VA: Kilgore, Kaine pledge to crack down on illegal alien employers

On Tuesday, Virginia gubanatorial candidates Jerry W. Kilgore and Timothy M. Kaine debated with Tim Russert as moderator. One of the main topics was illegal immigration.

They both pledged to crack down on businesses that knowingly hired illegal aliens, but somehow I trust Kilgore's pledge quite a bit more.

Kaine wants localities to determine what's best for their communities. That would allow, for instance, Herndon to establish a day laborer hiring hall knowing full well that most of those using it were here illegally.

Kilgore doesn't think that's right.

In a perfect display of Democratic thinking, Kaine called that "mean-spirited." That light-weight response appears to be the best that the Democrats can do when asked to discuss important policy matters.

Reports from WaPo in "Virginia Candidates Push Hot-Button Topics From Debate" and WashTimes in "Kilgore urges penalties for employers of illegals".


Having served under both Gov's Allen and Warner, this Virginia born citizen believes that both candidates for the Virginia leadership are up to their necks in mud.
I am concerned that, as usual, compromises are the rule and there is no clear choice.
Our citizens deserve to know what direction each candidate is going to take on such issues as:
-health care
-overall taxes
-crime/court systems
-federal/state relationships
-terrorism (not just from external sources)
-"of the people,by the people,for the people"
Just some thoughts.