Obama's first 100 days: immigration, stimulus plan, Cabinet nominees, and more

The past wondrous 100 days of the Barack Obama administration kicked off on a high note, as the benediction at his inauguration implied that all white people are racists and all non-whites are oppressed. That was just offensive; most of what's followed has serious to very serious long-term consequences.

His nominations for various posts are covered in the Obama cabinet entries. See especially Janet Napolitano, Cecilia Munoz, Hilda Solis, Ron Kirk, Harold Koh, Tom Vilsack, and Thomas Perez.

On other issues related to immigration, see Obama immigration, immigration census, and eVerify.

For other issues, see stimulus plan, Fairness Doctrine, faith based and neighborhood partnerships, Obama citizenship, civilian national security force, and question authority for related posts. See Center for American Progress and George Soros for Obama affiliates. See whitehouse dot gov and google corporate for tech- and question-related posts.

While Obama was involved in the above, his opponents were even more incompetent than ever. Practically the entire opposition to Obama is one small step up from a bad segment on the Sean Hannity show. The GOP is almost completely unable to provide a credible alternative to Obama, and is completely unable to attack their opponents in an effective way. Those at the fringes of the GOP and beyond conducted tea parties, something that will help Obama by keeping his more activist opponents busy with a worthless campaign that does not have broad-based support.

Additional highlights are below:

Jan 20
Whitehouse.gov gets facelift, blog, deletes old content

Whitehouse.gov omits Blagojevich link from Michael Strautmanis biography

Obama will become less popular, and we need to be prepared

Jan 22
Obama transition met with CHIRLA (group allegedly linked to Mexican government)

Jan 25
DHS Deputy Secretary was top United Nations official (Jane Holl Lute)

Jan 26
Can illegal aliens get jobs or benefits under the Stimulus Bill?

Stimulus bill: billions for "nonprofit entities" like ACORN?

Jan 27
Obama's doublespeak on a "Full and Free Exchange of Ideas" in the media (not the Fairness Doctrine)

The Wit and Wisdom of Barack Obama: a video compilation

Feb 2
Assignment: document Obama, FEMA, MSM response to ice storms in Kentucky

Feb 6
Barack Obama as you've never heard him before (NSFW)

Feb 19
Obama thanks Canadians "who came over the border to campaign for me during the election"

Feb 23
"How Obama Got Elected": documentary about Sarah Palin and media malpractice

Feb 26
Janet Napolitano orders review of first immigration raid under Obama; bye bye raids

Mar 2
Customs and Border Protection chief of staff is dual citizen (Marco Antonio Lopez)

Mar 6
Give like Michelle Obama: toy helicopters like ones given to Gordon Brown available for $4.11

Mar 19
Obama get $500,000 children's book deal just before taking office

Mar 20
Sat. 3/21/09: Obama organizing petition signing drives for his stimulus plan (door-to-door, at malls, etc.)

Mar 27
Some questioners at Obama town hall were plants (SEIU, donors, etc.)

Mar 28
Soros-funded Democratic immigration push might ditch business interests

Mar 29
John Trasvina of MALDEF named to Obama administration (HUD assistant secretary)

Mar 29
DHS halting immigration raids pending policy change; may "go after employers" instead

Mar 31
Immigration enforcement, Janet Napolitano style: illegal aliens given work permits, released

Apr 4
Is the TOTUS preparing for a coup d'etat?

Apr 6
U.S., Mexico form "working group" on immigration (safe, legal, etc.)

Apr 5
Dick Morris: Obama at G20 created a "global economic government"; Bloomberg: there's a "New World Order" ("Financial Stability Board" with broad powers)

Apr 8
Obama will bring back amnesty this fall (immigration "reform"). What you can do about it.

Apr 9
Rosa Brooks to Pentagon; CFR, Soros; her Darwinistic, anti-American immigration policy; journalism bailout

Apr 13
DHS concerned about violence by "rightwing extremists" including groups opposed to immigration

Apr 16
SPLC: DHS rightwing extremist report mentions them and "tracks" theirs "fairly closely" (Harry Smith; +two errors)

Apr 21
Janet Napolitano falsely says "crossing the border is not a crime" (+border fence, Arpaio)

Apr 22
America.gov promotes Canada-style multiculturalism (from a melting pot to a "patchwork of cultures")

UPDATE: Freudian slip: in a previous version I referred to the tea party protestors as Obama's "supporters"; I've changed that to what they think they are even if they're just wasting their time. I also added the CAP and Soros links.


Obama is a pig we all know this fact, but Obama has missed something Pakistan is about to fall into the hands of Bin Laden and with the fall of pakistan comes over 100 land base nukes and two nuke subs with 36 nukes that can take out many U.S., cities and murder about 20 to 80 milliom Americans. but what if Obama wants this mass murder maybe Obama thinks only whites will get beheaded by mulism Nukes?

I've linked to and quoted your post from White House • Obama\'s First 100 days [1]

[1] www.jeremiahfilms.com/released/WhiteHouse/100days/904271018

Check out this video on the actual stimulus plan - Obama doesn't get it!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D6JwVPsdtI