Does Donald Trump vindicate Pat Buchanan?

Pat Buchanan seems to think that Donald Trump vindicates his positions; see "Pat Buchanan 'Delighted to Be Proven Right' by 2016 Election" [1].

I left the following comment. This is a comment so it's not in the same format as a normal post here:

Buchanan's big problem, and one of his big differences with Trump, is Buchanan is a conservative while Trump isn't. Buchanan pushing conservative econ ideas conflicts with the rest of his platform and is one of the reasons why he never took off. I believe Sam Francis advised him to ditch the conservative shtick and just concentrate on the American parts, and Buchanan refused.

Trump was willing to buck the GOP on econ issues, so that's a good thing that he could use to reach out to many. However, another big difference comes into play: Buchanan is smart and can argue while Trump is an idiot who can only smear. (Under the influence of Kellyanne Conway and probably others like Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, Trump has since moved into a stock GOP stance; Trump's Gettysburg Address is the one Rick Perry wishes he could have given.)

One thing Buchanan and Trump have in common in great magnitude: they surf on idiots rather than being real leaders and channeling their supporters into doing smart things. If Buchanan had smarter fans and had educated them in what to do and what not to do, they could have kept him on MSNBC or at least made them pay. Instead, because Buchanan fans are as much deranged idiots and Trump fans, they only help him personally. They aren't capable of helping him in ways that would also help the USA.

For someone who's smart, sane, and patriotic with the same general concepts as Trump, see Marine Le Pen.

[1] nymag . com/vindicated/2016/11/