HotAir readers: Ed Morrissey isn't capable of blocking amnesty, but we are

Dear readers of HotAir:

We disagree on many topics, but many of you agree with me on reducing illegal immigration and blocking amnesty.

Ed Morrissey isn't on our side of that issue. Just a few days ago, Morrissey waved the white flag. Just today, Morrissey offers "Time to cut a deal on immigration" ( ) in which he completely, absolutely folds on amnesty.

Morrissey has no clue (or pretends to have no clue) about how to block amnesty and reduce illegal immigration, but the same isn't true of this site.

It's actually very easy to do both, if I could get your help.

In fact, for years now I've been promoting highly effective ways to block amnesty and reduce illegal immigration. See that link for the details, and help out.

Would you like a tangible example?

OK, see these questions I asked some illegal immigration supporters on Twitter ("DACA" is Obama's amnesty; background on the question at that link). If several other people picked up the ball and asked those supporters the same question, they would at least feel some heat. One or more might be forced to admit that their support for illegal immigration harms their fellow citizens.

Whatever the level of impact, several other people pressuring those supporters would have an impact on what they do. And, because of the multiplier effect, that would have an impact on what those who read them think. Those people are what we call "intermediaries": those who carry the water for those who seek to profit from illegal immigration and amnesty. See that link for a longer discussion of how and why to pressure and discredit intermediaries.

For another similar example, see these questions I asked a contributor to The Atlantic. If other people had chimed in, she would have been less willing to continually evade my questioning.

Those are just two instances of what this site does, day in and day out. In fact, we've been doing it for over a decade (see the Topics page for an overview of our 9000+ posts).

I'm not asking you to turn on Morrissey or other rightwing bloggers and pundits, and I'm not asking you to support me 100%. I'm just asking you to work with me to block amnesty and minimize illegal immigration: the area where we agree.

Ed Morrissey doesn't know how to block amnesty, but we do. Help us and help yourself in turn.