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.@Patriotancestry @kathy_lord: I could call you & say I'm the Pope. That doesn't make it true. @JudicialWatch = bad journalism. #teaparty
@24AheadDotCom_ @kathy_lord @JudicialWatch Not true, owner of Laugh Factory said he was threatened he would b shut down by Clintons
.@Patriotancestry @kathy_lord: the @JudicialWatch story is likely bogus. The caller only said he was "John" & the owner says might be prank.
.@JudicialWatch: you hype probably-bogus tales, but you won't help stop amnesty: What seems to be the problem?
.@JudicialWatch: Laugh Factory owner, on #KFI, says it could be a prank:
.@JudicialWatch: your Laugh Factory story appears it might be bogus.
.@Jim_Peoples_: the @JudicialWatch way clearly doesn't work, since illegal #immigration & amnesty continue. USA needs better methods. #tcot
RT @JudicialWatch: We uncovered this shocking discovery-->Now illegal immigration flights paid by taxpayers via @wor…
.@JudicialWatch: here's a very smart & effective plan to stop Obama's amnesty: Will you champion that plan?
.@UTHornsRawk: what if the Arpaio & @JudicialWatch suits fail? Isn't it wise to pursue all (legal) methods to stop amnesty? #tcot #teaparty
RT @JudicialWatch: ICYMI: @SenatorSessions spoke on our "Immigration and the Rule of Law" panel yesterday. #NoAmnest…
O'care: Convoluted & contradictory! Who could assign cost to this CBO? @JudgeJeanine @JudicialWatch @AndrewCMcCarthy
@JudicialWatch @JaySekulow: help me get @Heinrich4NM asked these questions by a #NM atty on vid for Youtube:
@JudicialWatch: are you against #ThreeMusketeers too? #LULAC used to be patriotic: #immigration #SB1070 #tlot #tcot
@JudicialWatch: can you look into whether #ACLU has to register as a Foreign Agent?
@JudicialWatch: why won't you (or #teaparty #tcot #GOP #sgp #ocra) help me discredit #NPR? See #immigration #OWS
@JudicialWatch: why won't you (or #teaparty #tcot #GOP #sgp #ocra) help me discredit reporters? See #immigration
@JudicialWatch: much, much easier/smarter way to block DREAM Act than suing. Just ask questions: #tcot #GOP
@JudicialWatch: don't stoop to #teaparty level & confuse @NCLR w wider Raza mvmt/other groups. See "Important note":
@JudicialWatch: don't stoop to #teaparty level and confuse @NCLR w/ wider Raza mvmt, other groups. See "Important note":