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Obama voting push: relaxes Green Card wait time for illegal alien family members (Luis Gutierrez) - 01/06/12

From this:

Obama administration officials announced on Friday that they will propose a fix to a notorious snag in immigration law that will spare hundreds of thousands of American citizens from prolonged separations from immigrant spouses and children.

USCIS pressured agents to approve immigration visas, even when fraud suspected (Alejandro Mayorkas) - 01/03/12

From this:

Higher-ups within U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are pressuring rank-and-file officers to rubber-stamp immigrants’ visa applications, sometimes against the officers’ will, according to a Homeland Security report and internal documents exclusively obtained by The Daily.

Big Business wants more skilled immigration; Alejandro Mayorkas does their bidding as fast as he can (USCIS, U.S. Chamber, NFAP, AILA, Jacoby, USCCB) - 08/18/11

The National Foundation for American Policy has released a compendium of suggestions to increase skilled immigration [1]. The groups offering suggestions include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AILA, and Tamar Jacoby; see [2] for more.

DHS now using loopholes to allow more skilled immigration, no legislation required (Alejandro Mayorkas, USCIS) - 08/03/11

The Department of Homeland Security's USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) announced yesterday that they're going to be allowing more skilled immigration, even as millions of Americans - including tech workers - are unemployed.

DHS official: DHS not ready for amnesty for "a few years": "Clearly to us the systems could not handle it now" - 03/25/10

From this:

The federal government is not equipped to process the flood of applications from a proposed immigration legalization bill and the agency that would oversee that program won't be ready for "a few years," the office of the Homeland Security Department's inspector general told Congress on Tuesday.

The warning, from Assistant Inspector General Frank Deffer, could severely complicate President Obama's new push to pass an immigration bill this year.

Mr. Deffer said U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, is in the midst of trying to move from being a paper-based system to having electronic records. He warned that adding millions of new applications, as the bill would do, would be a bad idea.

"Adding 12 million more people to the system would be the mother of all backlogs. Clearly to us the systems could not handle it now," Mr. Deffer told the House Judiciary Committee's immigration subcommittee. "It's going to take a few years, so it's something for Congress to consider that, when they implement this, they don't have a date too soon."

On the other hand, Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the USCIS, said they were prepared: "We will be ready for comprehensive immigration reform when it is enacted." I lean towards Deffer being the more credible source.

Recall that back in 2006, a previous head of the USCIS said that the Senate's amnesty timeline wasn't practical. Around the same time, the GAO said the DHS wasn't prepared and didn't have a fraud management system in place.

And, from this:

A report released Dec. 20 [2006] by Homeland Security Inspector General Richard L. Skinner [note: he's still the IG] cited a long list of setbacks and concurred with internal USCIS reviews that the bureau "lacks the processing capacity, systems integration and project management resources needed to manage a potential increase in workloads."

Also see this from early 2008.

Why Andrea Quarantillo of USCIS should be fired (misleads about TPS, remittances; Haiti; 100,000 expected to apply) - 03/12/10

Andrea Quarantillo is the District Director for New York of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and if that agency had serving U.S. interests as its first priority she'd be out of a job. From this:

[Quarantillo] expects that about 110,000 Haitians will have applied for TPS by the July deadline.

She says that after the earthquake, Haiti could not support any Haitians returning to the country. The reasoning behind the policy, she explains, was to take some of the pressure off Haiti.

"It also allows Haitian nationals in the US to work and live legally here and perhaps send remittances back home which helps the economy and helps the recovery," she adds.

First, does anyone in their right mind think Haitians living illegally in the U.S. were going to rush to return home after the earthquake? Does anyone in their right mind think that the Department of Homeland Security was going to deport people there right after the earthquake? Does anyone in their right mind think that the DHS was going to conduct large-scale enforcement actions against Haitian illegal aliens? Quarantillo is selling a fantasy world, and the BBC is buying into it instead of calling her on it.

Second, for the reasons outlined here and here, the policies she's promoting will have the opposite effect to that which she claims to want. Those policies will make things worse both here and in Haiti. Remittances won't help Haiti in the long-term, they'll just make them even more dependent on us and less likely to enact reforms.

The best solution to deal with this issue would be to do what the DHS already does: don't enforce the laws. Those Haitians already in DHS's custody could remain there for a while or in some cases could be released with electronic monitoring. A more ambitious plan would involve some form of rebuilding corps in which we'd pay qualified Haitian illegal aliens to return home and help their country. That obviously could be abused but if most of our leaders weren't completely corrupt safeguards could be put into place.

Then, there's this curious bit, bolding added:

Ms Quarantillo says TPS can open up enormous opportunities.

"In eight years you could certainly get yourself a college education, you could probably get a job that might have a skill for which your employer could ask that you be given a green card, and even in that amount of time you would be very close to being able to apply for citizenship," she says.

TPS is supposedly for just 18 months, so where she's getting the eight years isn't clear. Whatever it is, I don't think there's an innocent explanation.

Ms Quarantillo's response [to those who say TPS is permanent] is firm. "It is not an amnesty, absolutely not. Temporary Protected Status is a benefit", she says.

People with a criminal record cannot apply, she stresses.

Nothing in those two sentences makes sense. The stock response to someone saying something is an amnesty is to talk about how it has to be earned; she's saying instead it's a "benefit". Maybe she should check with Frank Sharry or Tamar Jacoby first. The second sentence is a non sequitur: the issue of whether something is an amnesty or not is entirely separate from the issue of whether criminals can apply for the program. Criminals were able to apply to past comprehensive immigration reform bills, but they were amnesties because that's how they would be perceived, not because of who could apply. Does she even understand what people mean by amnesty?

To answer the last question, here's the kicker:

I ask Andrea Quarantillo what happens to the Haitians like Ms Semplice if their temporary work permits are not extended at the end of 18 months.

"When TPS expires, US citizenship and immigration service does not take all those TPS files and turn them over to immigration customs and enforcement and ask them to remove people from the US," she tells me.

"We simply shelve those files. If one of the enforcement agencies needs them because they have an issue with that person, they will call for a file specifically, but we do not just line them up and process them for deportation."

She's at least honest about one thing: TPS is a sham.

Contacting the DHS and suggesting that Quarantillo be fired over her comments would be worthless, since she's doing what the Obama administration wants. However, if you have a minute, please contact your representatives with the link to the BBC article and suggest that they contact DHS with their concerns.

Up to 200,000 Haitians will apply for TPS, not 30,000 as they said; Mayorkas pulls out all the stops - 01/20/10

While few others were paying attention, the Obama administration has hoodwinked the American public again and is engaging in not just a massive power grab but in a plan that will make the situation in Haiti even worse. From this:

Federal immigration officials are expecting up to 200,000 undocumented Haitian immigrants, including nearly 68,000 in South Florida, to apply for a new federal immigration program that would allow the migrants to legally remain and work in the United States for 18 months.

The estimated number of potential applicants for Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, is far larger than earlier predictions of about 30,000 Haitians nationwide, according to local immigrant organizations and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials.

The higher figures emerged Wednesday during a briefing with reporters by USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas. He was in Miami to meet with several South Florida immigrant aid organizations involved in assisting undocumented Haitian immigrants applying for TPS...

...In the spirit of ``generosity,'' said Mayorkas, the Obama administration is likely to waive the application fees for Haitian immigrants on a case-by-case basis. But he would not commit to waiving fees to all applicants... He also said the USCIS staff will ``fast-track'' TPS applications with the goal of delivering work permits within 90 days. Typically, work permits for other TPS applicants can take up to six months.

The next way they're going to fool people will come months down the road, as their "temporary" status is extended for another 18 months (and then another 18 months, and on and on). See the statistics here and the comments here and here for why this will end up making the situation in Haiti even worse. And, of course, with millions of Americans out of work, the Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to add 200,000 mostly low-wage workers to the job market.

This should be a scandal if not for the fact that the opposition to Obama is largely composed of those who are either incompetent or who care as little about the welfare of working Americans as the Obama administration.

Obama admin preparing USCIS for amnesty (millions of visas, comprehensive immigration reform) - 10/03/09

Per this, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is getting ready in case the Obama administration is able to pass comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty:

Currently, the citizenship agency can handle applications from about six million immigrants a year, (USCIS head Alejandro Mayorkas) said, including the time-consuming collection of fingerprints and other biometric identity information. Under some plans for legalization, the agency might receive that many applications in a few weeks.

An example of the planning, Mr. Mayorkas said, is an effort to improve the agency’s ability to receive applications via postal mail at secure reception points known as lockboxes. The agency currently receives about 65 percent of applications through lockboxes, which is more efficient than receiving them through local offices. The agency is trying to move quickly to receive all applications through lockboxes.

One idea calls for illegal immigrants to start the legalization process by verifying their presence in the United States through a simple registration form mailed to a lockbox, according to officials familiar with the planning.

Needless to say, the possibility of millions of applications in a few weeks would lead to massive fraud and possibly terrorists getting on the path to citizenship.

And, article author Julia Preston of the New York Times says that the preparations being made now "contrast" with those made by the Bush administration. I don't know what she's talking about, and she probably doesn't either. See 2006's "Bush Admin Hiring For Guest Workers Program as if Done Deal" for some of the preparations they were making, and see also Burdened DHS: 10s of thousands get green cards before background checks for a calculation that - if FBI background checks were done of each applicant - it would take five to ten years to process 10 million current illegal aliens. The questions Preston should be asking involve just what corners USCIS intends to cut, but obviously she's not too interested in pointing out what would go wrong.

See all the entries at the last link for more information on this topic.

Alejandro Mayorkas lobbied for commutation for drug dealer (Clinton) - 05/01/09

Josh Meyer of the Los Angeles Times looks into the background of Alejandro Mayorkas - recently nominated to head the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) - here. For an unknown reason, they aren't trying to completely sugarcoat his past, subheding the article "The former U.S. attorney played a role in a 2001 decision by President Clinton to commute a drug dealer's prison sentence":

Mayorkas also was one of several prominent Southern California political figures who played a role in a 2001 decision by President Clinton to commute a drug dealer's prison sentence... Mayorkas later admitted phoning the White House counsel's office at the urging of the elder Vignali... A subsequent congressional investigation criticized Mayorkas, saying it was improper for a senior law enforcement official to be lobbying for such a commutation, especially for someone convicted in another district.

In his defense, he says he didn't do his due diligence. And, if that's not enough, "I made a mistake". Someone from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics is quoted as asking for a better explanation.

Alejandro Mayorkas nominated for USCIS director - 04/24/09

Cuban-born trial lawyer Alejandro Mayorkas has been nominated to head the USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services). Unlike other Barack Obama nominees, he doesn't appear to have a paper trail of extremist statements and actions, although there might be something out there.

From his bio at OMelveny and Myers (

Alejandro Mayorkas is a litigation partner with extensive jury trial experience, having been before a jury in more than 30 cases in both federal and state courts. He handles complex civil and criminal matters, internal corporate investigations, and serves as national coordinating counsel for companies involved in related cases around the country... Mr. Mayorkas served as the United States Attorney for the Central District of California... President Clinton nominated Mr. Mayorkas in 1998... Prior to his appointment, he served as an Assistant United States Attorney for nine years... As U.S. Attorney, Mr. Mayorkas created the Civil Rights Section to prosecute hate crimes and other acts of intolerance and discrimination more effectively... his tenure as U.S. Attorney, Mr. Mayorkas served as Vice-Chair of the Attorney General's Advisory Subcommittee on Civil Rights and as a member of the Subcommittee on Ethics in Government... He serves on O'Melveny's Policy Committee and is the Chair of the Warren Christopher Scholarship Committee... Mr. Mayorkas also is the Chair of the Board of Bet Tzedek Legal Services

Extremist Chicanos probably aren't going to feel much affinity for him; the degree to which that will be reciprocated remains to be seen.

Thomas Perez to head Citizenship and Immigration Services? (close with Casa de Maryland) - 02/20/09

According to this, the new pick for Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is Thomas E. Perez, currently Labor Secretary of Maryland.

In April 2007, he "joined students in Annapolis to urge approval of a bill granting in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants" (link).

And from this:

Perez, a former Clinton Administration official and currently Maryland’s Secretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, has had a long association with (CASA de Maryland). Both Montgomery and Prince George’s counties pay CASA millions of dollars each year in social services contracts and have put up additional funds to help build the organization’s future headquarters in Langley Park.

In fact, from his bio (

Board of Directors, Casa of Maryland, 1995-2002 (former president)

UPDATE: Later, he was nominated to head the DOJ Civil Rights Division.

USCIS Task Force on New Americans releases "Building an Americanization Movement for the Twenty-first Century" - 12/21/08

In 2006, George W Bush tasked the USCIS with creating a Task Force on New Americans to spend a lot of time and effort looking into assimilation of immigrants and related topics. Now, they're released their final report, "Building an Americanization Movement for the Twenty-first Century" (summary link, PDF available in the sidebar at that page).

It's 65 pages, so a full treatment won't be offered. However:

1. Page 6 says:

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that America will be a nation of minorities without a dominant racial or ethnic group by 2042. By mid-century, whites, 67 percent of the population in 2005, will comprise roughly 47 percent, with Hispanics at 29 percent, blacks at 13 percent, and Asians at 9 percent... Recognizing the early trends, the bipartisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform in 1997 called for a modern-day Americanization movement that would uphold American unity through a shared understanding and practice of the values enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, as well as emphasis on communication in a common language.

In other words, they came up with a quite possibly ineffective solution to a side-effect of their policies.

2. While some of the "Participating Individuals and Organizations" include those on our side, others are not and include Tamar Jacoby of ImmigrationWorks USA, various people from the Migration Policy Institute, someone from the National Immigration Forum, and someone from the Mexican government-linked NALEO.

They even consulted with Michelle Waslin when she was with the National Council of La Raza (she's now with the NIF). Here's a 2006 quote from her:

"while (a Lamar Alexander report relating to amnesty) doesn't overtly mention assimilation, it is very strong on the patriotism and traditional american [sic] values language in a way which is potentially dangerous to our communities."

3. Another ironic participant was Jose Luis Gutierrez from the State of Illinois Office of New Americans Policy and Advocacy. He's an aide to Rod Blagojevich, and that office ( was started in cooperation with the Mexican government-linked Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

4. The report uses various weasly left-wing phrases along the lines of diversity being strength and so forth.

If anyone sees anything worthy of greater discussion in the report, leave a comment.

UPDATE: Eunice Moscoso offers this:

(Alfonso Aguilar, head of the U.S. Office of Citizenship) said the report is not recommending "an ugly, English-only approach," but "a friendly, pro-active literary effort." ...The task force also recommends that every state create a "state integration counsel" comprised of state and local government officials, businesses, faith-based organizations, civic organizations, and nonprofit groups that work with immigrant communities...

In practice, that means groups that are far-left, interested in little more than racial power, linked to the Mexican government, or some combination thereof.

UPDATE 2: Stephen Wall of the San Bernardino Sun has a report here, including an uncharacteristicly non-extremist quote from Armando Navarro where he simply praises multiculturalism and demographic change. However:

"It's total nonsense," (Elsa Valdez, a sociology professor at Cal State San Bernardino) said. "We have had immigrants coming for over 200 years. America as a country has never become Balkanized, and we haven't had a civil war with different groups fighting each other. The only reason you have enclaves or segregated communities is we haven't done a very good job integrating the different immigrant groups economically and socially in terms of jobs, health care and education."

USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez resigns (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) - 03/13/08

Emilio Gonzalez, the Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has resigned. At that link he compared immigration "reform" to the civil rights movement. He extended Temporary Protected Status.

Erica Vieyra/Olentangy H.S. teaches kids ignoring U.S. immigration laws is OK - 12/15/07

Erica Vieyra is a Spanish teacher at Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell, Ohio (near Columbus and Cleveland), and one of her classes teaches children that ignoring U.S. immigration laws is acceptable behavior. The goal is to help them build "empathy" for "immigrants", but it's actually pro-illegal immigration propaganda that the school district should put an end to. The Office of the Superintendent (Dr. Scott Davis) is here, but I couldn't find an email; perhaps scott_davis *at*

Secret Bush plan to deal with Bush/Rove "import Democrats" plan? (citizenship backlog) - 11/21/07

Mark Kleiman - someone who is shockingly a UCLA professor - writes [1]:

The Bush Administration plans to steal hundreds of thousands of votes, most of them Democratic votes, in the 2008 elections by the simple expedient of sitting on new citizenship applications until after the elections.

He links to his site, which mostly just links to the WaPo article "Immigrant Paperwork Backs Up At DHS" (li

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) town hall immigration meeting Sat. Oct 6 2007 - 10/03/07

Rep. Barbara Lee will be holding two immigration meetings this Saturday. Both will include representatives of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, but the other guests appear a bit... "pro-immigration". Details here. the U.S. commodified and reduced to a possible convention location - 06/13/07

Emilio Gonzalez, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced
The administration launched a new Web site to be a central clearinghouse of federal information that may be useful to immigrants.

GOP talking points on their immigration bill capitulation - 05/16/07

[UPDATE: See this for how to block the amnesty.]

The Senate Republicans have released a set of talking points on the immigration bill that they're getting close to "compromise" on: link.

As a sign of just how bad this is, the person who got the talking points was arch BushBot Hugh Hewitt... and he's refusing to talk them!

Orwell Alert: Temporary Protected Status extended 18 more months - 05/02/07

From our Orwell Alert/'When "Temporary" Means "Permanent"' file comes this:
Central Americans who are legally in the U-S because their countries were slammed by natural disasters are getting an 18-month extension.

The Department of Homeland Security is allowing the added time for citizens of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador who have Temporary Protected Status.

Salvadorans have had the status since early 2001 after two earthquakes killed 12-hundred people.

Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 (Barack Obama) - 03/09/07

On Wednesday, Sen. Barack Obama introduced the "Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007". This important story was overshadowed by the most likely unimportant story about his stock holdings [1]. The CPA could be described as a "New Democrats Initiative/Funding Source for Possibly Foreign-Linked Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups" bill, and perhaps some reporters should have asked Obama and his co-horts about that.

Alfonso Aguilar/U.S. Office of Citizenship promotes "guest" workers (LULAC, NALEO connection) - 02/12/07

The "U.S. Office of Citizenship" was created a few years ago and is part of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The first and current head of the Office, Alfonso Aguilar, was appointed by president Bush in 2003. His biography reveals that he's a member of two highly questionable groups. (Go to and search, or enter this:

The first group is LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. If that group has ever opposed illegal immigration, I'm not aware of it.

The other group is NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. They collaborate with the government of Mexico on an award that generally speaking marks the recipient as assisting Mexico with their goal of sending their citizens to the U.S. illegally. They also appeared with LULAC and with MALDEF (a group that has at least an indirect link to the Mexican government) at a press conference where they demanded an end to deportations until "comprehensive immigration reform" passes.

Aguilar was in Springfield, Missouri last week and put on quite the show to local Rotary clubs. While he promoted assimilation and opposed "parallel communities", his main goal was to be a cheap pimp for Bush's immigration position:
"Immigration is without a doubt the issue of the day," Aguilar said. "Immigrants are going where there are jobs. You have a large number of undocumented immigrants and it is in (your) best interest to know who is here."

He promoted President George Bush's guest-worker program saying that the current legal process to gain U.S. citizenship is mired in a bureaucracy that can take years. He also said that without immigrants doing the work that Americans won't, the U.S. economy would collapse.

"Immigrants can help revitalize sectors of your cities," he said. "I encourage the mayors to develop a strategic plan (to help those immigrants) become a part of the community."

...Aguilar conceded that most Americans will not work for the wages paid to immigrants. But he also stressed that regardless of wages, some industries like poultry processing plants cannot find enough Americans to "fill those jobs."

"Today's unemployment rate is 4.5 percent," he said. "We are in a period of transition. Immigrants are not driving wages down - although (immigrant labor) may affect some sectors."

..."Don't fear immigrants," he said. "They are good, hardworking people that share our values. They are not here to impose their culture."

...He said the "rule of law" is the most important value...
When he said that, the audience should have erupted in laughter. Millions of illegal aliens are here now because the Bush administration has ignored the "rule of law". And, the idea that our economy would collapse is obscene coming from someone who's supposedly working for the U.S. Only a small number of job types are held by low-skill immigrants and illegal aliens. While the economy would take a hit if they all left tomorrow, we'd make out OK. And, of course, not all "immigrants" "share our values", and while the vast majority of "immigrants" don't have an explicit plan to "impose their culture", that is indeed what happens to a certain extent.

Press 2 if you believe anything Aguilar said.

USCIS Director compares immigration "reform" to civil rights movement
Citizenship and Immigration Ombudsman is former president of AILA chapter

USCIS Director compares immigration "reform" to civil rights movement - 02/12/07

On February 9, Emilio Gonzalez, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service spoke to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and said:

"Immigration, as we all know, is the hot-button domestic issue of the day...

Washington Post gives good argument against a massive illegal alien amnesty - 01/22/07

The Washington Post offers the unsigned editorial "Immigration Stagnation" about the failures of the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to handle legal immigration properly. After a human-interest-example, they present their only proposals of the piece:

Citizenship and Immigration Services needs to cut its wait times by making a rapid transition to electronic forms and better organizing reform efforts.

Immigration "reform" would completely overwhelm USCIS - 01/04/07

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would administer any "guest" worker or immigration "reform" (amnesty) scheme. However:
But in recent months, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials have determined that the troubled, $2-billion-a-year agency is unable to effectively manage its existing work, much less a flood of new applications.

A report released Dec. 20 by Homeland Security Inspector General Richard L.

Signs of Delusion in New York Times Immigration Editorial - 11/20/06

The New York Times offers the unsigned editorial "Signs of Hope on Immigration". Not only is it wrong, it's in parts so wrong it's funny. It's of the now-standard "Democrats and Bush can work to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform', but they need to tread lightly" variety.

While not explicitly engaging in the other now-standard canard that J. D.

Cynthia Tucker/AJC supports illegal immigration - 11/19/06

Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution opposes a Hazleton-style ordinance considered for Cherokee County in Georgia in "In bullying illegals, county picks easy fight".

First of all, the idea that illegal aliens as a group could be bullied is completely false. They have very powerful allies: corrupt employers, corrupt politicians, the corrupt media, racial power groups, and so forth. Those powerful forces will work overtime to make sure that those they profit from are not "bullied".

Bill Winter on immigration - 10/23/06

is running for Congress against Rep. . Like other Democrats, he supports the Senate amnesty, and thus everything said about that horrible bill applies. Moreover, his page on immigration has several questionable or misleading statements:

1. His page twice refers to the "INS", an agency that hasn't existed since March 2003.

"[USCIS] Whistle-blower let go" - 10/03/06

From this:
An immigrant application screener who spoke out earlier this year about his agency's security failures has lost his job, despite a recent decision to extend the contracts of hundreds of other employees like him.

Sultan Farakhan, an immigrant benefits application adjudicator, was terminated from employment Friday at the National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, Mo., one of U.S.

"Terrorist screening missed 75% of time" - 08/24/06

From Sara Carter:
An estimated 75 percent of applicants for immigrant benefits - green cards, work visas, and a host of other documents - at a major federal processing center were not screened through the U.S. terrorism watch list over the past four years, the Daily Bulletin has learned.

The error - on nearly 3 million applications dating to 2002 - was confirmed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers at the National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, Mo., near Kansas City.

National Restaurant Association wants DHS to finesse 'no-match' letters - 08/17/06

From a press release:
The National Restaurant Association this week sent a letter to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The Senate amnesty: an "Administrative and National Security Nightmare" - 07/28/06

Yesterday the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims held a hearing entitled "Whether Attempted Implementation of the Senate Immigration Bill Will Result in an Administrative and National Security Nightmare."

Clearly they have an agenda, but they're also right. One of those testifying was Michael Cutler, a former INS agent.

Whistleblower: USCIS broken, infiltrated by operatives of hostile foreign countries - 06/13/06

From this:
The U.S. immigration system is so broken that it can't be fixed, a former top security official at the Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) told NewsMax in an exclusive interview.

"Internal corruption at CIS is so pervasive that hostile foreign governments have penetrated the agency," said Michael J.

"Bush Admin Hiring For Guest Workers Program as if Done Deal" - 06/06/06

From this:
new hiring and job openings at Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) have suddenly ballooned (here and here). The ONLY reason that would happen is to hire new workers to administer the new Guest Workers program (a/k/a ShAmnesty).

Says one Homeland Security federal agent:
Take a peek at the job listings at the govt. site. It is at (from there prompt to DHS/CIS).

USCIS director: Senate amnesty timeline is not "practical" - 05/22/06

You have to wonder what else in the Senate's illegal alien amnesty scheme isn't practical as well:
The director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that would administer a new guest-worker program and rule on applications from millions of illegal aliens, says the pending Senate bill doesn't give his agency enough time to prepare for that giant task.

"Quite frankly, I don't think that's really practical. Ninety days to register 12 million people.

GAO report shows how "guest" worker schemes would fail miserably - 03/17/06

Last week the WashTimes got ahold of a draft of a GAO report that says that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is barely able to deal with fraud and won't have a fraud-management system in place for four years: "Immigration agency falters in handling fraud cases".

The USCIS would be the agency in charge of administering any of the "guest" worker schemes.

Is the Pikes Peak Library District breaking federal law? - 02/07/06

The Pikes Peak Library District will be allowing the Mexican consulate to give out Matricula Consular cards and other services at its Sand Creek branch on Saturday Feb 11.

Knowing that many of those receiving these cards will be illegal aliens, and they will use those cards to stay in the U.S., is that district violating federal law? Let's turn to 8 U.S.C.