Durham illegal aliens victims of black on Hispanic robberies; Wells Fargo?

The article "Nearly half of robbery victims in Durham [North Carolina] are Hispanic" (heraldsun.com/durham/4-806625.cfm) says that others say that Hispanics are a lucrative, vulnerable and growing target for armed robbers. Of course, they aren't really refering to "Hispanics" in general, but to illegal aliens, many of whom don't have bank accounts and carry large amounts of cash with them. And:

An assistant Durham County district attorney supports their assertion, saying armed robbery of Hispanics here is chiefly a black-on-Hispanic crime.

The first lesson here is that this wouldn't be an issue if there weren't so many illegal aliens there.

The second lesson here is that articles like this are sometimes precursors to self-interested parties stepping in offering to "help". Expect the Mexican government to announce a partnership with local or national banks (such as Wells Fargo or Bank of "America"), with perhaps that government giving their Matricula Consular card to illegal aliens outside the bank and the illegal aliens then using that card to open accounts.

Here's an example from Austin, with one of those involved in the scheme later getting an award from Mexico.


Here in Indiana many banks give accounts if you have a matricular card only.

If you bank with Wells Fargo, you should take your
business elsewhere because they have done more than any bank to help illegal immigrants get banking services, including loans for houses!


and Citibank too