national alliance for immigrant rights

National Alliance for Immigrant Rights

NAIR is a new umbrella organization founded at the National Immigrant Rights Strategy Convention in Chicago on August 11-13, 2006.

One of the leaders of the convention was Jorge Mujica, who is also an official with Mexico's PRD party. Other delegates to the convention have close ties to that party. (Hundreds Meet to Launch New Immigrant Rights Alliance).

Miller Brewing supported the convention in some way, perhaps going as far as providing funding.

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Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 08/15/08

1. One of the organizers of the March 24 Georgia boycott was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general. He was also one of the organizers of the October 7 Atlanta march. That march was led by GA state Senator Sam Zamarripa and GA state representative Pedro Marin, both members of the Democratic Party.

Pro immigration groups seek formal political power - 02/23/07

Chicago Tribune/Oscar Avila and Antonio Olivo/[[August 14, 2006]]/formerly at,1,5158964.story?coll=chi-newslocalnorthwest-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

Protesters seek amnesty for illegal immigrants; moratorium on deportations - 02/20/07

[[North County Times]]/[[North County Times wire services]]/[[September 2, 2006]]/ link

Reports on the September 2 Los Angeles march

Hundreds of people marched through downtown Los Angeles Saturday to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants and a moratorium on deportations...

Hundreds Meet to Launch New Immigrant Rights Alliance - 02/20/07

Socialist Action/Jason Cain & Wayne McElyea/September 2006/ link

Reveals that "a number of delegates" to the National Immigrant Rights Strategy Convention had "close ties" to Mexico's PRD party. Rep. Luis Gutierrez - a member of the U.S. Democratic Party - attended and spoke at that convention.

Protest spotlights illegal immigrants' plight - 10/07/06

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle/Dolores Orman/[[October 1, 2006]]/ link

Reports that "about 50 people" marched in Rochester New York in support of illegal immigration. One organizer is Roberto Resto; his organization isn't given. Some marchers came from a "Latina-based sorority".

Why you should boycott Miller Beer products - 09/02/06

Aside, of course, from it tasting bad that is.

It's not just that they, in what looks like a form letter that they're sending out to those who complain, admit to providing "support for a recent immigration convention in Chicago". That support was described here and Miller replied here.

What's important is that the convention they supported is the one where the National Alliance for Immigrant Rights was formed, and as previously indicated, one of the leaders of that convention is an official with a Mexican political party.

And, it's also this quote from the letter:

We support the free movement of people, labor, goods and services in the global economy with appropriate protections for the rights of individuals and families, the security of nations, and the diversity that contributes to a rich and productive society.

In other words, up yours with your borders if they interfere with our profits. They say that they were "founded 151 years ago by a German immigrant" (presumably to the U.S.), but they are now an "international company". In other words, their founder may have become an American, but they've since been bought by South African Breweries and they are not an American company now. They're a global company with no more loyalty to the U.S. than to Burma.

They can have the libertarian/far-left, pro-illegal immigration market. Others can choose a better brand.

Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 09/01/06

Many of those who attended the recent immigration marches are foreign citizens who are here illegally. But, it doesn't stop there. For instance, one rally organizer is a former Mexican consul general and another is an official with a Mexican political party.

Not surprisingly, the MSM has barely mentioned such links. The reader is strongly encouraged to contact media sources and suggest that instead of simply reporting what goes on at future marches they do some journalism and look into any links between organizers and foreign governments or institutions.

More on the Chicago NAIR meeting from Workers World - 08/22/06

Around August 11, a few hundred illegal immigration supporters met near Chicago and created the "National Alliance for Immigrant Rights". One of their leaders is an official with Mexico's PRD party, and the article "Immigrant rights activists meet near Chicago" from Workers World has a little bit more on who's involved and what they want:

Of course, it's necessary to take what they write with a grain of salt because the article contains things that could have been written by chief reactionary George Bush himself:
Nineteen Minutemen vigilantes stood outside the conference at one point, their racist, pro-slavery Confederate flags flying, their anti-immigrant signs resting on their paunches.
Struggling bravely on, we're informed that:
Former Young Lord Vincente "Panama" Alba of New York's May 1 Coalition added that the immigrant communities were facing serious crises in food and housing, raids and arrests by police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The Women's Caucus resolution, unanimously accepted, called for a defense of the rights of women as workers and mothers. Women face exploitation as domestic workers, and confront the cruelty of the international sex trade, rape and brutality from police and the Border Patrol.
But not, apparently, from coyotes.
After a short struggle, resolutions supporting the Gulf Coast evacuees and against the war in the Middle East were passed. The resolution presented by New York and Los Angeles activists on Katrina reads in part: to "support the right of return, right to housing, and the right to jobs for African American, immigrant, and poor white workers, the survivors of Katrina and Rita, in the Gulf Region."

A teacher from Los Angeles' March 25th Coalition said, "To immigrant students nothing is given, but they sacrifice everything in wars for a government who despises them."

Ignacio Meneses from Detroit said many immigrants in Michigan are people of Middle Eastern backgrounds, facing detentions and deportation every day. "Failure to oppose U.S./Israeli policies in the Middle East would be a betrayal of comrades in the struggle for immigrant rights."

Meneses continued, "Immigrants don't come to the U.S. looking for 'democracy.' They are looking to escape their economies, destroyed by U.S. commercial policies." The case of Elvira Arellano and her young son Saul epitomizes this.

Elvira Arellano was "driven to come to this country by the economic policies of the United States." Arellano said she is an activist with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which organizes families with U.S. citizen children facing separation by deportation. She went seven times to Washington, D.C., to testify before Congress, putting family unity at the center of the immigration debate. She mobilized a mass protest on July 5, 2005, in Chicago, a demonstration that drew 50,000 people. She helped form the Coalition for African Asian Arab European Latino Immigrants of Illinois (CAAAELII).

ICE called her and ordered her to pack her bags and report for deportation.

She called on everyone at the conference to pick up their cell phones and lodge protests with Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama. They did.
And, I urge you to pick up your cell phone or email client and contact every reporter who gives NAIR the time of day.

Tainted National Alliance for Immigrant Rights to march on Labor Day - 08/16/06

The National Alliance for Immigrant Rights is organizing pro-illegal immigration marches for Labor Day in, among others, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and New York.

That's according to one of their spokespersons, Nativo Lopez of the Hermandad Mexicana Nacional.

And, as the first link points out, one of the leaders of the NAIR is an official with Mexico's PRD Party.

So, who's linked to these extremists and Fifth Columnists? The protest in Long Beach will include:
Teamsters, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and other union members will join pro-illegal immigrant activists and their supporters at the Sept. 4 event, Lopez said.

The aim, he added, is to show a "united refutation" of immigration reform proposals that would hurt the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living here.

"For the first time, this will be the immigrant rights' Labor Day with labor workers."
Even the reporter Araceli Esparza admits that this is all about illegal immigration.

National Alliance for Immigrant Rights: Pro-illegal immigration groups seek power - 08/14/06

On Sunday around 400 people from 25 states met in Chicago to try to organize the disparate groups that assisted in getting illegal aliens and their supporters to march in our streets and demand rights to which they aren't entitled: "Pro-immigration groups seek formal political power" by Oscar Avila and Antonio Olivo. They formed a group called the "National Alliance for Immigrant Rights".

One of the leaders is Jorge Mujica, an official with the Mexican political party PRD. At least to me, that completely taints everyone else involved in the group, and the reader is strongly encouraged to break that news to any reporter who does an article on this new group.

The new group split on other forms of extremism, such as whether to condemn the Iraq war, whether to condemn U.S. support for Israel's invasion of Lebanon, and whether to conduct a general strike by "immigrants".

The meeting was held in Spanish and - just like a mini-U.N. - headphones were provided to non-Spanish speakers. This didn't sit too well:

Berna Ellorin, of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, fumed that Asians and other immigrants appeared to be merely token participants used for photo opportunities... "It's not enough to say we are all-inclusive and then come up with an all-Latino leadership. We have to practice what we preach," she said...

We're informed that some of the leaders of the group are Irish, and while their affiliation isn't known they might be linked to the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, which is partly funded by the Irish government.

If newspapers and their reporters aren't willing to disclose such links to foreign governments and foreign political parties, they should be considered Fifth Columnists as well.