Obama 3/24/09 press conference: border initiative seeks stop flow of illegal guns and money

The transcript of Barack Obama's 3/24/09 press conference is here. In addition to several of the to-be-expected useless questions from the English-language media, he took one from a Univision reporter:

Today your administration presented a plan to help curb the violence in Mexico and also to control any or prevent any spillover of the violence into the United States. Do you consider the situation now a national security threat?

Needless to say, he didn't answer that question. He was also asked whether he'd be sending National Guard troops, and only responded that he'd increase the efforts if they weren't enough. And, needless to say, he didn't say anything about actually building the border fence.

What he did say is that he wants to do something about the flow of illegal guns from the U.S. into Mexico; that flow may or may not be as great as claimed, and those highlighting the flow may be using it to hide their support for gun control.

And, he also said he wanted to do something about cash flowing back to drug sellers in Mexico. At this point in time it might be worth reviewing all the effort that banks, the Mexican government, and others have put into the Matricula Consular card that allows illegal aliens to send money home. Some of that might be more than simply chicken-plucking wages. It might also be helpful to recall "ICIRR in suit against Terry Goddard over Western Union wire transfers" and the like. If Obama actually means anything he says, expect him to make sure that no transfers by "willing workers" are involved, lest he outrages his illegal immigration-supporting friends at groups like the ICIRR.


you can't stop guns coming from Red China but obama and his evil little friends will setup a little system to take your guns and much more, the lies that most guns come from the usa is a lie, most MG'S come from china not this nation.