Judge Peter Busch: San Francisco can pass out ID cards to all, including illegal aliens

From this:
A lawsuit to block San Francisco from handing out municipal identification cards to anyone who has lived in the city for at least 15 days regardless of their immigration status was tossed out of court Tuesday.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Peter Busch ruled against the Immigration Reform Law Institute of Washington D.C., which left open the possibility of an appeal.
A quote from Julia Harumi Mass from the American Civil Liberties Union follows; the ACLU joined with Frisco in the suit. On another matter, the ACLU is directly collaborating with the Mexican government (here are some questions you're urged to ask them about that).

The IRLI might appeal (link). At that, Mass says:
The municipal ID program is a modest public safety measure, meant to ensure that all San Franciscans have access to services and police protection... Our clients are organizations whose members -- as youth, homeless people, immigrants, and transgender San Franciscans -- face particular obstacles to obtaining identification cards... Access to ID cards is important for all San Francisco residents to feel comfortable reporting crime and standing up for their rights...
It would only be "modest" in the sense that not that many illegal aliens would move to Frisco due to the high cost of living there; however, many would move there by living 20 or 30 to an apartment. Others from less expensive Bay Area locations would "maintain an address" in the city. And, legal immigrants have a plethora of documentation, and thus don't face difficulty obtaining ID. And, of course, citizens of other countries have no right to come here illegally and then obtain ID cards. And, if this program succeeds it would probably be pushed in other cities, such as Los Angeles. The ACLU is just offering a tortured explanation for their support for illegal activity.

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totally normal for government, state or local or the federal BS Boys all that will happen is it will take alot of your money and do nothing but talk and good bye to your money and hand it over to some third world monkey. so the fed pick's up one million people for voting/sanctary and toss, 20 people in prison 20 behind that one million, its all just a show.

I wonder how many Canadians would be issued these IDs were they to apply for them? If they were not visible minorities that it. Exactly zero.