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Questions for Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform - 03/10/14

"Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform" ("BBB") describes itself as "a national network of faith, law enforcement and business leaders working together to educate and support members of Congress as they consider reforms to our immigration system".

Human Rights Watch: let criminals stay and come back for amnesty (Grace Meng, immigration) - 06/05/13

Just how uninterested in immigration enforcement is the far-left? For a data point, over to "Don't deport all criminal immigrants" by Grace Meng of Human Rights Watch (bolding added) [1]:

Jerry Brown vetoes pro-illegal immigration Trust Act (AB1081, Tom Ammiano) - 10/01/12

It's not as good as it sounds, as you'll see below. From [1]:

GOP 2012 Platform on immigration - 08/29/12

The following are all of the excerpts in the GOP 2012 platform that mention immigration.

The entire text is available here:

Chris Gregoire works to keep foreign criminals *in* Washington (SSB 5168, Prentice, Kline, Regala, Chase, Kohl-Welles) - 06/13/11

In April, Washington governor Chris Gregoire signed SSB 5168, a law that uses a cute trick to keep foreign criminals in her state rather than having them deported.

Supreme Court orders California to release >30,000 prisoners; how much overcrowding due to illegal immigration? (ACLU) - 05/23/11

The US Supreme Court has ordered the state of California to release at least 30,000 state prisoners in order to reduce overcrowding (link, excerpt at [1]). What you probably won't hear from many others is the role that massive immigration - especially of the illegal variety - has played in this matter.

According to a Public Policy Institute of California study, "[i]n 2005, there were 28,279 foreign born adults and 139,419 U.S.-born adults in California prisons". Not all of the former are illegal aliens; in fact, it appears that statistics on the numbers of illegal aliens in California prisons are kept under wraps (but if anyone has a valid cite, leave it in comments). However, most of those foreign born are likely to be low-skilled legal immigrants and a large number of them will be illegal aliens; few of that number are likely to be H1B engineers. And, all of that number could have been prevented from coming here in the first place. Note that Arnold Schwarzenegger put the number of illegal aliens in state prisons at 20,000 but it's not known where he got that number. The Government Accountability Office put the number of illegal aliens in California state prisons at about 27,000 in 2008 [3].

Reducing low-skilled immigration would have gone a long way towards reducing prison overcrowding, and without all that massive immigration we wouldn't have tens of thousands of prisoners set free to roam the streets of California.

UPDATE: Jerry Brown says he's trying to comply with the order without releasing anyone (link):

California now has two weeks to produce a plan that would reduce its prison population by more than 33,000 inmates within two years. [Matthew Cate, secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation] said the state could ask a federal three-judge panel for more time to reach the lower inmate number. He said Brown’s proposal to shift thousands of state prisoners to county jails would reduce the state’s prison population by about 30,000 inmates over the next four years.

So, while the outcome isn't clear, I might be wrong about tens of thousands of prisoners being released to roam the streets. In any case, we wouldn't have the problem in the first place without massive, especially illegal, immigration.

Also, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a friend of the court brief in the case and issues a triumphant press release at [4]. As discussed at the last link, the ACLU is a very strong supporter of illegal immigration; they helped the state get into the current mess.

UPDATE 2: It's worth noting that Sonia Sotomayor was on the wrong side, and the ruling was 5-4. See the link for who's to blame for her making it to the Supreme Court.

5/29/11 UPDATE: CA state senator Sharon Runner says (link):

"there are 20,000 illegal inmates [she means illegal aliens] that the federal government should be taking care of and they’re not. If they take over those 20 thousand illegal inmates, at least we’d be halfway to what the court has ordered."

And, from this:

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia, this week sent a "2010 invoice" for $885,039,426 to President Barack Obama asking him to pay up or take custody of 17,000 illegal immigrants from state prisons.

...Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has also sought the reimbursement from the federal government through a reauthorization bill. It would provide $950 million for each of the fiscal years 2012 through 2015 to carry out the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (note: see SCAAP).

...In 2010, SCAAP doled out a roughly $400 million to 850 cities, counties and states, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonpartisan research organization.

..."The state has spent over $885 million to house these inmates, but last year we got reimbursed only $88 million," Donnelly said. "That's less than 10 cents for every dollar spent."

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation holds in custody 16,829 inmates who are under U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold.

An additional 3,844 are under "potential" ICE hold - deemed possible illegal entrants who have not come into contact with Department of Homeland Security and have no record in the federal database.

[1] From the Los Angeles Times article:

[U.S. Supreme Court] Justices upheld an order from a three-judge panel in California that called for releasing 38,000 to 46,000 prisoners. Since then, the state has transferred about 9,000 state inmates to county jails. As a result, the total prison population is now about 32,000 more than the capacity limit set by the panel.

Justice (Anthony Kennedy), speaking for the majority, said California's prisons had "fallen short of minimum constitutional requirements" because of overcrowding. As many as 200 prisoners may live in gymnasium, he said, and as many as 54 prisoners share a single toilet.

Kennedy insisted that the state had no choice but to release more prisoners. The justices, however, agreed that California officials should be given more time to make the needed reductions.

In dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia called the ruling "staggering" and "absurd."

He said the high court had repeatedly overruled the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for ordering the release of individual prisoners. Now, he said, the majority were ordering the release of "46,000 happy-go-lucky felons." He added that "terrible things are sure to happen as a consequence of this outrageous order." Justice Clarence Thomas agreed with him.

In a separate dissent, Justice (Samuel Alito). and Chief Justice (John Roberts) said the ruling conflicted with a federal law intended to limit the power of federal judges to order a release of prisoners.

Note that their total for the number of state prisoners as of 2005 is almost 168,000, while the LAT says there are currently 142,000. Some of that may be due to shifting prisoners to local facilities, or it could be a matter of apples and oranges. In any case, the percentages are likely to be similar. As I said, it's difficult to find statistics on these matters.

[3] (added later) Per the GAO (

[T]he total number of SCAAP illegal aliens incarcerated in California state prisons in fiscal year 2008 was about 27,000, which accounted for about 10 percent of all inmate days.

That might again be an apples and oranges number, but it's the closest I've found to a definitive cite.


Lax DHS policies resulted in illegal alien drunk driver killing a nun - 03/04/11

Due to lax policies on the part of the Department of Homeland Security, an illegal alien who had been convicted of drunk driving and had a series of other run-ins with police was not deported immediately. Instead, he was put into DHS' "Alternatives to Detention" program and in August 2010 he drove drunk and killed a nun and seriously injured two other nuns.

Read about it here, including the following from a report that the DHS appears to have tried to keep secret:

On May 7, 2009, after Montano served the portion of his sentence that had not been suspended, ICE took him into custody. Based on Montano's compliance during his prior participation in the ATD program, ICE officers released Montano on the prior order of supervision (dating back to 2008) with the condition that he report to ICE on a regular basis.

One excuse the DHS gives is that they had limited space in detention centers. Yet, John Morton thinks ICE has enough resources and wasn't demanding more funding.

Note also that this happened in Prince William County, home of the pro-illegal immigration, anti-white racists at 9500 Liberty whose documentary was promoted by Youtube corporate. Discrediting 9500 Liberty wouldn't have prevented this tragedy, but it might have increased the likelihood of stronger enforcement in that county. Unfortunately, few are willing and able to discredit those like 9500 Liberty, and some - like teaparty "patriot" Dan Riehl - actively try to block those whose coverage could be used to discredit far-left, anti-white, and pro-illegal immigration groups.

Are the U.S. judicial districts on the border the highest crime in the nation? - 08/05/10

Illegal immigration supporters - including Barack Obama - have worked night and day to claim that crime is down along the border; see the immigration crime page. They've been quite successful at that, with their claims receiving little direct pushback.

As a possible counter to their claims, see "The Five Most Crime-Ridden U.S. Judicial Districts Are All on the Mexican Border" ( I'm not sure of whether that's an accurate claim or not because it doesn't look like it's based on an adjustment for population and types of crimes. Of course, if someone could do that it would be very helpful.

From the article:

When measured by the number of criminal defendants charged with federal crimes by U.S. attorneys, the top five U.S. judicial districts for fiscal 2009 were all on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In fact, these five judicial districts are the only five on the U.S.-Mexico border - covering its entire expanse from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.

Dana Milbank misleads about Arizona and immigration crime (for the most part) - 07/09/10


Dana Milbank of the Washington Post offers "Headless bodies and other immigration tall tales in Arizona" (link) in which he misleads about some aspects of immigration crime in that state, even if he gets some things right. He also helps reveal problems that supporters of Arizona's new immigration law have; more on that below. And, of course, he illustrates again just how much disdain the Beltway establishment has for the concerns of those in border states.

I'll stipulate that Milbank is probably correct about Jan Brewer's claims about decapitations, however he cranks it up a notch by sarcastically asking whether "dark-skinned foreigners are now severing the heads of fair-haired Americans" when in fact many victims of crimes committed by smugglers would be "dark-skinned foreigners"; Milbank doesn't have much concern for the victims of such crimes, regardless of their skin color.


Border violence on the rise? Phoenix becoming the world's No. 2 kidnapping capital? Illegal immigrants responsible for most police killings? The majority of those crossing the border are drug mules? All wrong.

The first has already been discussed here; see that for how Milbank is misleading his readers. His claim that the second is wrong is based on an article by the non-credible Politifact [1]; they made their decision based not on statistics but on the fact that there's either an absence of statistics or not all kidnappings are reported. The last two he's probably correct on.

Then, Dana Milbank shows what little respect he has for immigration enforcement and immigration laws in general:

This matters, because it means the entire premise of the Arizona immigration law is a fallacy. Arizona officials say they've had to step in because federal officials aren't doing enough to stem increasing border violence. The scary claims of violence, in turn, explain why the American public supports the Arizona crackdown.

Whatever unspecified Arizona officials have said, there are plenty more reasons to reduce illegal immigration than simply border violence. There's also the fact that the Obama administration has in effect ceded control of part our territory to foreign criminals. And, even Milbank mentions the possibility that violent crime will spill over from Mexico into the U.S.; that's already happened in several instances but apparently he wants to wait until it gets worse and much harder to deal with before taking action. There's also the fact that Border Patrol agents have been discovered to have been in the pay of foreign criminals and the strong probability that local officials have also been compromised. And, of course, there's the impact of massive illegal immigration on our own high unemployment and the large amount of spending involved. Milbank delusionally thinks that if Arizona officials portrayed the border area in his corrupt, naive way then support for the law would drop.

Regarding the "mules" claim, Milbank says:

The Border Patrol's Tucson Sector has apprehended more than 170,000 undocumented immigrants since Oct. 1, but only about 1,100 drug prosecutions have been filed in Arizona in that time.

Shouldn't anyone who pretends to know anything about this issue realize that prosecutions don't necessarily reflect the number of actual crimes? See, for instance, this from March:

Two years ago, an understaffed U.S. Attorney's Office in Tucson would have likely declined such a case - the office had a 500-pound threshold for marijuana cases... Not anymore - the threshold is history... Thanks to an influx of funds from the Justice Department's initiative to fight border-related crime, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tucson has nearly double the prosecutors it had three years ago. The office is prosecuting drug cases at a record clip - and going after people with smaller loads... The U.S. Attorney's Office in Tucson prosecuted 1,298 felony drug cases in 2009 - more than double the 521 prosecuted in 2008...

Even if "the threshold is history" there are only so many cases they can prosecute; if they had more funds they could no doubt increase it well above the 1,298. That doesn't mean that all illegal aliens are being used as "mules", just that Milbank is pawning off a misleading statistic.

The Milbank column, unfortunately, illustrates two major problems that supporters of the Arizona law have:

1. Those like Brewer need to bear in mind that everything they say will be picked apart by massive/illegal immigration supporters like Milbank and dozens of others who have a megaphone. They need to be very careful to only make statements that they can back up.

2. Many supporters of the law have donated to Arizona's legal defense fund, and some of the tea parties types have signed petitions in support of Arizona and so on. However, that's not enough. Things like the supposed low crime rates along the border are propaganda that those like Milbank use, yet few besides me are trying to strike against that propaganda and I didn't get any help that I know of with my discussion of the Associated Press article. If I had - if those trained in statistics had shown how the AP article is wrong - we might have prevented it being used not just by those like Milbank but also by Barack Obama. Simply standing around waving signs or signing petitions isn't enough: people also need to intellectually engage the other side and show how they're wrong. Unfortunately, the loudest opposition to the other side - the tea partiers and rightwing bloggers - are generally incapable of doing that.

UPDATE: So much for Milbank's conceit (link). Congressman Rob Bishop has confirmed that a beheading victim was found on an Arizona ranch in January and turned over to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. One of Milbank's sources is the Arizona Guardian (link), the same source that earlier smeared Brewer over a misconstrued quote. They claim to have contacted the coroner in Santa Cruz County and claim to have been told that no such cases had been handled there. Please contact Milbank using this form with the link to the Examiner article and suggest that he be intellectually honest enough to look into this matter.

UPDATE 2: There's another anecdotal case linked from here. Other anecdotal cases are linked from here, and that site also points out that the Arizona Guardian only claims to have asked about "immigration-related" cases and not those related to drugs. Would the Guardian - which smeared Brewer as linked above - stoop even lower and deliberately only ask about one set of data when the other is equally important? If anyone calls the same counties in Arizona and has conflicting information please leave a comment.

UPDATE 3: The report in the first update might be in error; see this. Fox News says the head found might have been separated by an animal:

When pressed to indicate if decapitated bodies had been found in Arizona, Senseman continued: "[Brewer is] referring, in general, to the increasing violence across the border."

Meanwhile, officials at six medical examiners' offices in Arizona -- Yuma, Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Pinal and Maricopa -- confirmed that they had no records of decapitated bodies.

...[In the case in the first update above, the rancher] notified officials at the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, who went to the ranch and took possession of the head.

Dr. Bruce Parks, who serves as the chief medical examiner for Pima and Santa Cruz counties, confirmed to that the head was identified through DNA testing as that of 43-year-old Francisco Fuentes Dominguez, who was not a U.S. citizen. Parks said a cause of death was not determined, but there was no evidence of decapitation. Other "badly decomposed" parts of Dominguez's body were found nearby earlier in the year, he said.


Arizona sheriff says doesn't have complete control of his county (border-related crime) - 06/15/10

Earlier this month and before, supporters of illegal immigration were harping on stories like this that tried to downplay worries about immigration crime in Arizona. Now, see this:

Pinal County investigators say an area known as the smuggling corridor now stretches from Mexico's border to metro Phoenix.

The area , once an area for family hiking and off road vehicles has government signs warning residents of the drug and human smugglers.

Night vision cameras have photographed military armed cartel members delivering drugs to vehicles along Highway 8.

"We are three counties deep. How is it that you see pictures like these, not American with semi and fully automatic rifles. How is that okay?" asked Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Babeu said he no longer has control over parts of his county.

"We are outgunned, we are out manned and we don't have the resources here locally to fight this," he said at a Friday news conference.

You may recall Babeu from John McCain's "danged fence" ad ( At the time that first appeared, some on the far-left tried to claim that his concerns weren't valid because his county isn't on the border. Obviously, it doesn't matter: what starts on the border ends up in other parts of Arizona and the U.S.

UPDATE: Video of his press conference is at and a more recent Fox News interview with Babeu is at

Martha Mendoza of AP misleads over crime on U.S.-Mexico border - 06/03/10

The latest establishment attempt to support illegal immigration and undercut those who want stronger border enforcement comes from Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press. The original AP title is "AP Impact: US-Mexico border isn't so dangerous" [1] and it's based on statistics contained in a new FBI report [2] and on data they received via a FOIA request from Customs and Border Protection (CBP):

It's one of the safest parts of America, and it's getting safer.

It's the U.S.-Mexico border, and even as politicians say more federal troops are needed to fight rising violence, government data obtained by The Associated Press show it actually isn't so dangerous after all.

The top four big cities in America with the lowest rates of violent crime are all in border states: San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso and Austin, according to a new FBI report. And an in-house Customs and Border Protection report shows that Border Patrol agents face far less danger than street cops in most U.S. cities.

1. Its about 236 miles from Austin to the nearest major Mexican city (Nuevo Laredo). San Antonio is closer to the border, and it's a larger city. Considering that their crime rates are about the same [2] it's unclear why she used Austin. However, both cities aren't really in the border area, unless you have a Washington DC mindset. Phoenix is also not on the border. Unfortunately, the FBI statistics only show larger cities, and the only larger cities that are right on the border are El Paso and San Diego. It's misleading to pretend that statistics for a college, high-tech, and administration center like Austin that's hours from the border is representative of border crime.

2. The violent crime rate for Phoenix is 0.5% per capita, but that for Tucson is 0.65% per capita. The latter city is closer to the border but still not on the border.

3. Those who enter illegally over the border won't necessarily stay there: most will move to other cities and will have an impact on those cities' crime rates. Mendoza's article doesn't mention that.

4. Violent crime only tells part of the story. See all of the entries on the immigration terrorism page. And, just as pernicious is the possibility that local officials have been corrupted into allowing drug or human smuggling.

5. Crimes against illegal aliens stand a lesser chance of being reported than crimes against others; such crimes won't appear in the statistics.

6. The article contains "I have to say, a lot of this is way overblown," said Gary Brasher of Tuboc, Arizona, who is president of the Coalition for a Safe and Secure Border. From their site [3], make of it what you will:

[A permanent checkpoint on the I-19 corridor between Nogales and Tucson] is essentially a monument to over 3 decades of this obviously flawed strategy that will be circumvented by smugglers. This will inevitably result in illegal and violent activities moving into our neighborhoods along the I-19 corridor... It is also important to note that it is not the intent of the CSSB or this blog to criticize the service of the men and women serving in the Border Patrol. In fact, many residents in this area have been victims of crime perpetrated by smugglers and the Border Patrol has often been the first responders.

7. The article contains:

"Politicians are hyping up this incredible fear across the country about the border, but these numbers show these are lies being perpetrated on the American public," said immigrant advocate Isabel Garcia at Tucson-based Derechos Humanos. "The warnings about violence are just an excuse to crack down on migrants who want to work and be with their families."

Read about her at the links.




Police chiefs who opposed Arizona immigration law in progressive PERF group (Eric Holder) - 05/27/10

Yesterday, a group of police chiefs met with Attorney General Eric Holder and indicated their opposition to the new Arizona immigration law.

Barbara Kiviat of Time misleads about immigration and crime - 05/27/10

Barbara Kiviat of Time Magazine offers the misleading "Does more immigration mean less crime?" [1] about a recent study from Tim Wadsworth of the University of Colorado which purports to show a reduction in the crime rate due in part to i

Derechos Humanos *complains* about illegal alien smuggling ring being busted in Arizona - 04/16/10

Yesterday an illegal immigration smuggling ring was busted in Arizona (link):

About 800 federal agents, local police and deputies swarmed the streets today targeting shuttle van operators that specialize in moving people from Mexico... They are accused of using the vans to transport illegal border crossers in an elaborate human smuggling system.

Over to Derechos Humanos, a group linked to the Mexican government that's headed by Pima County (U.S.) public defender Isabel Garcia:

Margo Cowan of Derechos Humanos says, "Today our community was attacked. We were viciously attacked by agents with automatic weapons, with masks covering their faces put up roadblocks on out streets and stopped our brothers and sisters mothers and fathers men and women and children and ask for the documents that's outrageous."

Derechos is a small, local group akin to Casa de Maryland and they're more openly extremist than, say, the National Council of La Raza. However, they're still a mainstream group within their circle: they're headed by a public employee, and she's also close with U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva.

LSU researchers: Hispanic immigration led to rise in black violence - 04/12/10

From this:

Two LSU researchers have published a study they said shows that Latino immigration and U.S. immigration policies have displaced blacks from low-skill labor markets, which in turn led to more violence in urban black communities.

The study by LSU Sociology Professor Edward Shihadeh and Ph.D. candidate Raymond Barranco, titled “Latino Employment and Black Violence: The Unintended Consequence of U.S. Immigration Policy,” was published in the March 2010 issue of Social Forces, LSU University relations said in a press release.

Bear in mind that the two researchers aren't on the right side as far the their proposed solutions are concerned. From their press release (link):

Before the United States/Mexico border was militarized, Latino immigration was a two-way trip; immigrants, mainly from Central America, moved to the United States temporarily to finance a project in their home country. But in response to U.S. public pressure, border security was intensified. Tall fences were built, cameras installed and the border was patrolled relentlessly by well-armed guards. As a result, Latino immigrants in the United States stopped returning home for fear that they could not repeat the trip. This increased the number of Latino workers in the United States competing for jobs in agriculture, manufacturing and construction. Blacks lost that competition in many cities, and where that occurred, murder rates went up.

"This is an unintended but significant result of immigration policies," said Shihadeh, lead author on the project. "This is not a blame game. We do not advocate restricting the flow of Latino migrants in either direction. This is what triggered the flow of events in the first place. There is no reason to deprive this country of the rich contributions made by Latinos. Our study simply describes how immigration policy opened a new chapter in the history of the U.S. labor market and how that harmed black communities."

Schwarzenegger: build prisons in Mexico for illegal aliens - 01/26/10

From this month's candidate for a Rube Goldberg award (link):

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger floated a different approach to trimming down California's bloated prison budget on Monday: pay Mexico to build new prisons and ship off California’s incarcerated illegal immigrants south of the border.

..."We can do so much better in the prison system alone if we can go and take inmates, for instance the 20,000 inmates that are illegal immigrants that are here, and get them to Mexico... Think about it... We pay them to build the prison down in Mexico... ...Half the costs to build the prisons and half the costs to run the prisons. That is money -- $1 billion right there -- that could go into higher education."

The plan does make some sense, with the caveat that corruption in Mexico would drive up the costs and might lead to, for instance, some prisoners "escaping".

However, there would be fewer Mexican illegal aliens prisoners here in the first place if Arnold and his current and past friends (such as Fabian Nunez) weren't such strong supporters of illegal immigration. And, some of the savings that would be spent on education will be to educate citizens of Mexico who are here illegally. What Arnold is proposing might save money, but it's simply a bandaid over the real problem, one that he's too corrupt to address.

DHS worksite enforcement against illegal aliens plummeted under Obama, Napolitano - 11/19/09

Per this:

Criminal arrests, administrative arrests, indictments and convictions of illegal immigrants at work sites all fell by more than 50 percent from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2009... Fiscal 2008 ran from Oct. 1, 2007, through Sept. 30, 2008. Fiscal 2009 began Oct. 1, 2008, and ran through Sept. 30 of this year.

The exact figures are:

* Criminal arrests: down 60%
* Criminal indictments: down 58%
* Convictions: down 63%
* Administrative arrests: down 68%

The DHS is a bit defensive:

Kamala Harris program "trained illegal immigrants for jobs they couldn't legally hold" - 06/22/09

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is a contender for California state Attorney General. She's bad enough that some liberals in her city think she's incompetent and soft on crime.

Does Janet Murguia of NCLR oppose apprehending criminal illegal aliens? (calls those raids "un-American") - 06/04/09

That's the impression I'm getting from this:

"For far too long, we have allowed a can’t-do minority to block progress and manipulate this issue to tear our country apart, but the urgency for reform is clear: economically, practically, and morally,” said NCLR president Janet Murguia. "Policies that call for SWAT-like teams to pluck people out of their beds in the middle of the night, lead to racial profiling, separate families, exploit workers, and ignore due process are shamefully un-American."

I read the last bit as independent statements: she's opposed to each of those individually. For instance, "SWAT-like teams" and "exploit[ing] workers" have nothing in common, strongly implying that she's opposed to the SWAT part independent of the rest.

So, that means she's opposed to things like this, this, and this or apprehending the people on this list: Either that, or she's living in a fantasy world where people like that can be arrested without "SWAT-like teams". Is there any form of immigration law enforcement that Murguia and the National Council of La Raza would not try to monkeywrench?

Obama budget ends SCAAP, just like Bush did (reimburses states for illegal alien incarceration) - 05/08/09

Barack Obama's budget has no funding for SCAAP, the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program. That reimburses states for their cost of incarcerating illegal aliens, and it will supposedly save $400 million. And, not funding that program is something that Bush tried to do in each year of his presidency; Congress rebuffed the previous illegal immigration-supporting president's attempts. That "tango" where the program is underfunded by Congress after an attempt to cut is made by the president is described here (from March 2008).

The AFSCME wasn't happy when Bush tried this last year (link), and past quotes in opposition to that Bush attempt from Janet Napolitano and Reps. John Spratt and Gabrielle Giffords (all Democrats) are here.

Back to Obama's attempt to do the same thing, this quotes Sen. John Cornyn:

"Forcing state governments to pick up the tab for federal government's failures doesn't save Texas taxpayers one dime."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says Obama's actions are "outrageous" (link).

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says this:

"[Obama's actions deprive] communities of critical funding for public safety services... We cannot afford to let our public safety services crumble under the weight of our immigration policies, especially during this time of economic uncertainty."

UPDATE: A letter demanding funding for SCAAP has been signed by 12 Democratic and five Republican members of Congress (link).

Obama immigration budget: does a McCain: border security, then amnesty; fulfills promise to Mexican government; worried about *southbound* flows - 05/06/09

Remember how when John McCain used the cheap, misleading tactic of talking about how he wanted to "secure the border first" and then use that to push for amnesty, and Obama supporters lied and said he didn't support comprehensive immigration reform anymore? Well, now Barack Obama wants to secure the border first and then use that to push for amnesty. Somehow it's different this time.

From "Obama budget puts security first at the border/He'll ask Congress to help curb the flow of arms to Mexico before seeking any immigration reform" (by Anna Gorman and Peter Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times; link):

President Obama will ask Congress for $27 billion for border and transportation security in the next budget year, fulfilling a promise to the Mexican government to battle the southbound flow of illegal weapons and setting the stage for immigration reform by first addressing enforcement, administration officials said Tuesday.

While some of what he proposes might do something about the northbound flow, and there's no statement from Obama being as upfront as the LAT is, that's a good reminder of who and what are really important to the elites.

Rather than emphasizing fence construction, the budget concentrates on fighting drug smuggling, increasing funding for the Transportation Security Administration as well as:

...[doubling DHS] funding to nearly $47 million to combat southbound firearms and currency smuggling, and adds more than 100 Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers... Among the immigration enforcement priorities, the budget increases funding by 30% to nearly $200 million to enable the Department of Homeland Security to hire 80 new people to identify criminal immigrants in the jails and prisons for deportation... Obama also wants to spend $112 million, a 12% increase, to make E-Verify, an employment verification program, more reliable and to get more employers to use it.

The rest of the article consists of Gorman and Nicholas blueskying for the administration:

In devoting more money to security and enforcement, Obama may be creating some political space needed to revamp the immigration system. The president risks alienating many conservatives if he doesn't emphasize strong border and immigration enforcement before taking action on a reform package that would create a path to legalization for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants... "If the American people don't feel like you can secure the borders," Obama said during a prime-time news conference last week, "then it's hard to strike a deal that would get people out of the shadows and on a pathway to citizenship who are already here, because the attitude of the average American is going to be, 'Well, you're just going to have hundreds of thousands of more coming in each year.' " ...The emphasis on border security isn't a surprising first step by the administration, said Angela Kelley, vice president for immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, a Washington-based think tank. ..."It's a no-brainer that he is going to want to spend a lot of resources and build muscle at the border," she said... [But, the] second chapter better be looking to Congress and being in the driver's seat, both publicly and behind closed doors, driving a legislative package successfully."

Obama 3/24/09 press conference: border initiative seeks stop flow of illegal guns and money - 03/24/09

The transcript of Barack Obama's 3/24/09 press conference is here. In addition to several of the to-be-expected useless questions from the English-language media, he took one from a Univision reporter:

Today your administration presented a plan to help curb the violence in Mexico and also to control any or prevent any spillover of the violence into the United States. Do you consider the situation now a national security threat?

Needless to say, he didn't answer that question. He was also asked whether he'd be sending National Guard troops, and only responded that he'd increase the efforts if they weren't enough. And, needless to say, he didn't say anything about actually building the border fence.

What he did say is that he wants to do something about the flow of illegal guns from the U.S. into Mexico; that flow may or may not be as great as claimed, and those highlighting the flow may be using it to hide their support for gun control.

And, he also said he wanted to do something about cash flowing back to drug sellers in Mexico. At this point in time it might be worth reviewing all the effort that banks, the Mexican government, and others have put into the Matricula Consular card that allows illegal aliens to send money home. Some of that might be more than simply chicken-plucking wages. It might also be helpful to recall "ICIRR in suit against Terry Goddard over Western Union wire transfers" and the like. If Obama actually means anything he says, expect him to make sure that no transfers by "willing workers" are involved, lest he outrages his illegal immigration-supporting friends at groups like the ICIRR.

Maryland moves to give ID cards to released inmates, including illegal aliens - 02/24/09

The Maryland Senate has passed SB 186, which would give identification cards to those released from state prisons (link). That's not necessarily such a bad thing, but what is bad is that those prisons don't check the immigration status of their prisoners and an amendment to require that was quashed.

Pew: Latinos comprise 33% of federal prison inmates - 02/18/09

Solomon Moore of the New York Times offers "Study Shows Sharp Rise in Latino Federal Convicts" (link):
Latino convicts now represent the largest ethnic population in the federal prison system, accounting for 40 percent of all those convicted of federal crimes, according to a study released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank.

In 2007, Latinos, who make up 13 percent of the United States population, accounted for one third of all federal prison inmates, a result the study attributed to the sharp rise in illegal immigration and the increased enforcement of immigration laws.

Nearly half of all Latino offenders, or about 48 percent, were convicted of immigration crimes, while drug offenses were the second-most prevalent charge, according to the report...
You can download the full report at

They include the note that federal prisoners only represent about 6% of those sentenced for a felony. And, the offenses of the Hispanic prisoners was mostly a function of their immigration status:
Among sentenced non-citizen Latino immigration offenders, more than eight-in-ten (81%) were convicted of entering unlawfully or residing in the U.S. without authorization. In contrast, more than nine-in-ten (91%) U.S. citizen Latino immigration offenders were convicted of smuggling, transporting or harboring an unlawful alien.

10% of entire prison population are immigrants eligible for deportation - 03/29/08

According to Julie Myers, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE"), around 10% of the total U.S. prison population are immigrants who could be deported (link).

The ADL's definition of "hate" and "anti-immigrant" can't be trusted. (ALIPAC, others) - 10/31/07

The Anti-Defamation League - which apparently at one time did some good, but which is now a far-left Gramscian enforcer and defender of illegal activity - has released a new report entitled "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream" [1]:

A closer look at the public record reveals that many ostensibly mainstream anti-illegal immigration organizations – including those who testified before Congress or frequently appeared on news programs – promote virulent anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Some groups have fostered links with extremist groups.

They list several groups, but as will be shown, their definition of "hate" just can't be trusted. For example, consider this claim:

[Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee/ALIPAC president William Gheen] [2] also inflames anti-immigrant sentiment by falsely asserting that foreigners bring disease into the nation. During a June 2007 radio interview, he said, "We've got bedbugs back in all, almost all of our 58 [sic] states. We've got TB on the rise, we've got hepatitis, we've got HIV, we've got diseases like Chagas disease, which is a horrifying disease, but also, much like TB, is very, very difficult to treat at all, and it's coming in because of the, the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and, and the end result is Americans are suffering, Americans are dying."

The ADL's claim that foreigners don't bring diseases into the U.S. is obviously false. And, let's turn to this May 23, 1989 article:

The rising wave of immigration from Central and South America increases the likelihood that Chagas' disease may become more common in the United States, experts said, unless blood banks routinely reject donors born in Central or South America or test their blood.

The source? Why none other than the scare mongerers at the New York Times (link). Finding other sources discussing those various diseases and immigration is left as an exercise. And, of course, immigrants at Ellis Island were checked for diseases, and there are laws on the books regulating immigrants and visitors who have various types of diseases.

Now, it's about to get ironic. Returning to the ADL:

At an August 2007 rally in North Carolina, Gheen stated, "Illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you’re under the threat of death."

Then, let's look at this January 20, 2007 article:

Prudhomme was murdered because he identified himself as black (he was in fact mixed-race) in a neighborhood occupied by one of the many Latino street gangs in Los Angeles County. Incredibly, even though these gangs are fundamentally criminal enterprises interested mainly in money, gang experts inside and outside the government say that they are now engaged in a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" -- racial terror that is directed solely at African Americans.

The source? Brentin Mock, from the Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Center [3] [4].

(The SPLC is, of course, another group that likes to throw the "hate" charge around; perhaps the ADL could call the SPLC a hate group, and the SPLC could respond by calling the ADL a hate group, and then the could both lock arms in battle and fall into the abyss.)

Even the Los Angeles Times has noted something similar (link):

Authorities said the gang specifically tried to eliminate rival African American gangs in South L.A. and the Florence-Firestone area in an effort to "cleanse" the neighborhood. In doing so, they mistakenly harassed and attacked innocent African American residents, according to the indictment.

As has the Guardian (link):

It is a city of violence as a new race war escalates between new Hispanic gangs and older black groups, each trying to ethnically cleanse the other.

If you see any reporters quoting the ADL on this issue, please send them this link.

11/06/07 UPDATE: Janet Murguia helps us discover yet another misleading statement from the ADL; see that link.

And, from the Los Angeles Times' "Latin American scourge turning up in U.S. immigrants/In L.A., nation's first clinic opens to treat deadly insect-borne Chagas disease" (link):

A Los Angeles County hospital has opened the first clinic in the country devoted to studying and treating Chagas disease, a deadly parasitic illness that has long been the leading cause of heart failure in Latin America and is now being seen in immigrant communities in the United States... ...By the end of October, 253 people in 30 states had tested positive for the antibody, according to data compiled by the American Association of Blood Banks. The prevalence nationwide is estimated to be about 1 in 30,000 donors, and about 1 in 7,000 in Los Angeles, said Dr. Susan Stramer, executive scientific officer for the American Red Cross... ...Most donors who tested positive since screening began this year emigrated from high-risk areas, sometimes years ago, or were the children of such immigrants, said the Red Cross' Stramer in an e-mail. But in nine cases still under investigation, Stramer said, infection may have been transmitted by insects in the United States...

[2] I'm not a member because I'm not a joiner. I also don't think their occasional highlighting of illegal aliens and crime is the right way to fight the issue. However, I don't think they deserve the treatment the ADL gives them.
[4] (same article as [2])

Waukegan: "immigrant rights groups" protest arrests of gang members - 08/31/07

From this we see the latest example of just how far "immigrant rights groups" are willing to go:
Immigrant rights groups are holding a 24-hour prayer vigil to protest the arrests of 58 Mexican nationals.

A crowd gathered outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office Thursday night in Waukegan. Some at the vigil are questioning why people who have already been through the legal system were targeted.

ICE agents arrested 58 Mexican nationals with alleged ties to violent street gangs in the northern and northwest suburbs this week in the largest local dragnet targeting foreign-born street gang members.
Possible-but-questionable mitigating circumstances are offered by Ryan Pagelow of the Suburban Chicago News in "Caught in gangbanger deportation sweep":
Relatives of some of the legal permanent residents swept up in the immigration crackdown focusing on gang members this week said their relatives are no longer involved in gangs, although a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said only individuals who pose a threat to public safety are being arrested in "Operation Gangs Away."
The only one of the organizations mentioned is Casa Mexiquense of Waukegan, which was discussed in this 2004 article:
"People are beginning to open their eyes," said Carlos Sanchez, who is working with Casa Mexiquense to mobilize naturalized citizens in Waukegan.
From July of this year, here's a picture of their Margaret Carrasco meeting with Emma Lozano to oppose Waukegan trying to establish a 287g program. They also distributed a brochure similar to the one put out by another CASA; whether it's the same or derived from that isn't known.

David Leonhardt/New York Times: illegal immigration supporting hack - 05/30/07

David Leonhardt of the New York Times offers the much-linked "Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs". It discusses a few facts that Dobbs has gotten wrong, and to that extent it's worthwhile: everybody needs a fact-checker to keep them honest. However, one wonders about this bit:

He is the heir to the nativist tradition that has long used fiction and conspiracy theories as a weapon against the Irish, the Italians, the Chinese, the Jews and, now, the Mexicans.

That kind of smear doesn't sound like fact-checking to me. According to Lesley Stahl, journalists shouldn't mix in opinion with their facts. Does that above sound like a fact? Should Leonhard be considered a journalist?

In fact, what's going on here is the that New York Times and most of our corrupt elite support massive illegal activity, something that Dobbs opposes. The NYT is simply striking back.

He also mentions the Southern Poverty Law Center, calling them a "civil rights group" without mentioning that they have an indirect link to the Mexican government. Shouldn't a good journalist disclose such links?

And, one of Leonhardt's statements doesn't exactly square with previous NYT coverage. He quotes "James L. Krahenbuhl, the director of the National Hansen's Disease Program, an arm of the federal government" as saying:

"It is not a public health problem — that’s the bottom line... You've got a country of 300 million people. This is not something for the public to get alarmed about."

However, one of those sounding alarms... was the New York Times back in February 18, 2003 with "Leprosy, a Synonym for a Stigma, Returns":

But, in fact, as cases of leprosy have been declining worldwide in recent years, the infection has actually been on the rise in the United States... While there were some 900 recorded cases in the United States 40 years ago, today more than 7,000 people have leprosy, or Hansen's disease, as it is now called. ''And those are the ones we know about,'' said Dr. William Levis, attending physician at Bellevue Hospital's Hansen's Disease Clinic. ''There are probably many, many more.'' ...the disease is now officially endemic to the Northeastern United States for the first time ever.

Wouldn't a good journalist have at least mentioned that earlier article? Leonhart's smears continue:

Mr. Dobbs argues that the middle class has many enemies: corporate lobbyists, greedy executives, wimpy journalists, corrupt politicians. But none play a bigger role than illegal immigrants. As he sees it, they are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages and even endangering our lives.

I only see his show occasionally, but I suspect that Dobbs focuses more on illegal aliens themselves as symptoms of the former group, yet Leonhardt is implying that Dobbs focuses on the illegal aliens themselves.

Leonhardt's hack status is further entrenched with this chestnut:

There is no denying that this country's immigration system is broken.

The bottom line here is the bottom line: some people profit from illegal immigration, either monetarily or through obtaining political power. And, they're quite willing to defend their bottom line through lies and smears.

More to come, including Dobbs' response and a list of those who helped retransmit Leonhardt's smears.

UPDATE: Dobbs responds: "An answer for my critics".

I point out that I was one of the few people attempting to counteract this smear here. That helps illustrate why the MSM and politicians are continually allowed to spread lies and pro-illegal immigration propaganda.

The NYT article also contains this:

For one thing, Mr. Dobbs has a somewhat flexible relationship with reality. He has said, for example, that one-third of the inmates in the federal prison system are illegal immigrants. That's wrong, too. According to the Justice Department, 6 percent of prisoners in this country are noncitizens (compared with 7 percent of the population).

Bearing in mind that I'm not familiar with the statistics he cites, this site says:

Notice how Leonhardt has changed the subject. Dobbs was talking about federal prisoners, and Leonhardt is talking about the entire state plus federal prison population.

UPDATE 2: It's starting to get funny now. From the current NYT article:

Second, Mr. Dobbs really does give airtime to white supremacy sympathizers. Ms. Cosman, who is now deceased, was a lawyer and Renaissance studies scholar, never a medical doctor or a leprosy expert. She gave speeches in which she said that Mexican immigrants had a habit of molesting children.

Now, let's turn to this article from March 19, 2006:

Madeleine Pelner Cosman, a prominent writer, scholar and lecturer whose passion for what she called the "glorious order" of the past led her first to a career in medieval and Renaissance studies and more recently to wide public advocacy of tougher immigration laws, died on March 2 in Escondido, Calif. She was 68... Ms. Cosman took her work seriously. She could sing madrigals, play the lute and eat with her fingers off a trencher in the proper medieval style. Her house in suburban New Jersey was appointed with ornately carved period furniture. Arms and armor lay about, the walls were hung with Flemish tapestries, and the cellar was stocked with mead.

It goes on in its own laudatory way, with the only discordant note being the use of the term "anti-immigrant" to refer to websites that promoted her latter works. The source? Why (of course) the New York Times (link, copy).

Durham illegal aliens victims of black on Hispanic robberies; Wells Fargo? - 01/08/07

The article "Nearly half of robbery victims in Durham [North Carolina] are Hispanic" ( says that others say that Hispanics are a lucrative, vulnerable and growing target for armed robbers. Of course, they aren't really refering to "Hispanics" in general, but to illegal aliens, many of whom don't have bank accounts and carry large amounts of cash with them. And:

An assistant Durham County district attorney supports their assertion, saying armed robbery of Hispanics here is chiefly a black-on-Hispanic crime.

"[Washington] State winks at illegal immigration" - 08/16/06

Dan Stein of FAIR writes in the Seattle PI (link):
Gov. Chris Gregoire recently made some headlines by sending the federal government a $50 million bill for the cost of incarcerating criminal illegal immigrants. We wish her and the taxpayers of Washington luck. For all the chance the state of Washington has of getting a check from the federal government, Gregoire might just as well have saved the postage.

Flashback to 1993, when Harry Reid was an American - 04/05/06

Nowadays, Harry Reid supports illegal immigration, even when he ends up greatly harming American citizens and assisting Bush, connected contractors, and the government of Mexico in the process. (See also this, this, this and this about an Abramoff connection).

Iowans get exotic treat: Central American gangs - 09/07/05

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (link) The Midwest seems an unlikely hideout for Osama bin Laden's hired hands. But an ongoing federal crackdown shows an increasing presence of a violent gang with suspected links to al-Qaida. The gang, M-S-13, was founded in El Salvador and is known for smuggling drugs and immigrants into the U-S. [...and there's a possible terrorism connection...]

"Boosting For Billions" - 07/13/04

[This post is originally from 7/10/04; see the next post for an explanation]

After its Kerry-Edwards-Stahl kissyfest, 60 Minutes ran a segment called "Boosting For Billions":

"Boosting" is organized shoplifting, and if you think it's a petty crime, think again.

As Correspondent Steve Kroft first reported in February, approximately $10 billion in merchandise is stolen from stores every year -- and retailers are just beginning to realize that a huge chunk of it is being taken by gangs of highly skilled, well-organized professionals from South America...

There may be as many as a 1,000 of these teams operating every day, and about the only the place they are ever captured is on the videotape in store security cameras...

[A cop] has books containing mug shots, and surveillance photos of 2,500 South American gang members known to be operating in the United States. All of them have been arrested at least once; almost all of them are in the country illegally...

...retailers are trying to push a bill through Congress that would treat shoplifting by these rings as a federal felony with penalties of up to 10 years in jail.

Would it be mean-spirited of The Gap and the rest to suggest that - the horror! - the boosters should just be deported? No new laws necessary, just enforce those we already have.

Would Racial Identity groups hold protests in the streets? After, these gangs sound like they're doing the organized shoplifting Americans won't do.

On the other hand, perhaps these retailers who are losing millions of dollars a year might be willing to help get rid of lax immigration policies.

Beware of the Mexican government bearing gifts - 05/31/04

An L.A. Daily News editorial discusses the Mexican government's latest scheme:

Although it's poor form to criticize a gift, it's hard not to second-guess the Mexican government's choice of presents for the people of Los Angeles County.