that plan have gotten more support from national politicians? Couldn't Trump have used their non-support against those national politicians who didn't support more screening?

5. How did Trump's Ebola plan end up working out? Did that ever get any support from those who could make it happen, or was he able to use non-support against those who didn't support it?

6. As those sworn to protect the USA, don't you have a duty to demand the best from politicians rather than enabling those who promote completely unrealistic plans that fool tens of millions of your fellow citizens?