Laugh: Cynthia Tucker wins Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Cynthia Tucker isn't the worst commentator on immigration matters, and that's only partly because she mostly comments on other things. Even if she wrote about it more, she'd have to work hard to compete with Ruben Navarrette and others.

But, she does have one distinction the other hacks don't have: a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary.

Tucker won for her "courageous, clear-headed columns that evince a strong sense of morality." Tucker, the editorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a syndicated columnist, has written often about race and immigration. Her newspaper's entry letter described her as "more realist than optimist."

Other winners include L.A. Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold; a few words he wrote - and which I saw pasted up on the wall of a restaurant in Koreatown several years ago - have been a constant source of bemusement for me. More about him at some future point.


Its normal in a nation that is dead to love the ones who are also mind dead,its always about BS And you will be loved for talk aboout BS AND SAD TO SAY! "Nothing new" Hell saw this thing happen 1800 years ago in Rome. So it race and immigration but never written up as a tool by some and a weapon by other's for control reasons, "oh well", third world here we come.

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