Cynthia Tucker: Democrats should put immigration "reform" front and center

Cynthia Tucker has a laugh-a-line column called here "Democrats must take immigration reins and ride the high road". She plays the race card, saying among other things that the Republicans are "scapegoat[ing] foreigners", compares legalizing foreign citizens who are here illegally to the civil rights movement, and offers the stock false choice between a massive amnesty and mass deportations. And:

Still, here's some counterintuitive advice for the Democrats: Don't hedge. Lead. Do the right thing. Come out clearly and forcefully for putting illegal immigrants already in the country on a path to citizenship. This is no time to trim or triangulate. Show some spine. America is ready for reasoned leadership on this issue.

I have to agree: the Democratic Party should be even more explicit about their support for massive illegal activity. Of course, my thinking is the opposite of hers: that way it would be even easier to discredit them on this issue.

Then, if you haven't laughed at her enough she says:

But Americans also want to be assured that this is the last time a broad legalization option is offered to illegal immigrants. Democrats ought to make it clear that they'll enforce the borders and crack down on employers who hire illegally...

Based on the long history of both the GOP and the Democrats and their linked groups of supporting illegal activity, no claims that this would be the "last time" are in any way credible.

The major reason the Dems support illegal immigration is because they see the opportunity to pick up a lot of votes, and they're corrupt enough to encourage or enable illegal activity in order to get even more votes. Giving an amnesty would only reward the Democratic Party's corruption, and it would encourage more of it. Rather than fixing the Democratic Party's corruption, it would make it worse.


Has Cynthia Tucker ever listened to African-American talk radio in years? A massive housing boom and Black males have basically been all but frozen out of the construction labor market. Labor force participation rates dramatically falling. Furthermore, she completely bought into the WaPo's delusional interpretation of Tuesday's election results. What about Prince George's county? What about the crushing out of nowhere defeat of Democrat Bart Peterson in Indianapolis? What about the Democrat Nikki Tsongas barely winning in Massachusetts against an Immigration Restrictionist. I ready your archives on her. Pretty telling.

There is a similarity between Snivel Rights and Amnesty. Both are wrong.