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Paul Benedict
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I'm a conservative writer from California. Steelers fan. Idealistic enough to believe that truth moves mountains when we stand for it.
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.@winkiechance @paulbenedict7: Home Depot runs illegal alien hiring halls. Langone probably likes Trump's mass legalization plan. #Trump2016
.@Orangeblood2012 @paulbenedict7: we make illegal #immigration like that. All but true believers (LGutierrez,Villar,etc.) would back off.
.@Orangeblood2012 @paulbenedict7: pols would take $ to support child labor, but won't because it'd mean the end of their careers.
.@Orangeblood2012 @paulbenedict7: it's also not needed. If pols were afraid for their careers of enabling illegal #immigration, it'd stop.
.@Orangeblood2012 @paulbenedict7: it would be extremely difficult to eliminate birthright citizenship through the courts by any method.
.@paulbenedict7: good one! Here's a list; Maybe explain why you & your friends won't help discredit them. #Trump
.@paulbenedict7: I missed your reply, Paul. List all the groups you know of that'd oppose Trump on #immigration. Can you? @Orangeblood2012
.@paulbenedict7: list some major groups that would fiercely oppose "President Trump" on #immigration. Please list all you know of.
.@RepStevenSmith @paulbenedict7: Sessions has been trying to get some of the same things for years. How will Trump win where he failed?
.@paulbenedict7: this plan is *guaranteed* to stop Obama's amnesty: Will you help defend the USA against Obama?
.@paulbenedict7: building block to get #Ebola restrictions is discrediting @abbydphillip: Use her to send message.
.@mpg25mary @paulbenedict7: what's your action plan to get travel restrictions from #ebola countries? If you have no plan will you use mine?
.@HaynesParker1 @paulbenedict7: Obama might declare amnesty before Nov. So, it'd be better to help me stop amnesty *now*. #tcot #teaparty
.@paulbenedict7: @KausMickey was absolutely no help with my extensive #AskTheWH effort, even when an ex-La Raza hack responded to me. #tcot