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Channel Islands Beach, CA
Twitter for Radio legend Phil Hendrie. Worldwide @podcastone @soundcloud RIP Herbert Darragh Hendrie Jr 1943-2016. SAG/AFTRA. #BLM Full of love for all mankind
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.@realphilhendrie: you did @BobbieDooley enraged about battered women wearing her couture. Now, you have puppets doing fart jokes. Change.
MT @realphilhendrie Used to be funny hearing #Trump slobber non-answers & sound extra dim over how he'd actually ban Muslims. Not anymore.
.@realphilhendrie: go plant some trees on the Champs-Élysées. #Kulturkampf
.@BrodyismeFriend: compare & to @RealPhilHendrie. Which are good/bad for US?
.@ApocalypseHow: maybe you can get @realphilhendrie to be less of a punch down/suck up SJW and try to be funny again. #radio
.@RealPhilHendrie: read a news site, tweak a story a bit through Bobbie's/Jay's/Ted's/Steve's lens, then just do it without all the bullshit
.@RealPhilHendrie: your problem, or at least one major one, is the studio crew. Have one-on-ones w/ characters w/o worthless Gray etc. BS.
.@la_baconator: @realphilhendrie used to have a site GeorgeWBushIsGod or similar. That was bad enough, then he got full-blown #SJW. #radio
.@realphilhendrie: Obama refuses to call #SanBernardino terrorism. If you weren't an SJW pussy you'd call him out instead of bubba yahoos.
Fight the power! LOL. MT @realphilhendrie #2A people wave their guns in your face if you talk about reform, any reform. Fuck Them.
What % on Hajj, #SJW (just like you were GWB) idiot? MT @realphilhendrie Muslim tourists spent 145 billion on travel
.@NealVeglio: I have 13.3 GB of @RealPhilHendrie podcasts (Mar 2014 to Oct 2015). Only funny stuff is in early 2000s @BobbieDooley eps.
@24AheadDotCom_ with respect, it sounds like you're one of those who 'doesn't get it'. @realphilhendrie
.@NealVeglio: @RealPhilHendrie was bad enough when he was a rabid GWB fan. He's completely lost his edge after becoming a rabid SJW. #radio
@realphilhendrie watching your guest role on "Maron". You've not lost your edge, sir.
Satire, right? SJW != comedy. MT @realphilhendrie If you follow me, there's a lotta intellectual shit that I talk about that may fuck you up
.@RealPhilHendrie trolls #DailyKos: Either that or a DK reader is really stupid. It can't be that. #tcot #ows
.@RealPhilHendrie: turning into even more of a suck-up/punch-down #SJW than before doesn't exactly seem to have been good for your comedy.
.@RealPhilHendrie was interviewing Chris Norton about a sex convo @ L.A. Convo Center. I said "isn't that the guy from classic rock KLOS?"
First time I heard @RealPhilHendrie doing current shtick was on Hwy 138, driving to a gig at a certain large multinational in #SiliconValley
.@RealPhilHendrie: I no longer bother downloading your podcast. Did you suddenly get funny again?
.@RealPhilHendrie: I don't even bother with your podcasts anymore. It's really simple: take a news story, twist it a bit, add Bobbie or Ted.
Download the @RealPhilHendrie BobbieDooley marathon to hear him when he was funny before he became a full-on Uncle Tim (that means Tim Wise)
.@RealPhilHendrie: the founder of MetaFilter is a lil' fascist and a liar:
Before: @RealPhilHendrie satirized Ted Bell hiring illegal aliens. Today: rap + crappy synth metal + politics he doesn't understand. #tcot
The 24Ahead Style Guide has been updated: I'll use ISIS instead of ISIL. I'll cede Syria, not the Levant. @RealPhilHendrie #tcot #ows #gop
.@RealPhilHendrie: I do vendettas right, over things important to USA: etc
.@RealPhilHendrie had to look up "Levant", stumbled over "littoral". Idea: stick with funny voices & satire, not political opining. #radio
.@RealPhilHendrie: how to pronounce Eluveitie: How to pronounce Arkona: #radio #tcot
.@RealPhilHendrie: "OTM" = "Other Than Mexicans". Everyone familiar w/ this issue knows some OTMs are from Africa, MidEast, etc. Tell Bud.
.@RealPhilHendrie: article was about foreigners crossing into USA illegally, not U.S. citizens. Also, issue of "OTMs" is very widely known.
.@RealPhilHendrie: I heard Bud talking about a Breitbart immigration article. Can you let him know he has no clue on this issue?
♬ Gyvata - Žalioj pievelėj: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #Lithuania #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue @RealPhilHendrie
.@RealPhilHendrie plays Eluveitie, even if he can't pronounce it. Next step: Kulgrinda and Arkona. #radio #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue
I was unsure if "Chris Norton" was @RealPhilHendrie or not. "Is he for real?" I asked myself. I was also bound for #SantaClara, not #SanJose
.@RealPhilHendrie: "There is nothing in this world more un-PC than hip-hop". Apparently the dummy's never heard of NSBM (NB: I'm not a fan).
♬ Arkona - Rus: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday @RealPhilHendrie #ows #uniteblue #tcot #teaparty #sgp ♬
Old @RealPhilHendrie: 2hrs of mostly funny + 1hr of "ignorant drunk at end of bar opines on politics". New: 90 mins of the last. #radio
♬ @realphilhendrie: your "metal" has more autotune than Britney Spears. Play some Arkona: #tcot #ows #teaparty
.@RealPhilHendrie: you should do a @_silversmith character.
.@RealPhilHendrie: instead of that crappy symphonic/synthy/poppy #metal, try some #FolkMetal like #Arkona. #radio #tcot #WesternEstates
.@RealPhilHendrie: is your current show just an attempt to sell BSP so people can access your funny material? #radio #tcot #WesternEstates
.@RealPhilHendrie: some of your characters are funny, but you're a Real Uncle Tim. More Bobbie, Jay, Ted, Bozell, Santos, less you. #radio
.@realphilhendrie: "Rivers of S***"? Since you seem to be out of ideas, maybe hire writers. Less toilet, less soccer, more funny. #radio #oo
.@RealPhilHendrie: if #Teaparty were a pro-white group, they wouldn't turn their backs on dozens of millions of white ppl w/ #IAmThe53. #sgp
.@RealPhilHendrie is occasionally entertaining, when he often isn't or says stupid things about politics. #teaparty #tcot #radio #sgp #ows
1st time I heard @RealPhilHendrie in latest incarnation was on Hwy 152. Chris Norton on a #LosAngeles sess show. Me: "is this guy for real?"
.@RealPhilHendrie: can you direct me to #Teaparty GAFF about whites under upper middle class? Ppl like you (but famous) help them recruit.
@realphilhendrie: can you help confirm whether JoseIsWriting is a gay man and a gay journalist?
@MichaelSkolnik is "Political Director to Russell Simmons". Sure he's not a @RealPhilHendrie character? #CNNDebate #OWS #p2 #tlot #TopProg