cynthia tucker

Cynthia Tucker (AJC, University of Georgia)

Political columnist, formerly associated with the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Now a visiting professor at the University of Georgia.

Last modified Jan 23, 2012
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Cynthia Tucker: Democrats should put immigration "reform" front and center - 11/10/07

Cynthia Tucker has a laugh-a-line column called here "Democrats must take immigration reins and ride the high road". She plays the race card, saying among other things that the Republicans are "scapegoat[ing] foreigners", compares legalizing foreign citizens who are here illegally to the civil rights movement, and offers the stock false choice between a massive amnesty and mass deportations.

Laugh: Cynthia Tucker wins Pulitzer Prize for Commentary - 04/16/07

Cynthia Tucker isn't the worst commentator on immigration matters, and that's only partly because she mostly comments on other things.

Cynthia Tucker/AJC supports illegal immigration - 11/19/06

Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution opposes a Hazleton-style ordinance considered for Cherokee County in Georgia in "In bullying illegals, county picks easy fight". First of all, the idea that illegal aliens as a group could be bullied is completely false. They have very powerful allies: corrupt employers, corrupt politicians, the corrupt media, racial power groups, and so forth. Those powerful forces will work overtime to make sure that those they profit from are not "bullied".

Cynthia Tucker still illegal immigration-supporting idiot - 08/19/06

I swear Cynthia Tucker must write columns just so bloggers can have an easy fisk. "Immigration - and strange bedfellows" discusses attempts by "right-wing zealots" and "ultraconservatives" to protect American workers, including blacks. According to Tucker, that's quite out of character for groups such as the Minutemen and pundits such as Sean Hannity.

Cynthia Tucker still idiot on immigration - 07/11/06

She offers "Ignoring the easy solution on immigration": Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss - then a congressman - was annoyed at the old Immigration and Naturalization Service for trying to enforce the nation's laws. In 1998, when INS agents rounded up illegal workers at the Vidalia onion fields in southeast Georgia, Mr. Chambliss and a handful of other Georgia congressmen denounced the agency.

Cynthia Tucker to uncover corruption! - 04/09/06

Without using the word "corrupt", Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution opines that our national politicians are corrupt: If they really wanted to, your representatives in Washington could dry up illegal immigration almost before you could say, "Tom Tancredo is a tiresome demagogue." All they would have to do is require U.S.

Cynthia Tucker's illegal immigration strawman; a challenge - 10/02/05

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist offers "Don't blame illegals; blast their bosses", which shall be mini-fisked as follows: In every time, and in every place, there are demagogues who ride to power by whipping up the fears and resentments of an anxious populace. Believe or don't, she's referring to Tom Tancredo.