Is Tim Kaine intelligent enough to run Virginia?

Virginia's Democratic governor Tim Kaine said the following yesterday:

"I don't believe immigration is one of the top issues in Virginia if you ask Virginians... It does matter to a number of people, but compared to jobs, education, health care, transportation, it's pretty far down."

Does he actually mean this? Because, if he does he's probably not bright enough to run that state.

Massive illegal immigration has an impact on a wide number of other issues, including "jobs, education, health care, transportation," and many others.

The extreme example is that provided by California. One of Tim Kaine's jobs would seem to be making sure that his state doesn't end up in the same sad condition as this state.

If he can't figure out the devastating impact of massive illegal immigration, then perhaps he should be recalled.



The USA is a nation of descendants of legal immigrants, rather different from being a "nation of immigrants."

"Immigration causes..."

You are 100% right; unfortunately, most people do not connect the dots in this way. They hear all the time that the US is a 'nation of immigrants', and on top of that, as this blog often shows, the MSM is rather immigrant friendly (legal, illegal, err undocumented, often it doesn't much matter), so therefore the MSM doesn't do much connecting of dots itself. Then tack on racially sensitive political correctness, and...Well, such a poll result is not entirely surprising.

Under Education, I forgot to mention that immigration accounts for practically ALL of the increase in public school enrollment over the last 20 years. Is it surprising that costs (ie taxes) go up while quality goes down?

Most Important Issue
Economy 28%: Immigration causes depression of wages, replacement of US workers.
Health Care 15%: Immigration causes rise in health care costs, closing of hospitals.
Education 14%: Immigration causes a rise in ESL and a decline in science, tech, math education.
Taxes 11%: Immigration causes a rise in taxes because of all of the above.
Transportation 8%: Immigration is the cause of 75% of the population increase in the US now, which of course impacts transportation.
Immigration 7%: See above.


Survey of 500 Likely Voters, September 14, 2005
Election 2005
Most Important Issue
Economy 28%
Health Care 15%
Education 14%
Taxes 11%
Transportation 8%
Immigration 7%
Same Sex Marriage 6%
Gun Ownership Laws 5%
Abortion 4%
Not Sure 3%