Jeopardy digs at Trump, asks "Who pays for the Wall?"

The TV show Jeopardy decided to get cute about politics: in a category asking the contestants to decipher sentences in Spanish, one of the answers was "Who pays for the Wall?" That's a reference to Trump Wall, a plan from Donald Trump. I sent the following email (links added):

Your cutesy question about Trump Wall is in line with the current state of politics, but it's not funny when you realize the stakes involved.

Illegal immigration is a multi-billion dollar "industry" with plenty of bad people taking a cut: transnational criminal gangs, the Federal Reserve and big banks (who take a cut of the billions illegal aliens send home), crooked growers (who get labor that's cheap to them and then pass the costs on to the rest of us), crooked politicians (who get donations from crooked businesses and banks and in exchange look the other way), and on and on.

Not to mention the hundreds of people who've died trying to cross the border because they knew that people like those in the entertainment industry would hire them as nannies.

Is Trump Wall the solution? No, it's an idiotic plan like all of his other plans. Yet, 10s of millions of his followers don't know that. They don't know that, if he's elected, his Wall will be blocked immediately by Congress and the courts and that the American Civil Liberties Union and others will do to it what they did to SB1070 (i.e., tie it up in the courts for six years and gut it).

I've got a great sense of humor, or at least I think so. But, I don't think a charlatan fooling tens of millions of people about a life-or-death issue involving transnational corruption is a laughing matter.

In case there's anything in there new to you, start at the links above. What Trump should do is push a "smart wall", but he's just not capable of doing that.

Maybe after the election we can back off a charlatan tricking tens of millions of people by offering a completely unrealistic plan that wouldn't solve the problem anyway.