Utah House to vote on discounted college educations for illegal aliens; Carol Spackman Moss

Utah state Rep. Glenn Donnelson has been trying for four years to repeal the Utah law that allows illegal aliens to take discounted college educations from U.S. citizens in his state. Now, the full House will vote on the repeal.

One of those on the other side is Rep. Carol Spackman Moss who is, naturally, a Democrat. She says it shouldn't be such an issue because there are just "less than 200 kids" receiving these discounts. Of course, since there is always a greater demand for educational discounts than there is a supply, that represents 200 discounts that were taken away from U.S. citizens.


Moss said advocates for denying immigrant students favorable tuition rates were in effect deciding their careers, telling immigrants "you can mow lawns" but can't aspire to a professional calling... "Don't end the dream for these young people," she said.

Since the law she supports represents a taking from Americans, perhaps Ross is unclear on which country she represents. As for the first part of her comments, there are only two ways to prevent such unfortunate cases in the future: either completely open the borders and give discounts to anyone, or enforce our laws. The first isn't going to happen and Ross clearly doesn't support the second, so she is clearly making the situation worse.

Note that both Governor Jon Huntsman and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff oppose the repeal.

I urge everyone to try to attend public appearances by Moss, Huntsman, and Shurtleff and ask them very tough questions about their stances.

UPDATE: Jennifer W. Sanchez offers "Undocumented kids' tuition break takes hit". She doesn't call those in favor of the appeal pigf***ers, but she does make them deny it:

Opponents of a law that allows undocumented students to pay in-state college tuition are adamant that their efforts to repeal the benefit have nothing to do with racial discrimination and everything to do with encouraging respect for the law.