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Tamar Jacoby

Tamar Jacoby is a peripatetic amnestibot, traveling from coast to coast and from guest editorial to guest editorial promoting comprehensive immigration reform from a supposed conservative viewpoint. President of Immigration Works USA and a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

In October 2005, I stumped her at an appearance in L.A. After she gave a speech supporting "reform" including a guest workers program, I asked her what happens after those "guests" had U.S. citizen children and it becomes much more difficult to deport "guests" who don't want to leave. She had no answer; she simply had not thought through all the impacts of the policies she was promoting, and that continues to this day.

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Tamar Jacoby recognizes Mitt Romney is on her side of immigration (the wrong side) - 09/23/12

... banks), and paid hacks (e.g., Tamar Jacoby). Speaking of whom, Tamar Jacoby offers "Romney crosses the immigration divide / In a recent speech to L.A.'s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he unequivocally repudiated the party's restrictionist wing" (link) in which she recognizes and cheers that Mitt Romney is on her basic side of immigration: The question that divides the GOP today is even more...

Cato immigration conference April 26, 2012: let's discredit them (CFR, Lofgren, Jacoby, Federal Reserve, NIF, NFAP) - 03/22/12

... Immigration Policy and Enforcement * Tamar Jacoby, Immigration Works USA * Pia Orrenius, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas * Ted Alden, Council on Foreign Relations * Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum * Stuart Anderson, National Foundation for American Policy * Bryan Caplan, George Mason University * Ilya Shapiro, Sallie James, Dan Ikenson, and Jim Harper of Cato * Alex Nowrasteh, Competitive...

Big Business wants more skilled immigration; Alejandro Mayorkas does their bidding as fast as he can (USCIS, U.S. Chamber, NFAP, AILA, Jacoby, USCCB) - 08/18/11

... Chamber of Commerce, the AILA, and Tamar Jacoby; see [2] for more. And, as with all other proposals to increase skilled or low-skilled immigration or for amnesty, all of this happens against a backdrop of millions of Americans unemployed. Rather than acting like Democrats of yore and putting American workers first, the Obama administration acts more like the Koch family, falsely thinking (or...

Luis Gutierrez: "I have only one loyalty, and that's to the immigrant community" (+the Hispanic MLK; Sharry; Munoz; Jacoby) - 11/30/10

... whole different ball game," says Tamar Jacoby, president of ImmigrationWorks USA, a coalition of business groups that rely on immigrant labor. Gutierrez is "incredibly effective at what he does … [But] there's part of me that always gets a little worried about identity politics." [1] newsweek.com/2010/11/29/pushing-obama-on-immigration-reform.html

Tamar Jacoby: feds suing over Arizona immigration law would block immigration "reform" - 06/22/10

... comprehensive immigration reform, Tamar Jacoby says that the feds suing over the new Arizona immigration law would be a mistake (link):

Groups have "unprecedented amounts of money" to push amnesty; Dobbs leaving was "critical victory" - 01/11/10

... (link) includes this quote from Tamar Jacoby: "Especially on the left-of-center side, [groups that will push for amnesty] had unprecedented amounts of money in the past year, and they're organizing the field, coordinating among themselves, they're unrecognizable almost from what they were in 2006 and 2007... The business side hasn't had as much money pumped in and hasn't transformed as much, but...

Read about CIR ASAP: "Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009" (Luis Gutierrez) - 12/11/09

... Americans are out of work," said Tamar Jacoby, president and chief executive officer of ImmigrationWorks USA, a coalition of businesses pushing for immigration reform... But she said history has shown that there are some jobs that American workers won't take and immigrant workers will... She pointed to resort communities in Michigan that struggled to find workers this summer even though they...

Schumer, Senate Democrats discuss their immigration plans, including a national ID card - 06/24/09

Spencer Hsu of the Washington Post discusses a press conference Senate Democrats held earlier today to discuss their plans for comprehensive immigration reform (link). As previously discussed, Charles Schumer supports a national ID: "I'm sure the civil libertarians will object to some kind of biometric card -- although . . . there'll be all kinds of protections -- but we're going to have to do it...

Perdue Farms refers eVerify questions to Tamar Jacoby - 05/09/09

... E-Verify, but referred questions to (Tamar Jacoby) at ImmigrationWorks USA. There's nothing wrong about that, it's just a bit curious. Are they a client, or just a fan? She did conduct a seminar that included one of their officials: immigrationworksusa.org/index.php?p=127

Tamar Jacoby pins immigration "reform" hopes on Obama-induced "reformist mood", bad policy, racialization - 05/07/09

... favorite immigration "expert", Tamar Jacoby, takes to the pages of the Los Angeles Times with "The immigration debate, again" (link). It contains the usual smears ("there's a danger that populist resentments will curdle into xenophobia", Lou Dobbs and Tom Tancredo are "anti-immigrant" with "inflamed, angry followers") together with things like this: Neither the economic downturn nor enhanced...

Change to Win, AFL-CIO join to push immigration "reform"; ditching big business; labor commission - 04/14/09

Julia Preston and Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times offer 'Immigration Accord by Labor Boosts Obama Effort" (link). The AFL-CIO and the Change to Win federation (which includes the Service Employees International Union) have joined forces to push comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. This is a continuation of the plan that was outlined in Soros-funded Democratic immigration push...

USCIS Task Force on New Americans releases "Building an Americanization Movement for the Twenty-first Century" - 12/21/08

... side, others are not and include Tamar Jacoby of ImmigrationWorks USA, various people from the Migration Policy Institute, someone from the National Immigration Forum, and someone from the Mexican government-linked NALEO. They even consulted with Michelle Waslin when she was with the National Council of La Raza (she's now with the NIF). Here's a 2006 quote from her: "while (a Lamar Alexander...

Obama, McCain, Clinton at LULAC convention (illegal immigration supporters; reconquista quote) - 07/07/08

... Sherry from America's Voice, Tamar Jacoby of Immigration Works USA, and Lori Wallach from Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. * "High Powered Latinas and the Challenges They Face" featuring someone from the U.S. Army together with Dolores Huerta and Lydia Camarillo of the Southwest Voter Education and Registration Project. UPDATE: McCain's remarks are here. Noting any difference between that...

El Paso BP chief Victor Manjarrez promotes immigration "reform", busboys-style (Alicia Caldwell) - 04/30/08

Alicia Caldwell of the Associated Press offers "El Paso border chief urges immigration reform" (link). The person in question is Victor M. Manjarrez Jr., chief of the U.S. Border Patrol's El Paso Sector.

Scared New York Times tries scare-mongering attrition - 01/18/08

Apparently "attrition" - the plan to enforce our immigration laws and thereby encourage many or most illegal aliens to go home and discourage future illegal immigration - has the New York Times scared, namely because they think it would work.

E.J. Dionne, Chris Cillizza/WaPo realize: voters oppose illegal immigration (Niki Tsongas) - 10/19/07

... include: Fred Barnes, Linda Chavez, Tamar Jacoby, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Arlen Specter, and Michael Barone. Now, we turn to the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne ("Test Run For 2008", link). Note, of course, that the Washington Post explicitly supports illegal immigration: In Massachusetts's 5th Congressional District -- a collection of mill towns and affluent and blue-collar...

Devona Walker/NewsOK sells dire consequences of no-match; illegal aliens leaving Oklahoma? - 09/18/07

Devona Walker of NewsOK offers the stock "Immigration crackdown called devastating to economy" about illegal aliens apparently leaving Oklahoma because of a new law (two other examples here). She brings on two people to paint a dire picture of economic disaster. Oddly enough, both are Hispanic and profit from the presence of large numbers of Hispanics, legal or illegal. Odd!

Peter Prengaman, Travis Loller spin "reconquista" - 09/07/07

Peter Prengaman and Travis Loller of the Associated Press offer "Anti-Immigration Forces Warn of Plot" (original AP title). It discusses those that favor some form of "reconquista" and those who oppose them and tries to downplay the influence that those favoring "reconquista" have. On the other hand, it's good to see the AP at least acknowledging that such sentiments exist and publicizing them.

Letter: last 100 conservatives who support Senate amnesty bill must band together! - 06/05/07

... Republican National Committee * Tamar Jacoby, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute * Michael Gerson, senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations * Hector Barreto, chairman, The Latino Coalition * Lawrence Kudlow, economics editor, National Review Online * Linda Chavez, chairman, Center for Equal Opportunity Two others are open/loose borders "economists", Gregory Mankiw, professor of economics,...

Senate immigration amnesty bill: the supporters - 05/21/07

... inside the compound, we find Tamar Jacoby, who's profiled in "An Advocate Rallies to Unify GOP" (link) Last week after a deal was reached in the Senate, Jacoby held a conference call with 20 business owners Friday to explain the politics of the overhaul... [She's praised by] Randel Johnson, a vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce... ...Jacoby sat at a table in the Senate Chef last week...

Tamar Jacoby's lunatic semi-permanent "guest" worker tryout points system - 05/10/07

One of our favorites, Tamar Jacoby, returns with "'Temporary is temporary' won't work for all immigrants": ...[an] unrealistic faction of Republicans, though willing to admit an extra 400,000 workers a year, is insisting that they stay only temporarily - that no matter how well they do in this country or what kind of roots they put down here, every single one of them must go home at the end of a...

Tamar Jacoby now Los Angeles Times contributing editor - 03/09/07

... contributing editors [1] including: * Tamar Jacoby. What more needs to be said? * Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly.

Florida businesses join to support immigration "reform" (Laura Wides-Munoz, Laura Reiff) - 02/28/07

Laura Wides-Munoz of the Associated Press offers February 23's "State Businesses Build United Front On Immigration Reform": ...During a daylong conference in Clearwater [hosted by Florida TaxWatch, "FTW"], more than 50 [Florida] business leaders agreed on the need for a louder and more unified Florida business voice to pressure politicians in Washington.

Larry Kudlow admits he was ignorant about immigration - 02/27/07

Larry Kudlow - former Ronald Reagan economic advisor, current CNBC host and guest on Hugh Hewitt's show - has been a minor-league supporter of the Bush/Fox/Democrats immigration scheme.

Tamar Jacoby: "Stop chasing that busboy" - 02/20/07

Tamar Jacoby becomes a caricature of herself (again), offering "Stop chasing that busboy" (via this). That's part of an online debate with Mark Krikorian of CIS. For those who haven't been following along, the "busboy canard" is a stock talking point from the massive immigration/pro-illegal immigration crowd. The argument is that our border guards should chasing terrorists and such, and chasing...

Tamar Jacoby reiterates pro-busboy, pro-gardener stance - 01/29/07

Tamar Jacoby debated Mark Krikorian of CIS at the National Review Institute's Conservative Summit over the weekend.

Bush State of the Union Address 2007 live-blogging! - 01/23/07

The Skull, aka Michael Chertoff is here...

Mexican citizens helping Kennedy, McCain, Flake, Berman set immigration policy - 01/16/07

... the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tamar Jacoby, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza, and Frank Sharry of the National Immigration Forum among many others.

Endorsement: Bill Richardson for President! (immigration speech) - 12/07/06

Bill Richardson is the Democratic Party's best hope to regain the presidency in 2008 and, in much the same way that this site endorsed Phil Angelides to be the Democrat to challenge Arnold Schwarzenegger, this site is also endorsing Bill Richardson ("BR") to be the Democratic nominee to take on whoever the Republicans nominate. Furthermore, we also suggest that BR choose Los Angeles mayor Antonio...

"Open-Borders Advocates Distort Election Results" - 11/20/06

... like Fred Barnes, Linda Chavez, Tamar Jacoby, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Arlen Specter, and Michael Barone among others have tried to claim that some GOP losses were due to opposition to an illegal alien amnesty. How this is wrong was discussed in NRO on Graf/Hayworth election results myth among other entries. And, Mark Krikorian of CIS offers this: ...The open-borders crowd...

NRO on Graf/Hayworth election results myth - 11/17/06

... Barnes, Linda Chavez (first link), Tamar Jacoby, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Plus, they inform us that the myth has also been spread by Arlen Specter (link) and Michael Barone (link). Then: ...Time for a reality check. This year’s anti-Republican wave was indiscriminate, washing away such immigration hawks as John Hostettler and Charles Taylor, but also such amnesty supporters...

J.D. Hayworth concedes defeat - 11/15/06

... but has now conceded defeat. Tamar Jacoby, Fred Barnes, David Brooks, and Vicente Fox could not be reached for comment.

Barnes, Kristol pass canard baton to Tamar Jacoby - 11/13/06

... back! Our favorite amnestibot, Tamar Jacoby, offers "A Wedge Too Far: The immigration issue didn't work." It's a continuation of the long line of articles previously discussed here. A sample: ...Immigration was the dog that didn't bark. It did not prove an effective wedge issue. And as far as could be determined, it decided few if any contests.

Michelle Mittelstadt: "Voters weren't on the fence about illegal immigration" - 11/08/06

Michelle Mittelstadt of the Houston Chronicle offers a slice of wishful thinking that the new Democratic Congress will lead to "sweeping immigration changes": ..."I do see a light at the end of the tunnel," Rep.

Tim Gaynor/Reuters, "experts", say fence is "impractical" - 10/03/06

Tim Gaynor of Reuters offers "Experts see U.S. border fence plan as impractical". Three such "experts" are quoted, only two of them being named. The first is "veteran agent Lee Morgan".

Tamar Jacoby shows possible fence folly - 10/02/06

One of the major problems with the recent border fence bill is that supporters of "comprehensive" reform will hide behind the fence in order to push through their "reform". They'll say something like, "now that you've got your fence, give us our amnesty". Or, for instance, they'll say something like, "Real immigration reform will vault over border fence".

NYT's Rachel Swarns spews Dem talking points at BYU - 09/23/06

On Thursday, Rachel Swarns of the New York Times spoke about immigration in a lecture at Brigham Young University.

CSM: Backlash over not passing immigration "reform"? - 09/07/06

The Christian Science Monitor article "As Congress stalls on immigration, a backlash brews" by Amanda Paulson might have been read as complete propaganda in favor of "comprehensive" reform if it didn't contain a very slight hint that the actual backlash would come if Congress passes any sort of amnesty scheme.

Arizona: GOP backs losing Steve Huffman over Randy Graf - 08/31/06

Illegal immigration supporting Rep. Jim Kolbe is retiring and in the race for his former seat: ...the National Republican Congressional Committee is spending more than $122,000 on television ads for state Rep. Steve Huffman. The primary is Sept.