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setauket ny
Loyal supporter of Donald Trump! NYC born. Love cats- have 3 Lily, Charlie and Mariah and 1 parrot -Loki! #MAGA
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What's Miss Universe 1996 or Hillary's marriage have to do with you, Winkie? MT @winkiechance RT @mike_pence [Trump'll] be fighting for YOU
Fandom is inconsistent w/ American Constitution. MT @winkiechance RT @iamgavinjames: These Young #GOP & their dad slept outside to see Trump
.@winkiechance @GrodenBiker: @NumbersUSA refuses to use a smart, free plan that'd stop Obama's immigration agenda. They're just grifters.
.@winkiechance @paulbenedict7: Home Depot runs illegal alien hiring halls. Langone probably likes Trump's mass legalization plan. #Trump2016
.@winkiechance @magnifier661: FYI, Trump is too weak to undercut BLM & MoveOn: #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain