Cynthia Tucker/AJC supports illegal immigration

Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution opposes a Hazleton-style ordinance considered for Cherokee County in Georgia in "In bullying illegals, county picks easy fight".

First of all, the idea that illegal aliens as a group could be bullied is completely false. They have very powerful allies: corrupt employers, corrupt politicians, the corrupt media, racial power groups, and so forth. Those powerful forces will work overtime to make sure that those they profit from are not "bullied". In fact, Tucker's column is an example of one of their protectors fighting back.

She does, however, get one thing right:

If the nation is serious about curbing illegal immigration, there is a rather simple way to do it: Crack down on employers who hire illegally. Don't just fine them; give them prison time. Once a few business executives were frog-marched in front of news cameras in handcuffs — convicted of illegal hiring — others would get the message. And once Mexicans and Guatemalans and Hondurans without documents figured out that they couldn't get jobs here, they'd stop coming. It's really as simple as that.

Unfortunately, the rest of the column is based on the "take away" sales technique: she then proceeds to tell us all the horrific disasters that would happen without all that illegal labor. That includes the recent pears canard:

...There would be consequences to our economy, by the way. Fruit and vegetables would die in the fields. (Over the summer and early fall, a splendid pear crop withered and died in California orchards because the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services cracked down on undocumented workers, and farmers had no laborers to pick their crops. Many of them lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.) The price of many foodstuffs — including chicken — could be expected to increase as labor costs shot up. Prices for services such as child care, janitorial work and lawn care — occupations now heavily serviced by foreign-born workers — would spiral upward. Ditto construction costs. Some jobs would simply go undone. America has a burgeoning population of elderly who need tending and not enough young workers to take care of them. Perhaps more of them would simply be neglected...

In brief, she's giving her readers all the reasons why they should continue to allow massive illegal activity, and she's a strong supporter of illegal immigration.

Cynthia Tucker still illegal immigration-supporting idiot
Cynthia Tucker still idiot on immigration
Cynthia Tucker to uncover corruption!


Support em with your own money if you want, cynthia. Keep your hands out of the taxpayers wallets.

So the farmers claimed to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars? Maybe they should have paid more in the first place. Ditto for all those other employers. I will pay more for food, hotels, houses, willingly, when the illegals go home and Americans once again do these jobs. 3 million latin bums living on California welfare? Don't tell me there weren't PLENTY of illegals available for work...They don't want to work for crappy wages, either. Or maybe they are too busy doing the jobs Americans won't do...robbery, drug sales, and scamming the government for handouts from the American taxpayer.

First of all, the idea that illegal aliens as a group could be bullied is completely false.

Also false is the notion that illegals shouldn't be "bullied", one small caveat/reservation being clarification of exactly what 'bully' means.