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We Are America Alliance

Their website is weareamericaalliance.org, which redirects to cccaction.org/cccaction/waaa_home_page.html

A partial list of their members is here.

The National Council of La Raza has also joined. [1]

Immigrant Supporters To Counter Bush Speech says that the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) as well as unnamed "Catholic churches" are also members of WAAA. That article also compares WAAA to more militant groups such as the March 25 Coalition.

There is also a group known as Somos America, which may or may not be the same organization (see SEIU Local 2028 document).

Forum to address impound law (tangential link to Mexican government)

Last modified Feb 17, 2011
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Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 08/15/08

... They're also a member of the We Are America Alliance with several other groups. Appeared at a press conference with other groups (Fearing Backlash, Some Immigration Activists Aren't Backing Boycott). 6. The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform is partly funded by the Irish government.

New York Times' worst immigration editorial ever: "They Are America" - 02/18/07

... Chicago, New York and other cities. We Are America Alliance their banners cried. The crowds, determined but peaceful, swelled into an immense sea. The nation was momentarily stunned. 1. Many or most of those marching weren't "immigrants", they were foreign citizens who were here illegally, aka illegal aliens. And, all the marchers were marching in support of illegal immigration. 2. Those banners...

Los Angeles Protest for Immigrant Rights - 09/28/06

... have been a reference to the We Are America Alliance instead), Proyecto Latino USA and the March 25 Coalition. Note there was also a September 4 Los Angeles March which occured in Wilmington. Who exactly organized which march is not clear. ..."Immigrants made this country and many of us have had the opportunity to work and get citizenship or are born citizens. We have to give others the chance...

Gil Cedillo, "immigrants" to stage "civil disobedience" at LAX - 09/28/06

... the union "UNITE HERE" and the We Are America Alliance. An article discussing the event also includes this: "They have elevated the issue to beyond just a group of workers in this single hotel to a broader issue of immigrant workers and the challenges facing immigrant low wages," said Kent Wong, director of UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education. The link has more about him, and what those...

Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 09/01/06

... They're also a member of the We Are America alliance with several other groups. [12] [13] [14]. They are also in the National Capital Immigration Coalition with the ICIRR, also a member of the WAAA. 5. The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) is partly funded by the Irish government. It's unknown whether they've helped organize any of the larger immigration marches, but in addition to minor...