CARECEN (Central American Resource Center)

The "Central American Resource Center", which apparently has various chapters in Los Angeles, DC, and other cities. The L.A. location might be their main headquarters, but the exact structure isn't clear.

Executive director of the Los Angeles branch is Angela Sambrano:

Executive director of the DC branch is Saul Solorzano ( link):

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March 25 Coalition Statement - 10/30/07

From the March 25 Coalition PDF dated [[April 4, 2006]]

The massive March 25 demonstration in Los Angeles of well over one million undocumented workers, legal residents and their supporters-along with protests and walkouts throughout the United States-is irrefutable evidence that a new Civil Rights and workers' rights movement is on the rise.

Immigration groups tap into war debate - 03/14/07

Peter Prengaman/Associated Press/[[March 14, 2007]]/ link

Frustrated by Congress' lack of progress on immigration reform, pro-immigrant activists want to tap into growing anti-war sentiment this spring by combining the two issues at dozens of rallies nationwide.

Gil Cedillo, Peter Schey, LULAC, MALDEF, more at Migrant March II - 02/05/07

Migrant March II is a caravan driving from San Diego to Brownsville and back in order to push for immigration "reform". Those leading it are Nativo Lopez and Enrique Morones (associated with San Diego's Democratic Party). Also along for the ride is a Mexican official.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network protesting John and Ken - 01/16/07

Members of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) are currently protesting in front of KFI-AM Los Angeles, specifically relating to the immigration coverage offered by hosts John and Ken. They apparently have friends from the religious community with them, and they're trying to attach their pro-illegal immigration efforts to the civil rights struggles from the 60s. They chanted "KFI stop the hate" and held a moment of silence.

Latinos Threaten to Take to the Streets - 11/15/06

[[Prensa Latina]]/[[November 14, 2006]]/ link

Tuesday US Latino organizations threatened to carry out mass demonstrations on the streets of the United States if Congress refuses to take actions favoring immigrants.

Juan Jose Gutierrez, ANSWER, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and NBC News - 11/15/06

Juan Jose Gutierrez Juan Jose Gutierrez is the director of Latino Movement USA, and NBC News featured him as a spokesman for the Hispanic community last month. A week before then, he was a featured speaker at a public forum sponsored by the "Party for Socialism and Liberation". The flyer for that is to the right, and a description of the event is here. Note that the other featured speaker was Karina Garcia, the Political Chair of the Chicano Caucus at Columbia University (

Did NBC News know about this? Perhaps they did, but they were convinced to run the segment without identifying his underlying beliefs because of his links to the SEIU and Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Maybe after airing that report they also found out about the Los Angeles branch of that party holding their 3rd annual "Socialism Conference" on November 11:
...The day will begin with a focus on fighting the capitalist offensive, including the meaning of the capitalist mid-term elections; immigrant rights and the case for amnesty; fighting the Minutemen and right-wing attacks; Black liberation and socialist struggle; and the struggle against racism, sexism and homophobia, and for working class unity...

...Featured speakers include Brian Becker, Party for Socialism and Liberation and National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism); Karina Garcia, Political Chair of the Chicano Caucus at Columbia University in New York; Muna Coobtee, Free Palestine Alliance; Eugene Puryear, Howard University student leader; Gloria La Riva, Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five; Ian Thompson, Editor of; Juan Jose Gutierrez, Director of Latino Movement USA; Carlos Alvarez, Youth & Student ANSWER; Angelina Corona, Executive Director of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional; and Preston Wood, Coordinator of ANSWER Coalition-LA...
Surely, the crack researchers at NBC News discovered this.

And, just as surely, they've read the article "Latinos Threaten to Take to the Streets":
Tuesday US Latino organizations threatened to carry out mass demonstrations on the streets of the United States if Congress refuses to take actions favoring immigrants.

[The executive director of the DC chapter of the Central American Resources Center (CARECEN-DC) Saul Solorzano]* urged for an all-embracing migratory reform to authenticate 11.2 million people with no identity papers.

We'll wait 110 days [for the new Democratic Congress], if in that time the legislative body does not act, "we will," he warned.

...USA Latino Movement director Juan Jose Gutierrez expressed his opposition to Congress and White House propaganda for their interests to the detriment of immigrants.

One of the points on the Democrats agenda will be modification of the US migration laws, which House Democratic leader Harry Reid called a failed system.

Nancy Pelosi, who will be first female House speaker, hopes to reach a bipartisan accord on this topic.
*In the article, he's refered to as "Central American Resources Center executive director Raul Solorzano", but his first name is actually Saul.

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