Is the Pikes Peak Library District breaking federal law?

The Pikes Peak Library District will be allowing the Mexican consulate to give out Matricula Consular cards and other services at its Sand Creek branch on Saturday Feb 11.

Knowing that many of those receiving these cards will be illegal aliens, and they will use those cards to stay in the U.S., is that district violating federal law? Let's turn to 8 U.S.C. 1324.

Whether they're breaking the law or not, one thing is clear: they're helping a foreign government with their agenda of sending us illegal aliens in exchange for the money they send home. No public agency should do that.

Sid Stanfill is the Branch Manager of the Sand Creek library and you can contact him with this form or at 719-597-7070. Also contact the Executive Director using this form.


This kind of stuff is why these people feel perfectly comfortable being in here illegally. There are so many groups that are more than willing to bend over backwards to help them stay here, it is odd. It's all kind of wink, wink, nudge, nudge as to being illegal. Why would they take it as a serious offense when even the government doesn't.