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Lisa Boothe
Washington, D.C.
@FoxNews Contributor. President of High Noon Strategies. @DCExaminer Columnist.
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.@LisaMarieBoothe: Liz Warren's immigration stance is very pro-corporate; making smart arguments would undercut her. Has Trump ever done it?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: which is smarter/saner/more patriotic: calling Liz Warren Pocahontas, or using #immigration to undercut her to her base?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: thanks for admitting that Trump is as sleazy as Hillary and Obama ( ). However, a question...
.@LisaMarieBoothe: I missed your response. Did you read "2 senators seek fewer deportations"? Do you agree it misleads?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: does "2 senators seek fewer deportations" (to which @burgessev contributed) mislead about deportation stats, yes or no?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: expecting @burgessev to do anything like real reporting is a lost cause: #Politico #gop #tcot