Houston Chronicle does part against border fence

The Houston Chronicle's James Pinkerton offers "Border barrier could put chill in Valley ecotourism, wildlife". It features the thoughts of just four people predicting disaster for the fence itself, the region, wildlife, and various other calamities.

Farmer Fred Schuster says the fence will wash away in the rains. Oliver Bernstein from the Sierra Club handles the wildlife section of the article, without mentioning the environmental disaster of all the trash left behind by illegal aliens. Similar thoughts are expressed by Jimmy Paz, manager of the Sabal Palm Audubon Sanctuary. Nancy Millar, VP of McAllen's Convention and Visitor's Bureau, handles the tourism chores.

While we're told that "[t]ourist bureaus, wildlife refuges and farm and ranch operations" had worries, those are the only ones quoted in the article.

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READ perroazul del norte, but also see the north AMERICAN Union, the its out in the open now people, we do have enemies and most our inside this government, see lou dobbs for real information, its getting hot now. if you think that the panama canal was a project wait until you see what the rats want to do to your nation.
and i think that this government thinks of us all as nothing but wildlife and we all know what has happened in the lost 200 years to the wildlife.

To put this brouhaha in some sort of context: the Panama Canal-certainly a monumnental public works project- was bullt through through pristine tropical rainforest- habitat for jaguars,peccaries and countless other living things. Was its construction an ecological catatasrophe? I've never heard any evidence to that effect.