Waukegan: "immigrant rights groups" protest arrests of gang members

From this we see the latest example of just how far "immigrant rights groups" are willing to go:
Immigrant rights groups are holding a 24-hour prayer vigil to protest the arrests of 58 Mexican nationals.

A crowd gathered outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office Thursday night in Waukegan. Some at the vigil are questioning why people who have already been through the legal system were targeted.

ICE agents arrested 58 Mexican nationals with alleged ties to violent street gangs in the northern and northwest suburbs this week in the largest local dragnet targeting foreign-born street gang members.
Possible-but-questionable mitigating circumstances are offered by Ryan Pagelow of the Suburban Chicago News in "Caught in gangbanger deportation sweep":
Relatives of some of the legal permanent residents swept up in the immigration crackdown focusing on gang members this week said their relatives are no longer involved in gangs, although a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said only individuals who pose a threat to public safety are being arrested in "Operation Gangs Away."
The only one of the organizations mentioned is Casa Mexiquense of Waukegan, which was discussed in this 2004 article:
"People are beginning to open their eyes," said Carlos Sanchez, who is working with Casa Mexiquense to mobilize naturalized citizens in Waukegan.
From July of this year, here's a picture of their Margaret Carrasco meeting with Emma Lozano to oppose Waukegan trying to establish a 287g program. They also distributed a brochure similar to the one put out by another CASA; whether it's the same or derived from that isn't known.


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