Virginia: you can't trust Tim Kaine

If you want a clear example, take a close look at this small PDF file. It looks like a GOP mailing, no? It's got the GOP elephant, it says it's "An important message for Virginia Republicans", and down there at the end it's got this:

For more information on the Virginia Club for Growth and the Virginia Club for Growth PAC, you can check out the website at Written requests for information may be mailed to Virginia Club for Growth, Inc., 12350 Jefferson Ave., #130, Newport News, VA 23602. To join the Virginia Club for Growth, you may log on the Internet at text on this page of this mailing was originally approved and distributed as a press relaease by the Virginia Club for Growth on October 10, 2005.

Just one problem: scroll up to the picture of Jerry Kilgore and to its right you'll see this:

This mailing was authorized and paid for by Kaine for Governor.

From this:

"This sleazy and misleading mailing is a prime example of what we can expect under a Kaine administration." [Phil Rodokanakis, the President of the VA Club for Growth] said. "It goes to show that Tim Kaine cannot be trusted to run an honest campaign and he certainly cannot be trusted on the issue of taxes."

Now, the Kaine campaign has been sanctioned by the VA State Board of Elections over this deceptive flyer. They've only been fined the maximum allowed, just $100. But, the matter has been referred for possible prosecution as a crime.


Doesn't matter -- KKKilgore will get Bush's kiss of death on Monday. Long live the death penalty -- even for the innocent.