"Mexicans migrate to 'their land'" (reconquista)

From /deseretnews . com/dn/view/0,1249,635200794,00.html:
Native Utahn David Timmins makes it clear up front that he has no personal issue with Mexico or the Mexican people. During a well-traveled career as a U.S. foreign service officer, he lived for a time in Mexico and says he enjoyed his posting there immensely.

But in light of the current consternation over immigration, the Harvard-educated diplomat thinks it's applicable to the debate to bring up something he learned while he lived south of the border.

"Mexicans see the Western U.S. as part of Mexico that was stolen from them 150 years ago," he says. "They believe this with all their heart."

It's his view that the thousands flooding across the border every month don't see themselves illegally immigrating into a foreign land.

They see themselves coming home.

And we're the illegals....
Related from 2002:
Zogby's poll found that 58 percent of Mexicans agree with the statement, "the territory of the United States' Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico." Only 28 percent disagree, and 14 percent are unsure.
8/22/07 UPDATE: From this Aug. 18, 2005 newsmax . com/archives/articles/2005/8/17/153408.shtml:
The surveys of Mexican citizens by the Pew Hispanic Center also found that increased education and an improved standard of living won't dampen the stampede of illegals coming across the border.

The two surveys conducted in Mexico asked: "If at this moment you had the means and opportunity to go to live in the USA, would you go?" Almost half - 46 percent - said yes.

When asked if they would be inclined to work and live in the USA "without authorization," meaning illegally, 21 percent said they would.

Showing that interest in emigrating isn't confined to the poor, more than one-third of Mexican college graduates said they would move to the U.S. if they could, and more than one in eight said they'd be willing to migrate even if they had to enter the country illegally.


We are beginning to fear for our country and our very lives. Illegals must be deported and the borders must be locked down. Time is up. We may have to do something which will force the government to show its true colors. The people are ready to take matters in their own hands, and the government should think long and hard before they do anything stupid, because there are, believe it or not, mistakes that those bumbling idiots cannot survive.

Mexico got its independence from Spain in 1810. Hmmm, maybe Spain ought to re-colonize Mexico. Seems as reasonable as Reconquista.

Viva Spain!

What an excellent article from someone who have lived down in Mexico and knows what their true motives are. No wonder Fox always considers the Mexican illegals up here still apart of Mexico and he wants to keep track of them by way of the consular offices. This article needs to be spread around.

So, they're just here to work; but not to work at reincorporating that which they regard as Mexican territory? For officials to take the side of such hostiles is traitorous. Appeasement of hostiles leads to more hostilities and worse. Can it be ruled out that some important officials do not see the drift of what they're doing, and actually want intensified conflict, the better to increase their power?