Cynthia Tucker still idiot on immigration

She offers "Ignoring the easy solution on immigration":
Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss - then a congressman - was annoyed at the old Immigration and Naturalization Service for trying to enforce the nation's laws. In 1998, when INS agents rounded up illegal workers at the Vidalia onion fields in southeast Georgia, Mr. Chambliss and a handful of other Georgia congressmen denounced the agency. He accused INS of using "bullying tactics."

These days, Mr. Chambliss is better known for his tough stance against illegal workers. A member of a hard-core group of Republicans who have rebelled against President Bush's sensible call for immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship...

...He stands on the same side he's always stood on - the side of big business, which wants to exploit illegal workers without giving them the benefits of legal status...
Your head may have done a Linda Blair as you read that, but don't worry Tucker wasn't similarly affected. To her, it's perfectly logical to claim to be opposed to illegal immigration and its attendant abuses while at the same time supporting legislation that will encourage even more illegal immigration and make the situation far worse.

A head-spinning question for Cynthia: aren't you a "hard-liner" too? After all, you support Bush's plan, so presumably you also support enforcing it. Won't that enforcement involve taking actions similar to those that "hard-liners" want to take now? As in other cases, what's far more likely is that Tucker will support enforcing the new laws that she supports the same way she supports enforcing the current laws.

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You guys still miss it, its part of the deal made long-ago! and yes big business hates the ideals of money in the hands of people after all bush owns 5 billion in other counties like Red China and Mexico, and as far as benefites and legal status just wait 3 years from now when millions of iraqis start coming here with legal status! and 7.5 million olds chinese start showing up with lagal status you can forget your LEGAL BENNE'S FOR GOOD.

Hey you are dead as dead can be and if you just stand and do nothing! and if you start to act like a people with a nation you just may go to prison with the 3.5 million inside the walls of freedom! soon we all will be aliens who are not hispanic and that has been the plan for over 30 years by the pigs you call leaders of a free nation, sad,sad, fools.