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Conservatives lack competence to stop the "Knockout Game" - 11/21/13

In the "Knockout Game", a victim is knocked unconscious in a surprise attack. Most or all of the perpetrators are blacks and usually working in a group; most or all of the victims have been non-blacks. Victims have included the political class such as Matt Yglesias and Rep Grace Meng.

Conservative leaders who support Marco Rubio's amnesty (Hannity, O'Reilly, Norquist, Cardenas, Krauthammer...) - 01/22/13

This post will maintain a list of those supposed conservative thought leaders (major pundits, media figures, organization heads, etc.) who support the form of comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) proposed by Marco Rubio.

Rick Perry's unworkable immigration idea: work visas for illegal aliens (John King, CNN, secure the border) - 11/04/11

Rick Perry appeared on CNN's John King show yesterday and supported an unworkable plan: giving work visas to the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.

Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity paid to promote FreedomWorks, AFP, Heritage (Koch, immigration) - 06/18/11

Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity are paid large amounts of money to promote groups like FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, and the Heritage Foundation.

Massey Energy "profoundly reckless" in mine disaster; Tea Party as useful idiots; Soros, U.S. Chamber - 05/22/11

In April 2010, an explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia claimed 40 lives. An independent investigation initiated by that state has found that the mine's operator - Massey Energy - was to blame for the tragedy and was "profoundly reckless" [1] [2].

There are also major political components to the tragedy:

1. Massey - led by their former CEO Don Blankenship - played a major role in West Virginia politics [3].

2. In September 2009, Massey sponsored the ""Friends of America Rally" which featured Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jr, and Sean Hannity. The site is no longer available, but an archive of their main page is here and a copy of the sponsors page here. While it only appears to have been referred to by that name and not a "Labor Day Tea Party" as some would have it [4], it was a tea party in all but name. This illustrates for about the millionth time that those in the tea parties movement are useful idiots: villains like Don Blankenship hide behind red white and blue banners in order to push a money-making agenda. See some of the responses here. The teaparty mind (such as it is) is unable and unwilling to realize that perhaps *both* the Nancy Pelosi types *and* the Don Blankenship types aren't on their side. Those like Blankenship are consistently able to pull the wool over their eyes, presenting themselves as the only thing standing between Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and WORLD COMMUNISM. Nuanced, balanced thinking is not an option for teapartiers. (If you're in the teaparty movement and the foregoing isn't clear, don't just engage in the Jump, Smear, and Lie technique like you want to do (or have been trained to do). Instead, control yourself and start at Glenn Beck encouraging his fans to donate to the illegal immigration-supporting U.S. Chamber of Commerce and then work your way up.)

4. Speaking of the US Chamber of Commerce, Blankenship formerly served on their board until either his term was up or he was pushed out for being a liability. And, unlike others, he's been disappeared from the Chamber's website [5].

5. Never fear: Massey Energy has been sold to Alpha Natural Resources, which might clean up their practices. Except - unbelievably - Alpha is retaining some Massey executives, including Massey's COO as the head of Alpha's main safety program [6]. And, on a note which may or may not be ironic, George Soros has or had a nearly $5 million stake in Alpha [7]. He increased his stake in Massey Energy to nearly $60 million in the second quarter of 2010 [8]; what if any stake he had in them before the tragedy isn't known. And, the report at [2] is from Pro Publica, a group funded in part by Soros.


[1] From this:

Massey Energy Co. (MEE) is to blame for the fatal explosion at its Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia last year, the deadliest U.S. mining disaster in 40 years, an investigator for the state said.

“A company that was a towering presence in the Appalachian coalfields operated its mines in a profoundly reckless manner, and 29 coal miners paid with their lives for the corporate risk- taking,” according to a report released today. “The company broke faith with its workers by frequently and knowingly violating the law and blatantly disregarding known safety practices.”

The report by former federal mine administrator J. Davitt McAteer, named in 2010 by West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin to examine the blast, is among three government investigations of the disaster. Federal and state mining agencies have yet to issue reports...

...McAteer’s investigation found that the disaster was man- made and preventable had Massey followed “basic, well-tested” safety procedures. The report cited failures to maintain a functioning ventilation system, comply with federal and state rock-dusting standards and properly maintain the safety features on mine machinery.

..."Our experts continue to study the UBB explosion and our goal is to find answers and technologies that ultimately make mining safer," [Massey General Counsel Shane Harvey] said in an e-mail...

[2] From ProPublica (link):

The report, which was commissioned by West Virginia's former governor, noted that 18 current and former executives invoked their Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination and refused to cooperate with investigators...

...“It is only in the context of a culture bent on production at the expense of safety that these obvious deviations from decades of known safety practices make sense,” the report said. It also noted that the company’s practices haven’t improved much—if at all—since the disaster occurred.

“More than a year after 29 men died in the Upper Big Branch mine, there is strong evidence that Massey has not changed the manner in which it operates its mines,” the report said.

[3] ibid:

Investigators said the coal giant had “used the leverage of jobs it provided to attempt to control West Virginia’s political system,” casting inspectors, regulators, and even politicians and community residents as enemies. According to the report, the company’s former CEO, Don Blankenship instilled fear in local politicians by spending “vast amounts of money to influence elections.”

[4] crooksandliars . com/karoli/
Mining that for facts is left as an exercise; note that I've been banned from Crooks and Liars.

[5] From July 14, 2010, workinprogress.firedoglake . com/2010/07/14/

As recently as June 29, Massey was listed as a member of the Chamber’s Board. But now, his name doesn’t appear on the list of current board members, and his specific profile page has been deleted from the website.

"June 29" is a link to Google's cache, and his former page is at The Chamber tells them that Blankenship had simply served three two-year terms, which they claim is the limit under their by-laws. That doesn't explain why they'd delete his profile page.

Note that his profile page now resolves to The page still exists and is for Mary Birch, who apparently used to serve on their board. Likewise with for James Berges. It appears that Blankenship has been sent down the memory hole.

[6] From this:

The miners' union blasted coal company Alpha Natural Resources (ANR.N) for giving senior management positions to executives of Massey Energy (MEE.N) when Alpha takes over the company blamed for the worst U.S. mine disaster in 40 years.

"The wisdom of putting these people into critical slots in Alpha must be called into serious question," United Mine Workers of America (UMW) International President Cecil Roberts said in a statement on Friday...

...[Roberts] singled out Chris Adkins, Massey's Chief Operating Officer, noting he was in charge when two miners died in a previous mine fire and that he had not testified at the Upper Big Branch investigation.

"Yet Chris Adkins is slated to be one of the people who Alpha said will 'spearhead the implementation,' of its safety program. That's frankly incomprehensible to me. Chris Adkins doesn't belong in Alpha's executive offices."

[7] From this:

Soros Fund Management LLC reported owning 82,800 Alpha shares, valued at about $4.9 million, as of March 31, up from 5,500 shares as of Dec. 31, 2010.

[8] From this:

Soros Fund Management LLC, which oversees $25 billion, purchased 1.7 million shares of Massey during the [second quarter of 2010], according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday. The New York-based fund’s position was valued at $59.4 million at the end of June.

Sean Hannity smeared by undercover FBI "agent provocateur" (Hal Turner, Max Blumenthal, Amanda Terkel) - 08/21/09

According to his lawyer, Hal Turner - a white supremacist, blogger, and some kind of radio host who's currently charged with making threats against public officials in two states - was an FBI-trained "agent provocateur" from 2002 to 2007 (link).

Amanda Terkel of ThinkProgress' despicable smear of Sean Hannity - 06/24/09

In a post about white supremacist radio host Hal Turner being arrested by the FBI earlier today for making threats against judges, Amanda Terkel of ThinkProgress (run by the Center for American Progress) says (

As the Nation has pointed out, Turner has ties to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. In fact, Hannity has “offered his top-rated radio show as a regular forum for Turner’s occasionally racist, always over-the-top rants.” Hannity would also reportedly offer Turner “encouragement” to overcome his cocaine habit and “homosexual leanings.”

Bolding added. For the truth about this matter, see this March 2008 post. Note also that both uses of "has" above (especially the second) falsely imply a current and continuing relationship. The "reportedly" bit is based on uncorroborated statements by Turner himself. Even a hack like Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post has provided some sort of a clarification on his post, pointing out that Hannity's radio producer has noted a series of holes in Turner's account (choose "HuffPost's picks" on the comments popup at and do a find for PhilBoyceWABC). Note also that the original report on this was from Max Blumenthal, not exactly a credible source. Even some readers of the Nation point out how bad Blumenthal's report was (

UPDATE: Terkel has posted an update:

In 2008, Hannity tried to claim that he had never heard of Turner, but eventually said that he had "banned" him from his show 10 years ago.

That links to [1]. Perhaps Terkel could explain why the body of her post still falsely implies a continuing relationship.


Sleazy Jason Linkins smears Sean Hannity (Max Blumenthal) - 03/23/08

How sleazy is Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post? Sleazy enough to post this smear of Sean Hannity, linking him to white supremacist radio host Hal Turner. The latter apparently used to call in to Hannity's radio program; he claims he and Hannity were friends until Hannity's Program Director told him no more call-ins. Yet, if you do a find for the comment from PhilBoyceWABC on the HuffPost link you'll see that Turner's account of their friendship is more than a bit questionable.

Barack Obama and Reverend James Meeks (so far not another Jeremiah Wright) - 03/19/08

Sean Hannity is digging up dirt on yet another radical preacher linked to Barack Obama. This time it's Reverend James Meeks of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, whose day job is as an Illinois state senator. However, this time around the links are a bit more tenuous than in the case of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Here's Rev. Meeks:

He's also "the executive vice president of Jesse Jackson Sr.'s National Rainbow-Push Coalition" (link). That page says he's one of his religious advisors, but he's not listed on this document supposedly listing those advisors from December 2007. On the other hand, the 2006 book The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People by the unvetted author Cathleen Falsani says (link):

Another person Obama seeks out for spiritual counsel is Illinois State Senator James Meeks, who is also the pastor of Chicago's Salem Baptist Church and heir apparent to the helm of the Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. The day after Obama won the primary in March 2004, he stopped by Salem for Wednesday-night Bible study. "I know that he's a person of prayer," Meeks says. "The night after the election, he was the hottest thing going from Galesburg to Rockford. He did all the TV shows, and all the morning news, but his last stop at night was for church. He came by to say thank you, and he came by for prayer."

Meeks and several others were listed in December 2007's "African American Illinois Legislators Unanimously Endorse Barack Obama" (link). And, this says that while "Meeks was never very close to Obama, last month he was elected as a delegate pledged to Obama". More related to that and Meek quotes here. In 2005 news, apparently Meeks was pulled over by a cop and then tried to pull rank on him (link).

Note also that the video above was posted three days ago by the user 023chitown, who last logged in at that time and who only watched one video. In other words, 023chitown appears to have only signed up (at least under that name) to post that video.

This (from David Ehrenstein) says:

In 2004, during his U.S. Senate run, Obama campaigned at Chicago's Salem Baptist Church, whose leader, Rev. James Meeks, called same-sexuality "an evil sickness."

While there appear to be some links, unless something else surfaces they don't appear to be on the same level as the Wright issue.

WFMOJALI: Kyrsten Sinema (Minutemen as "domestic terrorists") - 01/19/07

Welcome to yet another premiere, this time of the new WFMOJALI feature. Those initials stand for "Working For Mexico, Or Just Acts Like It?" On the one hand I don't think it's that likely that those to be featured are actually being paid by that government. But, on the other hand, it's difficult to tell the difference between their actions and those that an actual Mexican agent would perform.

Let's kick it off with Arizona state representative Kyrsten Sinema, a member of the Democratic Party and a former Green. Back in 2005 she was part of an ACLU of Arizona team which were "monitoring" the Minuteman Project, during which she tried to claim that Sean Hannity - there for a photo op - was an illegal alien because he'd stepped over the border. He'd actually stepped into a yard-wide buffer zone.

Apparently not forgiving or forgetting the ACLU being shown to be the illegal immigration-supporting fools that they are, she's now back with HB 2286. It would define "domestic terrorism" like so:


In Arizona you can openly carry weapons, and that description would fit not only some Minuteman Project volunteers, but perhaps even security companies, neighborhood watches, and even ranchers. There's probably an excellent chance it would be declared unconstitional.

And, Sinema is also working with David Lujan and Steve Gallardo to try to clarify Arizona's new anti-smuggling law. Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has been arresting and trying to prosecute illegal aliens for smuggling themselves into the U.S. under that law. The sponsor of the original law, Rep. Jonathan Paton, says it was meant to be applied just to the smugglers. However, his original intent is probably not the major consideration in Sinema's, and Lujan's, and Gallardo's effort.

UPDATE: Sinema responds to the broadness of her proposal here:

"Block watches are neighborhood groups that coordinate on a regular basis with law enforcement officials in their state... But we don't have block-watch people who strap on their weapons, put a flag in their hat, and then go and sit on the street who is going to shoot the person who is going to jaywalk."

And, of course, you don't have Minuteman Project volunteers who do that either. If they had, rest assured that illegal immigration supporters would have never let us forget it. If they did, that's why we have other laws.

Alan Colmes, immigration lightweight - 12/06/06

The "Immigration Watchdog" appeared on Hannity & Colmes tonight to discuss reconquista matters. He needs to learn to filibuster a bit better, because liberal lightweight Alan Colmes was able to keep interrupting him and at the end mocked him over his mention of the North American Union.

Today's scary Sean Hannity picture - 11/12/05

kim kommando drudge handel hannity

Sure, Kim Kommando is a real kutie, but what's she doing with Bill Handel (KFI-AM), Sean Hannity (RNC-FM), and Matt Drudge (cyberspace)?