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Editor of Commentary. Columnist, New York Post. Contributing Editor of the Weekly Standard. Lately I've taken to cursing quite a bit here. Life is short.
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Impressive in avoiding Zuck link Q's? MT @jpodhoretz Without question the most impressive person on the DNC debate stage is Jehmu Greene
.@jpodhoretz: Jehmu co-founded Define American w/ Mark Zuckerberg ally @JoseIsWriting. Do you share Zuck's passion to flood USA w/ H1B?
.@jpodhoretz: you (or allies) @ NYPost blog "CNN's excuse for banning Conway doesn't add up". They should just destroy her career on TV.
.@spyguy8080: if you think about it as hard as you can, are there counter-productive downsides to such wonderings? @jpodhoretz @bdomenech
.@jpodhoretz: when will you call out Ken Jennings on his pro-amnesty tweet? #tcot #teaparty #Commentary
#Teaparty patriots! Here's proof @jpodhoretz is a Communist mole helping Obama's Marxist plans: #TGDN #TCOT #GOP
@jpodhoretz: illegal #immigration is a sign of massive govt/pvt corruption. You want to ignore massive corruption. #teaparty #tcot #GOP #sgp
RT @jpodhoretz Hey, fellow conservatives! Did you see how high illegal immigration ranked in exit polls last night? 3 percent!// #BushBot
@jpodhoretz: how many calling @PeteHoekstra ad racist are just worried it might impact their attempts to sell us out to #China? #teaparty