Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) town hall immigration meeting Sat. Oct 6 2007

Rep. Barbara Lee will be holding two immigration meetings this Saturday. Both will include representatives of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, but the other guests appear a bit... "pro-immigration". Details here. Partial guest list:

* Immigrant Legal Resource Center
* Asian Law Caucus
* Catholic Charities of the East Bay
* Asian Pacific Environmental Network
* Filipinos for Affirmative Action
* Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
* Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation

If you're in the area, see if you can ask her a question or two.



Sounds like a great opportunity for a "crackdown".

Regarding the questions, you'd be wasting your time, with the possible caveat that you might make some people in the audience think a bit more about the whole issue. She's an ideologue, meaning largely impervious to fact and logical argument. She's black, and even data showing how Blacks are being screwed economically by all of this immigration would have no effect. It's the whole 'people of color' thing.

Doesn't anyone represent AMERICANS anymore???

We should all go with a rope and a tree, and do are own raid, if you know what i mean? ( ;-)