"Way Too Many People in Paradise"

L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez expresses his middle-class dissent about massive immigration:

Only those who commute, work for a living or breathe air should have any concerns about the latest news out of paradise.

I'm talking about the story informing us that in the last three years, 1 million additional people have taken up residence in sunny Southern California...

Millions more are expected to join the party in the years to come, and once they get acclimated to local customs, every last one of them will be the lone occupant of a slow-moving vehicle traveling an insane distance from home to work...

Immigration is a federal rather than a state responsibility, but California gets more immigrants than any other state. So why can't the congressional delegation at least speak up for tighter control of illegal immigration? Better yet, why not lobby for investing in south-of-the-border development the way we are investing in Iraq?

He also touches on the current battle for control of the Sierra Club, quoting one of the leaders of the restrictionist side. And, unlike other articles in the L.A. Times and elsewhere, he doesn't verge into the Restrictionists Are Nazis thing. So, congrats to Steve for finally seeing a glimmer of light.

"Middle-class dissent" is a phrase Steve Lopez used when referring to some of the "peace" protesters when he covered anti-war protests last year.