USCIS Director compares immigration "reform" to civil rights movement

On February 9, Emilio Gonzalez, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service spoke to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and said:

"Immigration, as we all know, is the hot-button domestic issue of the day... And I'll go one step further and I'll tell you that immigration reform is probably as important as the civil rights movement was back in the '60s."

As discussed here, he seems to have magically changed his mind on whether his agency would be able to administer a "guest" worker program, from saying it wouldn't work to saying it would in just five months. He also didn't have a clue to the extent of fraud that his agency deals with. And: USCIS director: Senate amnesty timeline is not "practical"



Comparing illegal immigration with the Civil Rights movement is ridiculous. There is no comparison. The Civil Rights movement was about American citizens fighting for their rights. Illegal aliens do not have rights in this country. Someone needs to remind Mr. Gonzalez to open a history book and educate himself on what the Civil Rights movement was about.