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Is Michael Brune delusional, or does he think you are? (Sierra Club executive director, immigration) - 06/03/13

... the executive director of the Sierra Club is quoted as saying this about illegal aliens: "The Sierra Club has thrived because of the ability for our members to engage with the full tools of democracy... Right now, there are 11 million people who don't have the tools, who can't act without fear. They can't vote. They can't engage in the public process. They can't advocate for clean energy without...

What Darren Samuelsohn won't tell you (Politico, Sierra Club, immigration) - 06/02/13

... it twice nearly ruptured the Sierra Club when a vocal faction - including some of the movement's leading luminaries - argued too many new immigrants living the American dream could spell doom for the planet. ...Both votes [in 1998 and 2004] raised difficult questions about race. The Los Angeles Times reported before the final 1998 vote that some greens worried that the Sierra Club taking an anti...

Sierra Club secretly took millions to promote natural gas (Carl Pope) - 02/03/12

... that between 2007 and 2010 the Sierra Club accepted over $25 million in donations from the gas industry, mostly from Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy - one of the biggest gas drilling companies in the U.S. and a firm heavily involved in fracking - to help fund the Club's Beyond Coal campaign. Though the group ended its relationship with Chesapeake in 2010 - and the Club says it turned...

Why "Contract for the American Dream" is a sham (Van Jones, MoveOn, Rebuild the Dream) - 08/10/11

... Foundation (Brave New Films), Sierra Club, Progressive States Network, Code Pink, Economic Policy Institute, DailyKos, People for the American Way, Center for Economic and Policy Research CEPR, and the Institute for Policy Studies. There are several more listed on their site. [2] Someone who's an actual "immigrant" (i.e., of the legal variety) already has a "clear path to citizenship". The ones...

More proof Justin Elliott isn't credible (Sharron Angle, public health concerns over fluoride) - 06/09/10

... public debate. UPDATE 2: From the Sierra Club (sierraclub.org/policy/conservation/water_fluoridation.aspx): The Sierra Club recommends lowering the maximum contaminant level of fluoride in drinking water from the present 4mg/L to a level shown not to harm aquatic ecosystems or human health. [National Research Council, Fluoride in Drinking Water: a Scientific Review of EPA's Standards, March 2006...

PJTV clueless about asking tough questions (CEI, Climategate) - 11/30/09

... subtitled "What do Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Center for American Progress have to say about the growing Climategate scandal?" (pjtv.com/v/2770). Rushing posthaste to watch it - but not to give PJTV any money - I was to a small extent expecting them to actually attempt to make the aforementioned groups look bad by asking them tough questions. Instead, it was the intellectual equivalent of...

Open Debate Coalition: a failed format for fake debates - 09/26/08

The "Open Debate Coalition" - a group consisting of people such as Glenn Reynolds ("Instapundit") and Stanford law professor Larry Lessig [1] - is calling on John McCain and Barack Obama to open the presidential debates by allowing questions chosen by regular people and not just the MSM. However, what they support has not only been proven to be a failure, but two of the signatories helped show...

Sierra Club supports lowering population growth globally, massive immigration in U.S. - 06/26/08

Via this comes the Sierra Club article "Life in Abundance/Ethiopia, the cradle of humanity, faces up to family planning" (sierraclub.org/sierra/200807/ethiopia.asp) which promotes Ethiopians having fewer children and contains this sidebar: In the past decade, U.S. funding for international family-planning programs like those in Ethiopia has declined by almost 40 percent. During those years, 275...

Bennie Thompson, Dingell, Conyers, Reyes, Ortiz, other Democrats support Sierra Club lawsuit over border fence (DHS, environmental waiver) - 04/08/08

... Curiae brief in the case where the Sierra Club and the Defenders of Wildlife are suing the Department of Homeland Security to prevent them from using apparently congressionally-mandated waivers that would let the DHS bypass environmental and related rules in order to build sections of the border fence. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee attempts to portray this as a...

Vote No on Prop 93 (bogus term limits proposition would keep Fabian Nunez, Gil Cedillo in office) - 01/29/08

I urge all Californians to vote No on Prop 93, the term limits proposition.

NBC Nightly News promotes left-wing environmental group "Step It Up" - 04/24/07

Tonight's NBC Nightly News featured Brian Williams introducing a segment on a group called "Step It Up" which wants to end global warming and which held marchs across the U.S. on the 14th. The report was all bright and happy and wholesome. Then, of course, I looked up the group itself to find what they weren't telling their millions of viewers.

LULAC beginning amnesty/immigration "reform" push - 01/09/07

The League of United Latin American Citizens, the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, the Hispanic Federation, and America Votes are starting an astroturf campaign to push the Dems into support immigration "reform", aka amnesty. America Votes (take

Houston Chronicle does part against border fence - 10/27/06

The Houston Chronicle's James Pinkerton offers "Border barrier could put chill in Valley ecotourism, wildlife". It features the thoughts of just four people predicting disaster for the fence itself, the region, wildlife, and various other calamities. Farmer Fred Schuster says the fence will wash away in the rains.

"Trashing the border" - 07/11/06

As can be expected, environmental groups are unable or unwilling to effectively oppose the trashing of the border region due to hordes of illegal aliens: Recently I was at a waist-high border vehicle barrier in a valley northeast of Tecate, Baja California.

Arianna Huffington in a Sierra Club SUV: picture available! - 09/24/05

... Arianna was driven out of the Sierra Club's summit meeting in a massive Chevy Suburban. Now, you can bid on a picture of Arianna Huffington in the gas-guzzling SUV.

Should the Sierra Club's Carl Pope resign? - 09/20/05

Kristen Gelinau of the AP offers "Sierra Club member calls for director's resignation over immigration debate". The Sierra Club's executive director, Carl Pope, was speaking in Richmond VA.

Arianna Huffington in a Sierra Club SUV - 09/16/05

... picture of Arianna Huffington on a Sierra Club-supplied SUV here. Previously: "Al Gore, Arianna Huffington attend Sierra Club Summit; drive off in massive SUVs".

Al Gore, Arianna Huffington attend Sierra Club Summit; drive off in massive SUVs - 09/14/05

... Al Gore recently spoke at the Sierra Club Summit in San Franciso. According to this report, they drove off in massive SUVs. For Big Wooden Al, it was a Cadillac Escalade. For the Greek siren, it was a less bling-blingy Chevy Suburban. She had a driver. However, please note carefully that it doesn't really matter what they personally drove.

"Levee monitoring sinks in Legislature" - 09/11/05

... But, it's also supported by the Sierra Club, meaning there's probably something wrong with it.

Sierra Club to rent Goodyear blimp - 05/27/05

From the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club's website comes this (older) news: Sierra Club members turned out in historic numbers in April to elect five of their peers to the Board of Directors and to reject a ballot initiative that would have forced the group to support restrictions on immigration.

13% of Sierra Club members support massive immigration - 04/25/05

The AP reports that Sierra Club members have voted down an immigration-related provision sponsored by Sierrans for U.S. Population Stabilization. None of the five SUSPS candidates for the Club's board were elected either. However, only 16% of the Club's members voted, and 84% voted for the status quo.

The Wall Street Journal's tenuous grasp on reality - 04/21/05

... one's about the fight between the Sierra Club and the Sierrans for U.S. Population Stabilization entitled "Low Sierra".

"Immigration resurfaces as issue for Sierra Club" - 04/09/05

... failing to win control of the Sierra Club in a bitterly contested election, advocates for stricter immigration limits are back, arguing that the venerable conservation group can best protect the environment by reducing U.S. population growth. The club's 750,000 members are voting this month on whether the organization should push for tighter restrictions on immigration.

"Border plan risks estuary" - 03/11/05

The OC Register discusses the border fence near Tijuana that Reps.

Tying up the loose ends on Colorado's guide for the illegal alien - 02/09/05

... Joyce Meskis... [tenants include] Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, Colorado Common Cause, Historic Denver, the Center for Native Ecosystems and the Latina Initiative...

Who's behind the smears? - 10/27/04

... be elected to the board of the Sierra Club. For many years the Club had favored reduced immigration, but that policy was reversed several years ago. And, Carl Pope, the head of the Club mounted a vigorous and sleazy smear campaign against the challengers.

Back to Floriduh - 10/02/04

From "Voter Registrations Hit Snag Over Citizenship Check Box": A tiny check box about citizenship on voter registration forms has touched off the latest battle over voting rights in Florida, where Gov. Jeb Bush's administration has advised election supervisors to reject applications on which the box is blank... Jenny Nash, a spokeswoman for Florida's secretary of state, Glenda E. Hood, said the...

Interlocking loonies - 08/19/04

... Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. Pope is listed as ACT's Treasurer. There's more. An Internet search produces a press release on the Democratic National Committee website announcing Minyon Moore?s August 2002 departure as the DNC's Chief Operating Officer to work for Dewey Square Group, a Democratic political consultancy. According to the DNC, "Moore served as White House...

There must be some brilliant plan I'm missing here - 08/11/04

From this: Even though most environmental groups are determined to oust President Bush from office this November, those groups are benefiting from an unprecedented level of federal assistance, according to a Washington, D.C., research group... The audits, according to CRC's David Healy, show that in the fiscal year 2004 budget, $143 million was channeled to environmental groups that disclose...

I Can't Believe It's Not the Soviet Union! - 04/26/04

... conducted by David Brancaccio of the Sierra Club's Carl Pope. Read the transcript here if you dare. The leading puff-ball questions just jump from the page in a multi-colored burst of love. Of especial note is Moyer's fanboy love for the British media vs. America's version. Also note the bit about the TV license fees.

Guilty "liberals" at Sierra Club choose smears over fact - 04/21/04

From the AP report 'Sierra Club chooses establishment candidates in board election': Sierra Club leaders beat back efforts by anti-immigration forces trying to gain control of the nation's largest environmental group, persuading members to defeat the challengers by a landslide in board elections... An increasingly vocal faction of the San Francisco-based Sierra Club has advocated a tougher...

"Sierra Club must save its soul" - 03/30/04

... of three men running for the Sierra Club board of directors on a platform of limiting immigration to protect the environment. In response, the leadership of the club and its allies have been playing the race card with berserk ferocity.

Truth must be ultimate weapon for Sierra Club - 03/23/04

... about to take over the venerable Sierra Club... In recent years, the environmental movement has lacked courage to address the root cause of most environmental problems: rapid and

"Anti-Immigration Candidates Sue Sierra Club Over Board Election" - 02/11/04

... candidates trying to take over the Sierra Club's governing board have filed a lawsuit against the national environmental organization, alleging that its leaders are breaking state law by using club money and resources to oppose them in upcoming board elections.