John Hinderaker's childlike view of immigration issues

Discussing Jeff Sessions - Donald Trump's choice for Attorney General - John Hinderaker of Powerline declares [1]:

I have been saying for a long time that, while our current legal immigration system poses intractable problems, illegal immigration is relatively easy to solve: we only need to enforce our existing laws... If the executive branch finally carries out its duty to enforce the immigration laws against employers by sending a few farmers, owners of roofing companies, executives of meat packing plants and hotel managers to prison, the job market for illegal aliens will rapidly disappear. The vast majority will then self-deport, to use Mitt Romney's perfectly appropriate phrase...

That sounds so simple: just enforce the laws. Who could object to that? Well, obviously, some people do since it hasn't really happened. As reality shows, those who don't really want to enforce the laws tend to win out over those who think them saying "just enforce the laws" is enough to make it happen.

In the current situation, Trump would have to want to enforce the immigration laws. Based on what he's said so far, that's not entirely clear. Looking sincere to those in the Breitbart News/Powerline audience and actually being sincere aren't the same. Trump won't even oppose the anti-American DREAM Act.

Assuming without much evidence that Trump is sincere about immigration, there are still huge hurdles to overcome. For instance, several years ago WalMart was embroiled in a criminal suit over hiring illegal aliens. They ended up getting off with a slap on the wrist. Tyson Foods was charged with transporting illegal aliens but acquitted. Perp walking those with power who violate our immigration laws turns out to be very difficult because they know people and they fund members of Congress.

If Trump tries to "just enforce the laws", he'll run up against the most powerful people in the U.S. On one side would be the entire elites and their helpers: the Democratic Party leadership, the GOP leadership, the US Chamber of Commerce, big banks, the Federal Reserve, etc. etc.

On the other side would be those who leave comments at Breitbart, those like John Hinderaker who think it's enough to just say "just enforce the laws", etc. etc.

Those aren't good odds.

This problem could be easily solved, if the loudest opponents to illegal immigration weren't who they are. If they were smart and rational and decided to help with smart, rational, pro-American, big tent plans then the problem could be solved easily. They aren't.

[1] powerlineblog . com/archives/2016/11/