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Beer company that supports illegal immigration and foreign citizens marching in our streets making demands.

Miller Boycott ( press release)

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Last modified Feb 15, 2011
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Aside, of course, from it tasting bad that is.

It's not just that they, in what looks like a form letter that they're sending out to those who complain, admit to providing "support for a recent immigration convention in Chicago". That support was described here and Miller replied here.

What's important is that the convention they supported is the one where the National Alliance for Immigrant Rights was formed, and as previously indicated, one of the leaders of that convention is an official with a Mexican political party.

And, it's also this quote from the letter:

We support the free movement of people, labor, goods and services in the global economy with appropriate protections for the rights of individuals and families, the security of nations, and the diversity that contributes to a rich and productive society.

In other words, up yours with your borders if they interfere with our profits. They say that they were "founded 151 years ago by a German immigrant" (presumably to the U.S.), but they are now an "international company". In other words, their founder may have become an American, but they've since been bought by South African Breweries and they are not an American company now. They're a global company with no more loyalty to the U.S. than to Burma.

They can have the libertarian/far-left, pro-illegal immigration market. Others can choose a better brand.