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Constitutional & Fiscal Conservative. Former Dem who realized GOP isn't providing an alternative! Blocked by Hillary! #Trump 2016 #Vets #Israel God Bless USA!
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.@mpg25mary: for instance, @MarkSKrikorian refuses to do his job & help stop amnesty:
.@mpg25mary: there's no "story". Even asking nicely I got ~0 help with despite that being only way to stop amnesty.
.@mpg25mary: years later, I've gotten almost 0 help from "conservatives" with the only plan that would stop Obama's amnesties. That's how.
.@mpg25mary: by "conservatives" I meant not just corrupt leaders, but the base; #CA shows how little patriotism they have. #tcot #teaparty
.@mpg25mary: yes, and illegal aliens voting, getting DLs, etc. are all things "conservatives" could have fought if they were patriotic. #gop
.@mpg25mary @MAGANIFICENT: Trump has a mass *legalization* plan. It's the only one of his immigration plans that'll happen. #Trump2016 #tcot
.@mpg25mary: I take on mass/illegal #immigration. If you'd helped out we could have stopped Obama's amnesties. Be part of the solution.
.@mpg25mary: see end of See "intermediaries" & Question Authority links there: all apply to amnesty, #Ebola, etc.
.@mpg25mary @paulbenedict7: what's your action plan to get travel restrictions from #ebola countries? If you have no plan will you use mine?
.@mpg25mary: search my feed for "boxed-in" (not far back). Kashkari can be trained that supporting amnesty/etc. is bad for his cmpgn. #tcot
.@mpg25mary: @AndrewKirell lies and refuses to correct it: He's not a credible source. #Mediaite #immigration #tcot